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[10] Best ARGB Light Strips – Complete Guide

ARGB light strips are a fantastic addition to any PC build. Every LED is individually addressable, which opens the doors up to countless color patterns and animations.

There are so many ARGB light strips on the market at the moment from both name brands and lesser-known sellers making it difficult to know which strips are high quality, look good, and built to last and which ones are going to burn out after a few months.

To save you time and to help with your research, here are my favorite ARGB lights:

If you want to see my entire list of best ARGB lights, as well as a review of each light, then keep reading. Below is my ARGB light rankings from #1-#10.

Best ARGB Light Strips

1. Phanteks NEON


  • Colors blend together seamlessly
  • The colors are crisp and clean
  • Fantastic light diffusion for a soft, bright look


  • Very annoying to install because of poor adhesive
  • Will start to yellow after about a year


The Phanteks NEON strips are a favorite of many PC and ARGB enthusiasts. Many ARGB strips show each individual LED bulb, and some look like a bunch of colored dots.

The Phanteks NEON are the exact opposite and look like one cohesive gradient. The Phanteks NEON will also have any pattern or animation that the Corsair strip will have, but are much more affordable.

There are a couple of downsides with these strips, though. First of all the adhesive that comes with them is very bad. You’ll definitely want to purchase and use your own adhesive. Secondly, after about a year the lights will start to yellow.

However, this yellowing will only really be noticeable when the lights are white. So if you’re planning on using a white color scheme and do not prefer the “dot” look, the Corsair strip will be the better option.

2. Corsair iCUE Lighting Node PRO


  • Extremely high build quality
  • Corsair is a trusted and well-known brand
  • Brightness, colors, and diffusion are all top of the line
  • Colors will match any other ARGB Corsair products (fans, etc)
  • Best customer service you could ask for
  • Link software for controlling the lights is very convenient


  • Lights are not programmable but do come with great preset patterns


Corsair is known for their quality and the Corsair iCue Lighting Node PRO strip lives up to its reputation. The lights are very high quality.

They are not going to fail or stop working anytime soon, and if they do you have Corsair’s fantastic customer service to fall back on.

These are a bit pricier than the other items on this list, but if you want something that will last long term, these are the strips to get.

Since they are a Corsair product, the LED colors will also match other Corsair ARGB products so there is plenty of room to upgrade and grow in the future. The software is also top of the line and easy to use.

I just wish that the strips were a little more customizable as far as patterns and animations go. There’s no way to really set up your own pattern, so if you don’t find what you want in the presets, you’re out of luck.

With that being said, I love the presets and they do cover a lot of classic ARGB patterns and animations, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

3. NZXT LED Strips


  • Bright lights will easily illuminate any case
  • Software controlled colors / patterns which is very convenient and easy to use
  • Very good light diffusion
  • State-of-the-art colors that will likely match any other ARGB device
  • Individual LEDs are all high quality


  • No short corner adapters which will may be annoying in some cases


The NZXT LED Strips are one of the best beginner ARGB strips on the market, and can compete with the big shots. The LEDs are all very high quality and the strips are built to last.

The magnets work great, the strips are easy to install, and the lights look fantastic and will light up any case with beautiful colors.

The only negative to these strips are the lack of short corner adapters. If you need these to go over multiple corners, you’ll find yourself needing to bundle up some of the strips which can look pretty ugly.

Overall these are a great, accessable option and leave nothing to be desired in the quality department.

4. Aclorol Magnetic LED Light Strip


  • Very bright and vivid lights,
  • Fast and easy installation thanks to built in magnets that actually stick
  • Very good light diffusion
  • One of the best looking lights on the market not made by a big brand name company


  • Many customers have received a faulty strip, which can be replaced, but it is still very annoying


The Aclorol Magnetic LED Light Strips are the absolute best bang for your buck on this list, which is why they’ve made it in the top 4.

When you receive a set that works, their colors and brightness are on par with the top brands like Corsair and Phanteks.

Most of the magnetic strips we’ve seen on this list have poor magnets that require additional adhesive to work, but these strips will actually stick without additional hassle.

The light diffuses like most people want in their ARGB, making patterns and animations look gorgeous.

The only downside with these strips is that many people have received a faulty product. It makes me very nervous when I see so many similar issues and no response from the seller.

However, if you don’t mind taking the risk, and are willing to wait for a replacement if something goes wrong, these are the strips for you.

Keep in mind, these strips also show each individual LED light very clearly. Some people desire this look while others may want something that blends together and looks like one long light.

If you’re in the latter group, then you may want to pick up a different strip.

5. EZDIY-FAB Magnetic Addressable RGB PC LED Strip with Remote


  • Small and flexible for easy customization in any case
  • Great colors and just bright enough
  • Magnetic
  • Comes with a remote that makes color and pattern switching very easy


  • Adhesive is still necessary to keep the tips in place
  • Not long enough for large cases (these are 400mm each)
  • Not chainable
  • The splitter pins do not secure the strips, making them very easy to knock out of place, requiring extra adhesive


These EZDIY-FAB ARGB strips are a fine choice for someone that wants a quick, simple ARGB setup. The colors look great and the strips come with built in patterns and colors, which can be controlled easily with the included remote.

How easy or difficult these lights are to install really depends on the inside of your case. If there are a lot of wires hanging around that can bump the strips, then you’re going to need extra adhesive to hold the tips in place.

Otherwise, you can just snap them in with the magnetic backing and be done with it.

The lights themselves are not the brightest option available, but some people may prefer a more modest light. They’re still bright enough to get the job done, and the colors are very nice.

6. Airgoo Addressable RGB PC LED Strip


  • Affordable and built with decent quality
  • The lights are vibrant and colorful
  • The strips are magnetic, making them very easy to install
  • Thin enough to fit just about anywhere


  • Only comes with one extension cable
  • Only built to last a few months


The Airgoo ARGB strip is very similar to the ALITOVE ARGB strip. As far as looks go, the Airgoo strip delivers. It’s bright and the colors are great.

Where this strip fails though, is in its quality. This can be seen with a lot of these cheaper strips. These lights will probably only last a few months before they need replaced.

However, if you just want to test out an ARGB setup, and experiment with lights inside of your PC, these are the best strips for doing so. They’re cheap, easy to setup, and easily replaceable.

7. ALITOVE Addressable RGB LED Strip


  • Most affordable ARGB strip available
  • The lights leave nothing to be desired. They are bright, vibrant, and look fantastic
  • Malliable and small enough to fit just about anywhere


  • Each light is an individual dot (no blended)
  • A few buyers received a strip with incorrect pin placement, meaning they had to modify the strips themselves or wait a week for a replacement strip
  • Colors do not match other LED strips


At the time of this article, the ALITOVE Addressable RGB LED Strips are some of the cheapest ARGB lights on the market.

However, as always, you get what you pay for and many people have complained about having issues with these lights.

But, when these strips work, they work! The lights look great and are very bright. The colors are good, but they may not match other RGB lights you have. If these are your only lights, though, then they’re a great, cheap option.

If you look at the pictures, you’ll notice that each bulb lights up like a dot on the strip. Some people may desire this look, while others would prefer a more blended look.

I like these more than the light bars because they are just as affordable, but they offer much more freedom with designing and laying out the RGB inside the case.

8. WS2812B RGBIC Rainbow Magnetic ARGB Strip


  • Extremely bright and will illuminate any case you put them in
  • Great light diffusion
  • The different LED colors all blend together really well and don’t show segmentation


  • Very weak magnetic strips, recommended to use something extra to hold these in place
  • Thick bar that leaves very little wiggle room and creative freedom


The WS2812B RGBIC Rainbow Magnetic ARGB Strips are very similar to the ASIAHORSE strips, except these do not have the diamond pattern. These are just as affordable as the ASIAHORSE strips, but offer a very different look.

Which light bar you choose for your setup will be a personal choice. The diamond strips have the diamond texture, which gives a unique but polarizing look while these strips are very bright, and have the classic RGB look.

These light bars do everything a good RGB strip should do. They’re bright (maybe too bright), have great light diffusion, and hide segmentation so the colors blend very well.

The only real con with these strips is that the magnets that hold them in place are iffy. Some places on a PC case are more secure than others, but if you want to hang these on the ceiling or somewhere similar, I’d highly recommend getting another adhesive for your peace of mind.



  • The diamond texture design makes this a very unique RGB strip
  • The colors blend very nicely thanks to the diamond texture, but only from a distance
  • The lights are nice and bright
  • These can easily chain with other RGB and LED strips
  • These are magnetic making them fairly easy to install


  • The magnets could be a little stronger
  • These strips cannot be hooked together in a way that lets the pattern continue from one to the other. Both strips will have the individual pattern
  • The divides between each segment of the strip can be seen fairly easily up close
  • This is a solid, straight strip and doesn’t leave much wiggle room in design


The ASIAHORSE Acrylic ARGB LED Strip is one of the most unique strips on this list. First of all, it is a single, straight strip that is practically a bar.

This is great for some people and a deal breaker for others, depending on how they want to set up their RGB. I think these are great for simple set ups that just want to add some easy flair.

They’re magnetic and very easy to set up. They even have an adhesive in case the magnet is not strong enough.

The diamond design / texture is also hit or miss, but if you like how it looks online, then you’ll like how it looks in person. I was a bit worried about how the diamonds may impact the brightness of the strip, but they still shine very bright.

The only issues that appear, as far as aesthetics go, is that the dividers can be seen in the strip when you’re looking up close. However, they look great from a normal viewing distance.

10. EZDIY-FAB Premium Addressable LED Strip


  • Very Affordable for two ARGB strips
  • Surprisingly good quality and vibrant colors
  • Comes with RGB splitter and adhesive for easy installation
  • Good customer support for a small company


  • Light diffusion is not great when compared to other options


Overall, these EZDIY-FAB ARGB strips are a pretty solid product for their price. The lights are vibrant and light up the cases very well.

The lights do appear to be a little “hard”, so if you want a softer more diffused look, you may want to go with a different option.

However these are very affordable and come with everything from adhesive and clips to an RGB splitter making it very easy to get the RGB up and running on any system.

This is ranked at 10 because, while it is great for the price, there are still better, more reliable options for about the same price.

I hope this article was helpful in guiding you which ARGB light is right for you. If you are looking for the best lights to use on your stream then check out my article here.

And if you want to know more about what ARGB is, or how it compares to RGB, then check out the articles I linked.

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