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[10] Best Twitch Communities (For ANY Streamer!)

Twitch communities are invaluable for streamers, gamers, and people just looking for somewhere to belong. These are the best Twitch communities across all platforms!

Best Twitch Communities

  1. r/Twitch (Reddit)
  2. TSAN: Twitch Streamers & Networking (Discord)
  3. Streamers (Facebook)
  4. Twitch Kittens (Discord)
  5. SmallStreamerCommunity (Discord)
  6. Content Creators Cabin (Discord)
  7. r/GirlGamers (Reddit)
  8. r/SmallStreamers (Reddit)
  9. OneBigTV (Discord)
  10. r/StreamWatchParty (Reddit)

1. r/Twitch (Reddit)

Suitable For: New and experienced Streamers, General Twitch discussion


  • One of the most active Twitch communities
  • 1.3m members making it one of the largest Twitch Communities
  • Many members are extremely helpful and happy to answer questions and discussions
  • Specifically about Twitch
  • Not overrun with channel advertisements
  • No account needed to preview (account needed to post / comment though)


  • Not everyone likes using Reddit
  • Not a good place for advertising your Stream


The Twitch subreddit is the best Twitch community because it is the largest and most active. If you spend a lot of time on Twitch; streaming, watching, or both, then you need to be on the Twitch subreddit.

It always has new information and updates related to Twitch and there’s always a ton of discussions to be had – whether it’s about the best streamers, best setup, or anything else related to Twitch.

You can’t advertise your stream or gain followers here, but it is the best place to discuss and stay up to date with the Twitch platform.

2. TSAN: Twitch Streamers & Networking (Discord)

TSAN Discord Invite

Suitable For: Twitch streamers and people wanting a Twitch community


  • Focused on Twitch so everything is Twitch-related
  • Cold DMing is not allowed, so you don’t have to worry about spam
  • Server does a good job of promoting participation and discussion over only advertising
  • Best place to find a real community, not a bunch of streamers advertising their stream
  • Large and active community


  • You need to interact for a while before you can actually advertise
  • Lots of members makes it a little harder to stand out


TSAN is one of the best places to truly network and find other streamers. A lot of other Twitch communities are filled with streamers that advertise their streams and never really discuss or check out the streams of others.

I’ll go over a couple of Discord communities like Content Creators Cabin and SmallStreamersCommunity, which are great for asking questions and getting help, but not as good at cultivating real discussions and networking.

TSAN places limits on their members, so people can’t just join and advertise. They have to participate. So while it takes longer to actually start getting your stream out there, the investment is well worth it and the community feels much more authentic. 

3. Streamers (Facebook)

Suitable For: Large and small streamers of any kind


  • Largest Facebook community for Twitch streamers
  • Variety of discussions and streamers
  • Lots of members that are active and willing to help or discuss Twitch


  • Requires a Facebook account
  • Group is private so you need to join to see anything

Overview Streamers is pretty much the Facebook equivalent of r/Twitch. It is extremely active and full of tons of streamers from all walks of life, so it’s a fantastic place for finding like-minded streamers and having discussions.

It’s also a great place to learn about the Twitch platform and find the best setups. The only real downside to Streamers is that it is a Facebook group, so you will need a Facebook account to join.

I like r/Twitch more because it is more accessible; you can read posts without even having an account. However, if you have a Facebook account and are a streamer, then I highly recommend joining Streamers.

4. Twitch Kittens (Discord)

Twitch Kittens Discord Invite

Suitable For: Streamers, Anyone that wants a fun community


  • Completely related to Twitch
  • Streamer Spotlights
  • Large, active community
  • Friendly and authentic
  • Lots of channels for discussions beyond Twitch and streaming


  • Lots of members are there to advertise


Twitch Kittens is another super popular and super awesome Discord server. I prefer TSAN just a little more because of TSAN’s rules and level system (have to participate before advertising.)

However Twitch Kittens has way more general discussions than any other Twitch Discord server – which makes it the best Discord server for non-streamers that just like Twitch.

There are selfies channels, sports channels, anime channels, etc. While most servers have channels like this, what sets Twitch Kittens apart is that the channels are all pretty active!

So, whether you’re a streamer or just enjoy talking about random stuff with Twitch fans and streamers, Twitch Kittens is perfect.

5. SmallStreamerCommunity (Discord)

Suitable For: Smaller streamers, discussions, fun, community


  • Mods are very nice and personable, especially for such a large community
  • Great place for learning and getting advice
  • Plenty of active members
  • Just a nice place to hang out and kill time, not just for advertising and learning about streaming


  • Many members are there to advertise their own stream


I love SmallStreamerCommuntiy and I think it’s an invaluable resource for learning about streaming and answering any questions you may have whether they’re technical (how to set up a greenscreen) or untechnical (how to find your niche community.)

Despite its name, the server is actually a decent size and has enough members that starting a discussion is easy! The server mods are active, helpful, and very friendly.

I wouldn’t recommend advertising your stream too much here, as everyone else is also trying to grow their own stream, however this is one of the best places for discussing and learning about Twitch on Discord.

6. Content Creators Cabin (Discord)

Content Creators Cabin Discord Invite

Suitable For: Content creators of all kinds, advertising your stream, getting tips and criticism, general community and discussions


  • One of the most well-organized Discord communities for Twitch streamers and content creators
  • Active community with many members
  • Lots of successful content creators that are more than happy to hand out advice
  • Advertising is allowed
  • Not just for streamers and content creators, but just a nice community
  • Best server for getting real feedback


  • Not 100% focused on Twitch
  • Advertising stream won’t be as effective since most other members are there to help their own stream


If I could I’d put SmallStreamerCommunity and Content Creators Cabin in the exact same spot because both Discord servers are amazing for streamers looking for feedback, help, and a community to fit in and discuss Twitch and everything else pertaining to gaming and content creation.

The reason I chose to put SmallStreamerCommunity first is because it’s just a little more focused on streaming, while CCC is about content creation in general.

This is still a fantastic, friendly community that will welcome anyone interested in Twitch and streaming.

7. r/GirlGamers (Reddit)

Suitable For: Girl gamers (of course), streamers, general gamers (yes even boys / men)


  • Inclusive community / safe space
  • Huge variety of posts and games
  • Friendly community willing to answer any questions
  • Large and active community


  • Not specifically for Twitch
  • More centered around women / girls that game, although men / boys are still allowed to participate


Don’t worry, even the subreddit admits the name is just a little cringe. It’s all good, though, because despite its name, r/GirlGamers allows everyone no matter their gender (as long as you’re not attacking anyone or being rude, of course).

I wanted to add this community to the list because it’s just a nice place to discuss gaming all around, and there are some pretty sweet PC setups posted there. There are also a ton of posts about streaming on Twitch, full of advice, tips, anecdotes, and insight.

The only downside is if you have a specific question about Twitch or streaming, you may have to make your own post. However, the community is friendly, active, and more than willing to participate in Twitch discussions.

8. r/SmallStreamers (Reddit)

Suitable For: Streamers wanting to improve their stream or discuss Twitch & find other streaming friends


  • One of the most active “small” communities
  • Really great place for finding advice


  • Most posts are questions – discussions are kind of rare
  • No advertising


r/SmallStreamers is a lot smaller than r/Twitch, but it’s still extremely active especially compared to subreddits like r/StreamWatchParty (coming up later).

The only downside is that you can actually advertise your stream on StreamWatchParty, while SmallStreamers does not allow advertising.

Still, you are much more likely to get help and a fun discussion started on r/SmallStreamers than on r/Twitch because the community is a lot more tight-nit.

However, there will be a lot more discussions in general on r/Twitch, since the subreddit is just much larger and more active.

I’d recommend joining all three subreddits (r/Twitch, r/SmallStreamers, and r/StreamWatchParty) for the best experience.

9. OneBigTV (Discord)

OneBigTV Discord Invite

Suitable For: Streamers trying to grow and meet other streamers


  • Well managed
  • Very active
  • Lots of members
  • Actively promotes organic growth
  • Advertising is allowed in the proper channels


  • Most members are streamers so are not going to be interested in your stream, but the discussions and help are both really good


Like most of these Discord servers (Twitch Kittens, TSAN, etc.), OneBigTV isn’t a server where you can just post your stream and start blowing up.

However, it’s a great place for discussing Twitch and getting advice for how to grow your channel. A ton of really successful streamers participate in OneBigTV and they love giving out advice to smaller streamers.

In fact, it’s the entire reason for the Discord server’s existence (similar to TSAN.) This server is really similar to TSAN in concept and execution, the main reason TSAN is higher is because it’s a bit bigger and more active.

However, if you’re trying to grow your channel, I recommend joining both because both servers have so much to offer to streamers in terms of community and growth.

10. r/StreamWatchParty (Reddit)

Suitable For: Small streamers wanting to advertise, general Twitch Discussion, asking for advice / help


  • Advertising your stream is allowed
  • Decent amount of members without being overloaded (about 2k members)
  • Overall very chill vibe, not overloaded with rules


  • Small community, hard to generate discussions


StreamWatchParty is one of the only communities where hardcore self advertising is actually allowed. It’s not as big as r/Twitch or r/SmallStreamers, so it won’t be as active, but it’s still fun.

However StreamWatchParty lets you post pretty much anything you want, whether you post your channel, some clips, or just want to let everyone know when you’ll be going live.

Don’t expect to get a ton of comments or upvotes on your post, but r/StreamWatchParty is still a decent place to get a couple of eyes on your Twitch channel.

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