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[15] Best Fortnite Discord Servers (With Server LINKS)

If you are into Fortnite, and are looking for other people to game with or talk to about the game, then check out my list below of the best Fortnite Discord servers.

  1. Fortnite Official
  2. /r/FortniteBR
  3. /r/FortniteCompetitive
  4. Elite Customs
  6. D7 Army
  7. Universal Practice
  8. SmG Gaming
  9. G2 Scrims
  10. The Crew Community
  11. Elite Creative
  12. TK Fortnite Fam
  13. Creative Games
  14. Maddog
  15. The Void

Now let’s dive into each of these servers a bit more.

1. Fortnite Official

Of course, the best Fortnite server on Discord is the official Fortnite server!

You may worry that, being official, this server has to tone some things down or may not be as fun as other servers dedicated to Fortnite, but don’t worry!

There’s so much to explore on this Discord server and so many people to meet. If you want to find someone to duo with this server has channels for that.

You can even find voice channels to talk to your Duo in. There are even community events like Sunny Saturdays and so it helps keep things interesting.

This Discord has a lot of channels, so you’ll definitely find something that interests you, even if it is not just gaming.

There are announcements, official support channels, channels for finding groups, creative channels, fan art channels, screenshot channels, etc.

The list goes on and on, it’s literally full of interesting channels. One great thing about this channel is that since it’s official, you can easily get help with any problems or bugs that you run into.

Joining this Discord server is easy. You simply have to click on the Discord link here and accept the invite.

You don’t have to be invited and anyone that wants to join is allowed to join. Once you join, there will be a prompt at the bottom telling you that you must complete more steps before you can actually talk.

Don’t worry though because the “extra steps” are just reading the terms of the server and clicking agree! After that you can start having plenty of fun!

2. /r/FortniteBR

This server was made for competitive and casual Fortnite players. Not professional players, just players that take the game seriously and focus their efforts on winning and getting better at the game.

The server isn’t just for competitive players themselves, but also for keeping up with competitive play.

If you’re into eSports and are looking for like-minded gamers that enjoy keeping up with the pro scene and discussing tournaments and leagues, then this is the place for you!

Of course, the server also has channels for finding groups and duos to play with, so if that’s what you’re looking for then it’s got you covered.

This server also has some of the best “bonus” channels I’ve come across.

It has a “Trash tower” channel dedicated to raging at everything from bad teammates to parkour maps. It’s all done in good fun and everyone seems to have a great time.

Joining is simple, just click on the join server link here and accept the invite.

Then complete the few “extra steps” at the bottom of Discord once you join. Like before, these extra steps are just agreeing to the terms of the server, saying you won’t be toxic, insult anyone, harass anyone, etc.

After that you can start posting and having a good time!

3. /r/FortniteCompetitive

This is the official server of the FortniteCompetitive subreddit on Reddit. As the name suggests, this Discord server was created with a focus on the competitive scene and for players that like to play competitively.

However, it is more focused on the pro scene than the FortniteBR server is, so if you’re looking to game you may be better off there.

If you’re looking to discuss the pro scene, talk about current events, etc. though, then FortniteCompetitive is the server to be in.

One of my favorite parts about this server is that it has channels dedicated to live events, so you can discuss with people while tournaments and events are happening.

This is pretty fun and exciting while also being a great place to meet friends and other players that enjoy the game in the same way that you do.

Like most servers, there are plenty of off-topic channels for posting memes, jokes, discussions, etc.

But, for more serious members, there’s also places to discuss the game’s meta, tips and tricks, and even a place for VOD reviews, which can all be excellent tools for getting better.

To join, just click the join link here and accept the invite.

Afterwards you’ll be put right into the server where you can start making posts and talking with other players!

4. Elite Customs

Elite Customs is the most competitive server on this list. It isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re just a casual player looking for other casual players to duo with, this isn’t the server for you.

Elite Customs is for scrimming with real teams and pro players, so if you want to play competitively, this is a great server to join in order to start your journey.

Two of the best perks in this server are its rank system, and its ban system that helps avoid griefers and trolls.

Joining Elite Customs is a bit more involved than other servers, which is fine because this server tries to maintain real competitive integrity as opposed to many others.

To join, first you must click the link here and accept the invite.

Afterwards you will need to verify your Epic Games account and link it with your Discord. You do this by adding a friend on your Epic account, which will then send you a code that you use to verify.

It’s quite involved but worth it if you’re serious about being a competitive player.

5. is a great all around Fortnite server. They have channels for socializing, finding people to play with, and game updates.

The server also has channels dedicated to all areas of the world (NA, Asia, Europe, etc.) and so you will be able to easily find people to interact with and play with if you choose.

Although Fortnite is the main focus of the server, they also channels dedicated to other games such as Valorant, CSGO, and more.

Joining is simple, just click on the join server link here and accept the invite.

And that’s it, you are in. You don’t have to take any extra steps in order to participate in the server.

6. D7 Army

D7 Army is the official Discord server for DAN7EH, a Youtuber with almost 1 million subs who specializes in creating Fortnite content.

DAN7EH isn’t exactly a competitive Fortnite player and he’s far from a pro, but he is definitely entertaining. He always puts out interesting and funny videos trying a variety of different things.

Due to the nature of his channel, his Discord server attracts many other casual Fortnite players, which is fantastic for those looking for a general hangout community.

In this Discord you can keep up with DAN7EH, of course. You can suggest video ideas, see announcements, etc.

But you can also just sit around and chat / play with other people that enjoy his channel. There are channels for memes, self promotion, media, etc.

There’s pretty much something for everyone, so even if you don’t watch DAN7EH, you can still have quite a bit of fun.

To join just click the join link here and accept the invite.

And then follow the steps to verify your account. You can link your Epic account if you want to, but it’s not actually necessary to join D7 Army. You simply have to agree to the server’s rules!

7. Universal Practice

Universal Practice is similar to Elite Customs, but with a more “up and coming” vibe.

This is an organization looking to make a name for itself in the competitive Fortnite scene by hosting tournaments, scrims, etc. and it’s the perfect place for up and coming Fortnite players to join!

If you’re a casual player, there probably won’t be much in this server for you because it was created to find scrims and tournaments.

However, if you are a competitive player and trying to dip your toes into semi-pro play, then I would highly recommend Universal Practice.

There are channels looking for duos, trios, team members, etc. Real teams even post in this server looking for players to add to their rosters.

Universal Practice also has its own matchmaking system for setting up scrims and zone wars, so if you want to play real competitive Fortnite, there you go!

Joining Universal Practice is also similar to joining Elite Customs. You have to click the join link here and accept the invite.

Then you have to link your Epic Games account to your Discord username and the server. Once you’ve done that, you’ll gain access to the rest of the server.

8. SmG Gaming

SmG Gaming has the appearance of a competitive server but it’s actually directed towards casual gamers. This is one of those community servers that are a ton of fun to join.

It isn’t dedicated to Fortnite specifically, but is instead dedicated to all kinds of games and even anime.

There are many channels to check out and discuss pretty much anything you want. With that being said, there are dedicated channels for finding gaming groups, so if that is your goal, look no further!

The thing I like the most about SmG Gaming is the users that have joined the community.

It is by far one of the most inclusive Discord communities out there and all of the people are very friendly and easy going.

If you’re a competitive player looking for scrims and teams, you’ll want to check out Elite Customs or Universal Practice. If you’re a casual player looking for community, you want SmG Gaming.

To join just click the join link here and accept the invite.

Afterwards you’ll have to read and agree to the server terms, which is a very common practice at this point.

9. G2 Scrims

The G2 Scrims servers is one of the largest Fortnite servers dedicated to scrimming in the entire world. This server is made for people who want to scrim and get better at the game.

If you are just a casual Fortnite player then this is probably not the right server for you. However, if you are looking to improve, then this is a great server to join.

To join just click the join link here and accept the invite.

You will then be asked to accept the rules. Once you do, if you want to fully participate in the server, you will have to link your Epic Account as well.

But don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. And how to receive full access to the server and participate in scrims is laid out step by step.

10. The Crew Community

The Crew Community is pretty much just a lounge server and a place to find groups.

It’s a self-titled LFG server, so if you need people to play with without all of the extra bells and whistles, this is the server to check out.

The Crew Community isn’t specifically for Fortnite, it’s for pretty much any battle royale game, so if you also play Apex or Warzone, you can find teammates here as well.

Joining is very simple, just click the join link here and accept the invite.

Agree to the terms of the server and set up your account by reacting to the bot’s messages. Afterwards you’ll be able to check out all of the different channels and start looking for a group.

The server isn’t extremely active, but it is active. People still post in the channels daily and you’ll still be able to find a group rather easily.

11. Elite Creative

Elite is back with another server, except this time it’s dedicated to creative players. If you enjoy Fortnite creative mode, then this server was made for you.

It has everything that the other server has; plenty of places to chat, discuss, crack jokes, and share memes.

But the main purpose of the server is to find groups, so if you need a couple more people to play with then Elite Creative is the perfect place to find them.

The server is still pretty active, people are constantly posting looking for 1v1s, 2v2s, etc., so if you want to get a game rolling, it won’t take long at all.

My one gripe with this server is the lack of actual Creative Mode channels. If Creative Mode is your thing, you’ll be able to find some other like-minded gamers, but I wish that this server had some more Creative content.

To join this server, click the invite link here and accept the invite.

Just follow the link and do any verification it asks. Most of the time you will just need to react to a message and agree to server rules!

12. TK Fortnite Fam

This is one of the most active Fortnite servers on Discord and definitely one of my favorites. This server has a ton of members and they’re always posting in the channels looking for people to play with.

One of my favorite things about this server is how many game modes it supports finding groups for.

There is a channel for box fights, realistics, build fights, zone wars, etc. So if you want to play customs, you’ll be able to find people to play with.

If you want to duo / trio it up and hit matchmaking, that’s also an option and TK Fortnite Fam is a great place to look.

Joining is extremely simple. Click the join link here and then accept the invite.

And read the rules. You don’t even have to verify or link your Epic account. You can simply join and start looking for people to play with!

13. Creative Games

The Creative Games Discord server is one of the best servers to find players that enjoy playing custom games. If you like 1v1’ing, 2v2’ing, etc. then this is the server for you.

This server has channels dedicated to finding other players for Box Fighting and Zone Wars, so if you want to add some spice to your Fortnite life and step beyond just traditional matchmaking, Creative Games is the perfect server for doing so.

The community is fairly active, so it shouldn’t be very hard to get a game up and running.

There are also channels to just hang out in and listen to music, so if you ever just feel like being social, Creative Games has your back.

Of course there is also a meme channel and places to find teams / duos. So the server has everything a Fortnite player could want!

To join, you just have to click the join link here and accept the invite.

There are no special hoops to jump through once you’re in the server, you can start messaging in the channels and joining games immediately, which is very nice.

14. Maddog

Maddog is one of the less active servers on this list but it’s still a fine choice for those that like smaller communities.

There are plenty of channels to check out and you might be able to get someone’s attention if you want to post a funny Fortnite meme or talk about the game.

Overall, this server fell so far down on the list because it’s pretty inactive in general. You can still find some discussions and search through old messages which is a bit entertaining, and it’s still a decent place to find groups for tournaments and scrims.

There are better places out there, though, hence why this landed at #13.

To join just click the link here and accept the invite.

There is no fancy verification process or anything like that, so you can join and then head to the general chat.

15. The Void

The Void is not 100% dedicated to Fortnite, but there are plenty of Fortnite players in the server. This server is all about finding active gamers to join teams, squads, etc. in all games.

If you’re looking for people to squad up with in Fortnite, either casually or for real competitions, The Void is a great server to look at.

One thing I like about The Void is how much they encourage participating in the server. If you want to just join a server and forget about it, you should probably look elsewhere.

The Void is for people that really want to be a part of something, so if you join it’s expected that you engage with people, post in channels, etc.

So overall, The Void isn’t specifically for Fortnite, but it is for finding teams and squads to play with.

If you join, though, you should be ready to actually post things in the server because they expect their members to be active.

There are so many people in the server, though, so you’re sure to find a few people you vibe well with.

If you want to join, just click the link here, accept the invite, then follow the verification steps.

The verification steps are pretty simple. You just click on a couple of buttons and agree to the terms of the server.

This is mostly to make sure you’re not a bot. Afterwards, you can start looking for other Fortnite players to game with.

I hope I was able to help you find the right Fortnite Discord server.

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