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[15] Best Investing / Finance Discord Servers (2023)

There are a ton of investing, financial, and trading servers for Discord, but not all of them are great for every investor. I’ve put together a list of the top 15 best finance and investing Discord servers that are running today.

Best Investing / Finance Discord Servers

  1. Stock Dads
  2. Rags To Riches Trading
  3. Options Trading Club
  4. Let’s Talk Money!
  5. Eagle Investors
  6. Stock VIP
  7. United Traders
  8. Hercules Investing
  9. Market Masters
  10. PennyBois Alerts
  11. Reddit’s OFFICIAL Stock Market Chat
  12. Lambo Money
  13. OptionsSwing
  14. BullTradeFinder
  15. The Spud Zone

Keep reading to learn more about each of these servers and to see what each has to offer.

1. Stock Dads


  • Best Discord server, regardless of trading experience
  • Great ratings on Trustpilot
  • Many different plans to choose from
  • Ran by some of the most knowledgeable traders in the game
  • Great place for beginners to learn the right way to do things
  • Very affordable compared to other premium and private Discord financial servers
  • Paid Discord server so it prevents spam, scammers, and bots


  • Must pay to join

#1 on the list of best Discord servers for investing and finance is easily Stock Dads, and it’s not even really that close. It’s a robust trading community that has everything you could want in a trading server.

To begin, Stock Dads pairs each of their new members with a mentor who walks you through the Discord server, helps you set goals, learn to trade using a custom Roadmap that they’ll set up for you, and is there to answer any questions you may come across during your journey.

Once you are in the server you will find dozens of professional traders, licensed and certified CPAs and CFPs, their proprietary Stock Dads Academy, and daily live streams to help you become the best investor you can be. They really do want you to succeed.

Beyond the incredible learning material, they also have an amazing tight-nit and extremely active community with over 100 well-organized channels where people can chat about things like stocks, sports, side businesses, and much more.

I am a member of this community myself and the people inside are fantastic (I’m not paid to say this, either). There is so much to learn here and incredible people that are there to help you every step of the way.

If you are considering joining this community, now is the time because I spoke with the founder of Stock Dads and for a limited time he is offering my readers a 30% discount when they use code “stream30” at checkout. To learn more about Stock Dads check out their website here.

2. Rags To Riches Trading


  • Lots of educational content
  • Community centered around learning and each others’ success
  • Live daily trading and other engaging activities for members


  • Not as established or organized as Stock Dads

Rags To Riches Trading is sort of like Stock Dads, except a lot more casual and not quite as “legitimate”.

I put that in quotes because they’re not scammers or crooks or anything (otherwise they wouldn’t be anywhere near this list), they’re just not as organized or professional-feeling as Stock Dads (Stock Dads has gained a ton of attention from Bloomberg, Fox, NBC, etc.).

Rags To Riches Trading has some premium benefits that you’ll need to really unlock the server’s potential, but you can actually join the server for free and check everything out.

The server has plenty of professional analysts that know what they’re doing, and the whole point of the server seems to be educating its members instead of just giving them the answers and expecting them to blindly trust it.

Stock Dads has a similar approach, as both servers are here to educate their users and help them gain financial independence through trading and the stock market.

3. Options Trading Club


  • Great trade record
  • Completely free of scams, bots, and spammers
  • Great rating on Trustpilot
  • Great community centered around education and success


  • All about options trading so not very useful if that doesn’t interest you
  • Must apply to join

Options Trading Club isn’t a server you join and blindly follow the administrators’ investing. Instead it is a server you join to learn everything there is to know about options trading.

Of course you can learn options trading on your own through books, Youtube, online courses, college courses, and countless other educational resources.

But what makes Options Trading Club so useful is that you can learn along with an awesome community that is there to help you grow as a trader. Learning things online and on your own time can be extremely daunting.

Having someone there to guide your learning and peers around to give different insights and perspectives is crucial for learning something as complex as options trading, and there’s no better Discord server than Options Trading Club when it comes to providing this learning environment.

If you’re already familiar with options trading, then you should still join because it’s the #1 Discord server for options traders to discuss and give back to the community.

4. Let’s Talk Money!


  • Very active community
  • Lots of professionals available to answer questions
  • Easy to join and start engaging with community


  • Not as established or professional as a server like Stock Dads

Let’s Talk Money is a great server and has plenty of experienced traders, and even some crypto experts if that interests you.

I personally prefer servers that are completely dedicated to the stock market like Stock Dads, and that vet their members a little more – either through applying like Options Trading Club or through a premium membership like Stock Dads.

Let’s Talk Money can be compared to Rags To Riches Trading because both servers are centered around discussing stocks and hearing advice from the experts that run the server.

The main difference is that Let’s Talk Money also has some crypto sprinkled in. If that interests you then it’s definitely a good server to join, otherwise you may be better off joining Rags To Riches Trading.

I will say, though, that the experts in Let’s Talk Money are some of the friendliest and most willing to answer any questions, no matter how complex or simple it may be. So if you’re new it’s a great place to learn!

5. Eagle Investors


  • Has some focus on options, swing trading stocks and futures
  • Highly professional team of moderators
  • Great trading record
  • Lots of rules to prevent spamming


  • Not a super great place for newbies to the market

Eagles Investors Discord Server is a competitor to Stock Dads. I find that Stock Dads is a little more established and better organized though.

You can compare each server’s website to see for yourself, but Stock Dads has had a ton of mainstream attention and sites like Bloomberg have had nothing but good things to say.

With that being said, Eagle Investors has been a popular choice of traders on the Discord platform for quite some time and has an excellent history when it comes to trading and propelling members into success.

In my opinion, if you’re new you may want to stick to Stock Dads, but if you’re an experienced trader that knows enough to perform their own due diligence on a particular trade, you can get quite a lot out of Eagle Investors and their analysis.

They’re one of the best premium Discord servers when it comes to trading stocks, options, and futures and the server is run by experts.

6. Stock VIP


  • Up and coming so it is an exciting community to join with lots of hungry investors
  • Really helpful Discord server for experienced traders


  • VIP and MVP memberships lock most useful features (live alerts, entries/exits, day trade setups, updates on penny stocks, information on options)

The VIP membership of Stock VIP is one of the best premium Discord server memberships available when it comes to stocks.

However, I recommend practicing caution if you are a new trader because a lot of the tools offered by the VIP membership are really only going to be useful if you know how to read the stock market, create a day trading plan, etc.

If you’re a newbie to the market and haven’t traded for very long, you’ll just have to blindly follow whatever the alerts and plans say, which is something I’d never recommend to investors and traders, no matter how vetted a server is.

If you have some experience trading and understand the fundamentals, then Stock VIP’s VIP membership is fantastic, otherwise you’d be better off paying for a membership to Stock Dads and learning the basics with dedicated experts.

7. United Traders


  • Daily updated watch lists
  • Connects inexperienced traders with experienced traders
  • Really great learning-centered community built around being better traders
  • Teaches a ton even to investors with years of experience


  • Smaller server so not as vetted as something like Stock Dads

United Traders is an excellent Discord server that anyone can join and get something out of, no matter what their experience level is.

I’ve been recommending new traders stay away from a few servers until they know the more, but United Traders is an exception to this rule since they truly are here to teach everyone.

If you join United Traders, you’ll get alerts for certain stocks (similar to Stock VIP, Eagle Investors, etc.); however, the server isn’t entirely based on these alerts.

It’s based on the discussions that are had in the channels of the server. In these channels you can ask and learn everything you’d ever need to know about trading from very successful traders.

United Traders is a lot like Stock Dads, except it isn’t run quite as much like a business. There are pros and cons to this, but in my opinion both servers have a lot to offer.

8. Hercules Investing


  • Can discuss stocks, investing, and options trading
  • Free watchlists and trading alerts
  • Lots of interesting discussions
  • Smaller server so less spam


  • Smaller server also means less experts
  • Not centered around education
  • Premium money could be spent on a more established server

Hercules is another server that I’d highly recommend traders with a year or two of experience joining. Even if you’re new, you can join Hercules and check out the discussions because they’re very interesting.

I’d say Hercules has more in-depth discussions on the market in general than most, if not all other servers on this list.

If you’re brand new, then some of these discussions may go over your head, but one of the best ways to learn something is to immerse yourself in it and Hercules is a great place to immerse yourself in.

It’s small enough that your voice won’t be drowned out if you have a question, while still having plenty of experts that can give you real, useful advice.

If you’re experienced and know how to make your own decisions, then the alerts and watchlists are awesome.

If you’re still too new to know a good trade from a bad one, though, then I’d recommend just joining Hercules Investing for the discussions, since they’re fantastic. 

9. Market Masters


  • Well known and well respected investing server
  • Run by Mini_Tradez (popular investor on Twitter)
  • Active server members


  • Not much outside of investing
  • Other servers offer better material with their premium memberships

Market Masters is a well-known Discord server ran in part by a pretty popular Twitter investor, Mini_Tradez.

I like this server because those who run it are very active and often engage with their community. They also share their own trading experiences, including their win and losses.

Mini will also frequently make Youtube videos and Twitter posts where he explains why a certain play worked, or didn’t work for him which I like. Transparency in this space can be hard to come by.

The community is also cool and there are lots of good investing discussions going at all times.

My main complaint for this server is the paid membership. The info is good, I just feel like you can get more in other servers for the same price.

This server is a great one to join for free if you just want to chill and talk about stocks, but for a paid membership you might want to look at other servers higher up on this list.

10. PennyBois Alerts


  • Lots of benefits for free members
  • Offers both, education and trades / alerts


  • A bit expensive

PennyBois Alerts is a really well put together server / business and is legitimate, which can be hard to find when it comes to stock alert / investing Discord servers.

The downside is that their premium membership is actually quite expensive. Stock Dads offer a really similar environment for a much cheaper monthly subscription.

With that being said, both servers are well-worth the money and each offer a unique way of teaching and helping you invest.

PennyBois Alerts was founded on the idea that its members should earn while they learn. So PennyBois helps choose which stocks to buy, when to buy and sell them, while also teaching you why you are buying / selling these stocks when you are.

The price tag is my only real gripe with this server, but if you can swing it then it will be absolutely invaluable in your trading journey.

If you want to learn but find that PenyBois is a bit too expensive, you can always head over to Stock Dads and get a fantastic education and still get stock alerts, live sessions, and everything else that you need to learn and be successful at the same time.

11. Reddit’s OFFICIAL Stock Market Chat


  • Official Discord server for reddit r/stockmarket
  • Lots of members of all experience levels and walks of life


  • Lots of members means lots of people that may give bad advice

Reddit is a great place to learn about the stock market and investing in general. There are tons of stock market servers and financial servers to join, and many of them have their own Discord servers.

This is the official Discord server of r/StockMarket and has a ton of useful information in there. However, it also has a ton of people giving poor advice because they think they know just a little more than they do (this can be very dangerous when it comes to stocks).

I recommend joining this subreddit for the same reason I recommend joining other servers – the immersion.

A ton of great discussions go on in this server, so I’d recommend everyone join it for that alone. I’d still take most of the advice you find on the server with a grain of salt, and don’t believe anything without doing your own due diligence.

With that being said, a large community like this is a great place to participate in financial and stock market discussions.

12. Lambo Money


  • One of the fastest growing financial communities on Discord
  • Live trading sessions
  • Lots of great discussions
  • Overall fun community that isn’t as formal as other servers


  • Can be a bit too informal or “hype” for many peoples’ tastes

Lambo Money is one of those servers you’re either going to love or hate. The server has a lot of hype surrounding it and even its own description is full of click baity emojis.

This can put a ton of people off, which is why I’ve put it way down here. If this is your cup of tea then you’re going to absolutely love Lambo Money.

Despite first impressions, Lambo Money really does foster an environment of learning and even hosts live trading sessions where newbies can see theories put to the test.

This is an extremely valuable educational tool and I love when financial and investing servers offer it. Still, if the overall vibe of Lambo Money puts you off, then you probably won’t enjoy these sessions.

The good news is that you can join one of the other servers I listed in this article with a more formal feel (Stock Dads, United Traders, Hercules, etc.).

13. OptionsSwing


  • Great Trustpilot score
  • Since it is premium, you are guaranteed to get very personal help
  • One of the best places to learn everything about trading


  • Extremely expensive
  • Completely private – need to pay to join

If you’re looking for a premium server to join, then OptionsSwing will be a fantastic option. The only downside to the server is that there is no free version and no way to test out or check out the server without joining.

With that being said, OptionsSwing has a really great Trustpilot score and plenty of success stories, so the brand and business is definitely legitimate. Eagle Investors is about as expensive as OptionsSwing and both Discord servers are quite similar.

However, I feel as though you will get more one-on-one attention on a server like OptionsSwing because it is a bit smaller.

However, I put Eagle Investors higher because it’s more popular and has more history in the Discord financial community.

If you can swing the cash for a month’s subscription, then check out OptionsSwing and see if you learn something (because you almost certainly will).

Otherwise, if you want a more affordable option, head over to Stock Dads because they give a master class education for a much lower price than other servers.

Which option you choose will ultimately come down to your budget and goals, though, so make sure to take a look at what both servers offer in their entirety.

14. BullTradeFinder


  • Affordable membership (in between OptionsSwing and Stock Dad)
  • Great all around financial Discord server / trading server


  • Most helpful tools are reserved for premium members

Unlike OptionsSwing, you can actually join and check out BullTradeFinder for free. The server is great and it’s an excellent place to learn about the stock market in general.

If you buy a premium membership, though, you also get access to trading signals, an algorithm, live trading sessions, and much more.

Some servers offer a few of these features for free, which is why BullTradeFinder is way down here, but most of the time free features aren’t going to be nearly as useful or complete as the premium versions of those features (especially when it comes to financial and investing tools.)

Overall BullTradeFinder is a great option for those looking for a premium membership that will teach them the ropes of the stock market in general.

The price is cheaper than OptionsSwing and Eagle Investors, so if you know you want to pay for something, but don’t want to spend a huge chunk of cash at first, BullTradeFinder is a great first step.

15. The Spud Zone


  • Can join, ask about, and learn about the server for free
  • Premium membership is very affordable
  • Very active community


  • There are better options for brand new traders (Stock Dads, for one)

If you already have some trading experience then I recommend checking out Spud Zone and seeing if it is or isn’t for you.

Some people have had good experiences, while others have had awful experiences (hence why it is at the bottom of this list.)

The server is well organized, and overall Spud Zone seems to be a well put together group with a fair premium membership price.

However, if you’re new it will be very hard to know which trades are going to be good and which aren’t. Since Spud Zone doesn’t really do a good job of teaching why you should make any particular trade, I can’t recommend it over a server like Stock Dads or even PennyBois Alerts.

Still, you can join Spud Zone for free and check it out before paying a membership price to decide whether or not it’s for you. As always, though, be careful!

I hope you found my list helpful. I based the information in this article on my own experience and research and I encourage you to research these servers yourself before paying for a membership.

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