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[15] Best Discord Gaming Bots (ULTIMATE List!)

In this list, I’m going to be going over the best gaming bots in Discord – bots that add handy features and utilities to gaming servers, as well as bots that add awesome games straight to the server itself.

Best Discord Gaming Bots

  1. NeatQueue
  2. Myuu
  3. IdleRPG
  4. Sofi
  5. Raid Organizer
  6. Apollo
  7. Arcane
  8. Elo by Anddy v2
  9. PokéMeow
  10. EPIC RPG
  11. OwO
  12. Karuta
  13. Clip Manager
  15. PixxieBot

Keep reading to learn more about each of these gaming bots.

1. NeatQueue


  • Best game queue manager bot on Discord (for servers that want to host pickup games)
  • Lots of uptime, almost never goes down
  • Easy to use despite being a complex bot
  • Global leaderboards
  • Customizable
  • Anti-cheat / boosting detection
  • Stats system with win / loss record, MMR, etc.
  • Can be used for any competitive game
  • No premium features


  • None

NeatQueue tops this list because it is the best queueing bot in Discord and perfect for any gaming server that is centered around competitive games like Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Valorant, etc.

NextQueue is a bot that manages a personal Discord server queue, similar to how matchmaking works in competitive games.

Your server members can join the queue and be matched with other server members that have joined the queue.

This alone is super handy, but NextQueue takes it a step further and implements an MMR system and a stats system so players can check how well they’re doing.

NextQueue has no premium features at all, so you get everything right out of the box for free. It can be used for 1v1s , 2v2s, etc. and can be adapted to fit literally any multiplayer game.

No other queue bot offers the features that NextQueue does, and if you have a gaming server centered around a competitive game, you need NextQueue. Think of it as a “Looking for group” channel on steroids.

2. Myuu (Pokemon Bot)


  • Best looking Pokémon bot on Discord
  • Actually interactive and not just about catching Pokémon
  • Easy to set up and start playing
  • Nothing locked behind paywall except aesthetic skins
  • One of the most in-depth Discord bot games ever
  • Battles and Ranked queue


  • Embeds can take up a lot of space and be distracting

While NeatQueue is a great gaming utility bot, Myuu is a great bot to add actual gaming to your server.

Myuu is, in my opinion, the best Pokémon bot and one of the best gaming bots on Discord because it literally feels like you’re playing Pokémon in Discord, and who doesn’t love that.

Most Pokémon bots just have Pokémon show up in the server randomly, then the members will type a catch command to catch it and collect the Pokémon.

Myuu takes things a huge step forward by letting players travel on routes, look for specific Pokémon, battle them, and actually catch them like the original Pokémon games through a turn-based battle system.

The turn-based battles happen with image embeds, with generated images and reaction-commands to control the battle. You can see what I mean by checking out the how to play section on Myuu’s website.

If you’re looking for fun games to add to your Discord server to keep everyone busy and interactive, Myuu should be your first stop.

It’s very different from classic Pokémon bots, and one of the most interactive Discord gaming bots available today.

If you are looking for more Pokémon bots to add to your Discord server, check out my list here.

3. IdleRPG


  • Feels very intuitive and easy-to-use
  • One of the most fun Discord bot games
  • Huge list of commands to use
  • MMO game with everything you’d expect in an MMO from classes and leveling to gear and economy and boss fights
  • Characters are global
  • Fun to play even with one person


  • Not very beginner friendly because there are a ton of commands
  • Global game – nothing really server-specific

IdleRPG is another great game to add to your Discord server in order to keep everyone occupied. Unlike Myuu, your server doesn’t need to be Pokemon fans in order to enjoy IdleRPG.

Idle RPG’s theme is something that pretty much everyone will enjoy – medieval fantasy similar to Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, etc. IdleRPG is an MMO in your Discord server.

You create a character with a class and a race and you participate in raids, guilds, boss fights, PvP, gambling, marriage, and pretty much everything else you’ll find in an MMO. It even has a shop and items to buy and collect.

Just to be clear, IdleRPG isn’t a game specifically for your server. When you add the IdleRPG bot to your server, people can use it to join the GLOBAL game of IdleRPG.

So adding IdleRPG to your gaming server may be a great way to entice its players to join your server since they’ll be able to continue where they left off with their characters.

4. Sofi


  • Best card / card collecting game on Discord
  • Fantastic art with animations and detailed borders
  • Guilds and raiding
  • Plenty of cosmetics for customization
  • Characters from most popular anime, kpop, game, webtoons and more


  • Non-anime fans probably will not enjoy the game much
  • A Gacha game at heart, so not for non-gacha fans

Sofi is a card collecting and battling game that you and your server can play right from Discord. Sofi is similar to Pokémon games like PokéMeow (we will cover below) and other anime gacha games that appear on Discord from time to time.

However, Sofi is one of the most unique and well-executed games of this genre and you can tell that the developers were going after more than just a quick cash grab.

What makes Sofi so unique and fun is its art style and its battling / raid system. Sofi has beautiful cards that can be 3D, animated, and have custom borders.

Sofi also lets players join guilds and battle in raids to unlock items and other goodies. Overall Sofi is a super fun game if your server is into gacha anime games like Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy.

Even if they’re only into anime, there are a ton of popular anime characters to make sure that everyone is hooked and having fun!

5. Raid Organizer


  • Best MMORPG LFG (looking for group) bot on Discord
  • Fully documented and easy to pick up
  • 99% uptime
  • Customizable


  • Most customization is behind a paywall ($1 / month)
  • Basically an event manager – not many raid / MMORPG-specific features

Raid Organizer is similar to NeatQueue, which landed at the top of this list. There’s a pretty major difference, though, in the fact that NeatQueue was made to find matchmaking games and set up things like scrims and 1v1s.

Raid Organizer is for MMORPGs that have raids, dungeons, and other similar game mechanics. So if your server has a lot of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, or even Pokémon GO then they’ll love this app.

You could always pick up an actual event bot, like Apollo (which I’ll go over next), but I like Raid Organizer because it was made for MMORPG raids and dungeon planning, and I expect more features for those things to come out.

The bot’s free plan has everything you’ll need if you have a small server dedicated to one game but paying $1 – 5 / month will unlock a lot of customization and channels.

6. Apollo


  • Recurring events
  • Automatic reminders
  • Automatic time zones
  • Best event bot on Discord
  • No core features locked behind premium ($5 / month)


  • New features are locked behind premium ($5 / month)
  • Nothing specifically for gaming, so requires creativity

Apollo is pretty much the non-gaming version of Raid Organizer, although Apollo can still absolutely be used for gaming, which is why it made this list.

Apollo is an event organizer bot, which makes it super easy to organize raids, scrims, or even just game time with your server.

Apollo lets members react to the event messages so that you can keep track of who is coming and who isn’t. It also sends reminders to the users who are attending events.

What Raid Organizer does better than Apollo, though, is incorporate gaming into its events and gives you control over the reaction choices.

In Raid Organizer, you can react to the messages as a Tank, DPS, Healer, etc. and you can even change which reactions there will be.

Apollo’s reactions are more bare bones “attending” and “not attending” options, unless you pay for the $5 / month premium option.

If you’re going to get premium, then Apollo may be the better organizer for your server. However, if you want a free gaming bot that will help organize raids and the like on your server, I’d go with Raid Organizer.

7. Arcane


  • One of the best leveling systems on Discord
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Leaderboards and unlimited role rewards
  • Good moderation tools
  • Custom commands


  • Not many gaming features beyond the leveling and XP system
  • Lot of features locked behind a paywall ($5 / month)

Arcane’s leveling and xp system is so fun and robust that most servers will add Arcane to their server even if they have another mod / leveling bot like MEE6 or ProBot.

Arcane is a great gaming bot for Discord because of this leveling system. You can modify the rewards, XP, and reaction roles in your server with the help of Arcane.

Arcane has customizable commands that you can use in order to add more gaming features to the bot. With that being said, you’re definitely going to have to pair Arcane with something else for your gaming server.

Arcane will be able to handle the leveling and modding of your server, while you can use something like Myuu or IdleRPG to increase activity to encourage your members to want to level up in Arcane.

8. Elo by Anddy v2


  • Supports Queues and Elo / MMR
  • Supports all kinds of game modes (1v1, 1v8, 2v2, etc.) so can be used in any game
  • Supports multiple leaderboards for the same game
  • Lots of extra stats like win / loss, streak, etc.
  • Can be used for any PvP game available from Among Us to League of Legends
  • No premium paywall


  • Not as polished or as many features as NeatQueue

Elo By Anddy V2 has the exact same purpose as NeatQueue and is a great alternative to NeatQueue. Elo By Anddy is a bot for creating matchmaking in your Discord server by letting your members join a queue that matches them up.

It also keeps track of wins / losses and other stats for your members and even has an elo system so they can view their rank amongst the members in your server.

The major difference is that it seems Elo By Anddy is only managed by one developer or at least a small team because it doesn’t even have a website.

This means Elo by Anddy v2 may have more down time than a bot like NeatQueue. As far as functionality goes, I like Elo by Anddy and NeatQueue.

I’d actually recommend Elo by Anddy over NeatQueue for smaller servers because it is much easier to get up and running and immediately have an MMR / Leaderboard / Queuing system in your server.

NeatQueue has more options, but those options can be a bit overwhelming when you just want a simple matchmaking and ranking system.

9. PokéMeow


  • Classic Pokébot that many Discord members will already be familiar with
  • Highly polished
  • Extremely easy to install and use, requires no maintenance


  • Can get boring pretty fast since there’s not much interactivity
  • Lots of pay-to-win / pay-to-play features behind a paywall ($1 – 5 / month)

It’d be a mistake to make a Discord gaming bot list without mentioning PokéMeow. PokéMeow is one of the most popular Discord bots of all time, and by far the best Pokémon gacha bot (I stand with my opinion that Myuu is the best Pokémon Discord bot in general, though).

PokéMeow is a gacha game at heart, it just so happens to also have Pokémon. So when you install PokéMeow, random Pokémon will show up in your server and your members will have the opportunity to catch them with Poké Balls.

They’ll also earn coins, which they can use to buy more Poké Balls, Great Balls, etc. There’s also a trading system.

The major “downside” to PokéMeow, especially when compared to Myuu, is that beyond catching the Pokémon and trading them, there’s not much else to do.

So you can’t really sit in a server and play PokéMeow without getting very bored very fast. Still, though, PokéMeow is a great bot for any gaming server because it gives people a reason to stick around and catch Pokémon.

It is also, of course, a game! Even if it is a simple one. Some people take their PokéMeow collections very seriously and love collecting their favorite Pokémon.



  • Very easy to understand and play
  • Very fun game despite being incredibly simple
  • Multiplayer dungeons and bosses
  • Quest System
  • Crafting and shop systems
  • No pay walls


  • Can feel a bit too easy or simple sometimes
  • Not much character customization and battles aren’t very interactive
  • Some cooldowns can be a bit too long

Epic RPG may actually deserve to be a lot higher on this list, but I chose to throw it down here because in the end it is a rather basic game.

However I love gaming bots that are so incredibly fun while also being so incredibly simple. Epic RPG is what its name implies – an RPG. You have a character, stats, a level, an inventory, etc.

You go on quests, participate in dungeons, and battle monsters to earn loot that you can use to make your character stronger.

It’s incredible how in-depth Epic RPG can be while also being super simple to play. There’s a crafting system, the dungeon system as mentioned, and a shop.

I wish the game was a bit more interactive, but other than that I find that it’s a great way to waste time and just have some fun in Discord with a couple of friends.

11. OwO


  • Funny bot that’s almost guaranteed to get a laugh
  • Also has animal hunting and fights similar to Pokemon
  • All OwO features are completely free


  • Some animals locked behind paywall ($1 / month)
  • Pretty simple bot so can’t keep everyone’s attention by itself

Let’s face the hard truth here for a second – where there are gamers there are OwOs. OwO bot is an extremely popular bot, almost solely for the memes.

Just because this bot is for memes doesn’t mean it isn’t a great gaming bot worthy of this list, though. OwO bot is similar to counting bot, except it keeps track of you and your server’s OwOs.

While the concept is pretty simple, OwO bot takes things a step further by introducing guilds and leaderboards where you can compete globally or against other guilds.

OwO bot can’t keep everyone’s attention for long, but it is very nice to have because it gives people a reason to talk to each other (even if they’re just meming with OwOs).

Whether you use it or not will sort of depend on your server and how OwO friendly your users are, but overall it’s a nice bot that’s well made. OwO bot also has some Pokémon-like features, which are implemented surprisingly well!

12. Karuta


  • Well made and polished
  • Tons of different characters to collect
  • Robust trading system
  • Manual and automatic card drops
  • Cosmetics and quality system to add some depth


  • Not much to do outside of collecting and trading cards (no battles, etc.)

Karuta is kind of like Sofi bot, which we talked about earlier. Both bots have a similar concept – collect anime-themed cards of your favorite characters.

They’re both gacha games that center around anime fans chasing the rush of finding their favorites. However, they execute this concept fairly differently and I believe Sofi executes it better, which is why it’s higher up.

Sofi lets players battle against each other and has other mechanics beyond the collecting. Karuta, on the other hand, is all about collecting. Cards drop randomly, depending on server activity, and players can jump to grab them.

The nice thing about Karuta is that players can also have cards drop manually, although manual drops have a small cooldown period.

Overall, if your gaming Discord server has a lot of anime fans, then Karuta is a really nice bot to throw in. It will work similar to PokéMeow in that cards will randomly drop when people talk a lot on your server.

It gives everyone something to do, and there really is something super fun about building a collection of your favorite anime characters and chasing high-quality cards.

13. Clip Manager


  • Can post clips from any streamer on Twitch
  • Has internet dashboard for easy use
  • Completely Free
  • Easy to use


  • Needs the dashboard / website to use
  • Not a lot of features beyond core functionality of posting clips

Streaming and watching streams is a huge part of the gaming community, which is why Clip Manager has made its way onto this list.

Clip Manager is a Discord bot that automatically grabs clips from specific Twitch streamers and then posts them into your Discord server.

As you can imagine, this bot is great for general gaming servers because it can easily create discussions and show people cool / funny clips.

It’s also a great bot if you are a streamer yourself and run your own Discord server for your stream. You can easily set up Clip Manager to grab your clips and post them in your server so that all of your members can watch them immediately, even if they’re not tuned into your stream.

Clip Manager is very well made and completely free, so it’s a great gaming bot for any Discord server with some kind of focus on Twitch or streamers.

14. Sesh


  • Automatic time zones
  • Highly customizable
  • Polls
  • Google Calendar integration


  • Lots of features locked behind premium ($5/month)

Sesh is another Discord gaming bot for scheduling events, so its main use will be for planning raids, scrims, and game time in general. We covered two bots like this already – Raid Organizer and Apollo.

Sesh is much more similar to Apollo, since both of these bots are more focused on being general event organizers than gaming-specific ones, however Sesh is more focused on gaming than Apollo is.

But, it’s still not quite as gaming-packed as Raid Organizer. Sesh is very well built and has the same features as Raid Organizer and Apollo. You can create events that automatically show the correct time zone to each user.

Your members can react to the events to RSVP. You can even change the RSVP options like you can with Raid Organizer (someone can RSVP as DPS, Tank, etc.).

However, the reason Sesh is down here is because it lacks a ton of stuff behind premium. Without paying the $5 / month, you’re basically just getting a general event bot.

So if you don’t want to pay, you might as well go with Raid Organizer for its free gaming features.

15. PixxieBot


  • Lots of fun games to play right out of the box
  • Easy to use with lots of commands


  • Really basic moderation features
  • Lots of commands locked behind paywall ($3 / month)

PixxieBot can mostly be compared to Arcane when it comes to this list, except PixxieBot has something Arcane doesn’t – games!

Arcane is much more of a general purpose bot that happens to work well for gaming servers. PixxieBot, on the other hand, is mostly used in servers because of the games it provides.

It has a Hunger Games parody that is very popular and lets your server compete in a fun Hunger Games / Battle Royale that is pretty fun for a Discord game. The major downside to PixxieBot is that there’s just not much beyond its simple games.

So while it’s a great gaming bot for Discord, once your server is tired of playing its games, it’ll probably just sit there and idle for the rest of its life.

However, I still recommend installing it to see if your server enjoys it, at least for a little while!

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