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[20] Best Discord Music Bots (That STILL Work!)

With Discord and Youtube purging several music bots as of late, it can be hard to find a good one that still works. That’s why I’ve put together this definitive list of the 20 best Discord music bots that still work.

Looking for a source of copyright-free music to play on stream? Check out my guide to copyright free music sources.

Best Discord Music Bots

  1. Groot Bot
  2. FredBoat
  3. LunaBot
  4. Chip Bot
  5. Soul Music Bot
  6. Lara Bot
  7. FlaviBot
  8. ProBot
  9. Hydra
  10. Jockie Music
  11. Lofi Radio Bot
  12. Green-bot
  13. Pancake Bot
  14. Earth Bot
  15. Maki Bot
  16. Flantic Bot
  17. Namiko Bot
  18. Kashima Bot
  19. Musical Tune Bot
  20. Reverb Bot

Keep reading for more details about each bot and to see why each bot ranks where it does on the list.

1. Groot Bot


  • Most free features of any bot
  • High quality music
  • Free 24/7 option
  • Free replay option
  • Reaction-commands for pausing, playing, stopping, and replaying
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Search feature, can just put title of song
  • Free sound filters available
  • No necessary features locked behind paywall ($2.99 / month)
  • Easy-to-use web dashboard
  • Playlists


  • Cannot skip songs without voting or purchasing premium plan ($2.99 / month)
  • Only one playlist in free version
  • Some commands do not work and load infinitely
  • Dashboard feels pretty empty


Groot has earned its place as number one on this list because it sounds great and has many features available that are usually stuck behind a paywall (24/7 mode, playlist(s), and filters like extra bass, day core, etc.).

Groot doesn’t have a ton of extra features tagged onto it like some other bots (ProBot, for example), which is perfect in my opinion because it makes using your music commands that much easier.

Groot is just a simple music playing bot built for playing music, and it does that job perfectly.

Groot is very easy to use – just type the play command followed by the song you want to hear. I haven’t found a song that Groot couldn’t play yet, so I am very satisfied so far.

Once the song plays, there are also super convenient reactions available that let you pause, start, skip, toggle replay, and add filters with the click of your mouse.

In my opinion, this reaction feature is a must-have and Groot got a ton of points for including it when other popular bots like FredBoat do not.

The only major con is that while the core features aren’t behind a paywall, the useful ones like skipping a song and having more than one playlist are.

Still, Groot is one of the most generous music bots available as well as one of the best functioning, which is why it landed here at number one.

2. FredBoat


  • Best sounding music bot
  • Search with bot commands and react to select songs
  • Very user friendly and easy to install
  • Dashboard available for gaming while listening to music
  • Playlist support
  • Completely free, although $2 / month premium is available for better bot performance


  • No Youtube support
  • Gaming feature is not very good


FredBoat is one of the cleanest sounding bots on this list, which has cemented its place here at number two. When choosing a music bot for Discord, you really want a bot that was designed solely for music.

I’ll cover a few bots on this list that were made to be multipurpose mod / general / entertainment bots, and you’ll notice that while convenient, they don’t sound as good as FredBot.

FredBoat supports all of the popular music sites – Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. and is completely free. You can easily search for a song with the bot command, so you don’t even have to look for the URL yourself.

FredBoat also has playlists, which are super handy and just make this an overall awesome music bot.

I should note, FredBoat also has a gaming feature for playing games while you jam out, but this feature is new and still has some kinks. However, it has a lot of potential and makes FredBoat stand out even more than it already does.

3. LunaBot


  • Very popular bot with a lot of support so unlikely to go down
  • Extremely easy to use user interface with reaction commands
  • Songs are searchable, no URL required
  • Most aesthetically pleasing Discord music bot
  • Most features are free or locked behind a vote instead of a paywall
  • Affordable premium plan ($4 / month)
  • Lyrics command
  • Good music quality


  • Autoplay and 24/7 playback are locked behind a $4 / month paywall
  • Most non-basic features like playlists are locked behind a vote-wall


LunaBot has been around for a long time and is one of the few survivors of the great “Youtube Discord Music Bot Purge”.

Thankfully LunaBot is still around and kicking, and is honestly as good as ever despite the fact that Youtube videos can no longer be played.

Luna can still find pretty much any song you could want with its handy search feature. Once the song starts playing, you can react to the message to control whether the song pauses, stops, skips, etc.

Although, it’s important to note that you’ll need to vote for LunaBot on if you want to do much more than pause / play your songs.

Luna’s sound quality is very comparable to Groot and FredBoat’s, but I have to leave Luna down here due to how many features are locked behind the vote wall.

Even FredBoat gives you a playlist out of the box. Other than that, though, Luna is a great music bot with high-quality music that will suit all of your Discord server’s music-bot needs.

4. Chip Bot


  • Excellent music quality
  • Nothing important hidden behind a paywall
  • Can Pause / Resume / Skip  / Stop / Show Queue by reacting to the Chip Bot message
  • Lots of cool features / commands like Lyrics which displays the song’s lyrics
  • Very simple music bot


  • Volume and other commands are behind paywall, although they are not necessary ($5 / month)
  • No web dashboard
  • No extra features beyond music
  • No playlists


You’ll notice that the two top results on this list are both dedicated music bots and that’s because dedicated music bots just sound better.

It makes sense that they do because the bot creators can invest more of the bot’s profits / server / whatever else into the music quality.

Chip Bot sounds fantastic and I absolutely love its quality of life features. To play a song, you just type “/play” followed by the song’s name and Chip Bot will find it and play it.

It will also send a message with custom reactions that allow you to pause, skip, and stop the song. There’s also a reaction that will show your queue.

I can’t emphasize enough how handy these features are, especially if you have a few bots in your server already – it’s hard to remember 100 different commands!

FredBoat still beats out Chip Bot because I personally think FredBoat sounds better. I also really like FredBoat’s playlist option, which Chip Bot is missing.

Overall, both bots are great and would make an excellent, musical addition to your server.

5. Soul Music Bot


  • Great music quality
  • Most generous music bot
  • Free 24/7 mode
  • Free volume commands
  • Many features (like playlist) unlocked by voting instead of paywall
  • Very cheap premium ($1)
  • Reaction commands can all be used for free
  • Easy to use commands with parameter checks
  • Filters are available (but requires voting)


  • Reaction commands take a second before registering
  • Custom playlists not available out of the box (requires voting)


Soul Music is yet another great, free Discord music bot that you can add to your server for some quick tunes.

The music quality is great and almost on par with FredBoat. It has very intuitive commands that all make sense and are easy to use. The only downside is that most of the commands are locked behind a vote-wall.

However, considering that the bot is entirely free and no features are locked behind a paywall, I find this entirely fair.

My only gripe with it is that even things as simple as creating playlists are locked behind the vote. If you really need a free option that can create playlists, then check out Green-bot down below.

If you just want a simple bot that can play high-quality music, then Soul Music is a great option. It’s somewhere between Chip Bot and FredBoat when it comes to features.

It isn’t as feature rich as something like Groot, but it has enough features to get the job done and, once again, it’s completely free!

6. Lara Bot


  • Great aesthetics
  • Music sounds good
  • Reaction controls for playing, pausing, volume, etc.
  • Detailed information when song plays (name, requested by, duration, place in queue)
  • Volume controls are completely free
  • Extra features locked behind voting instead of paywall


  • Pause, loop, and auto-play locked behind vote
  • No playlists


Lara is a very underrated Discord music bot, in my opinion but I think that’s just because it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves yet.

The Lara Discord bot is going for the anime girl virtual assistant / futuristic aesthetic, and it’s pulling it off pretty well. Everything about the bot appears well-built and well-designed.

Some bots look like they were thrown together as a school project, while others look like they were created with a template in 20 minutes and thrown on the shelf to make some money.

Lara on the other hand has some charm, which I really appreciate. Lara doesn’t have quite as many features as other bots like Groot and Green-bot (coming later), but it does have some great quality of life features.

It has reaction commands for controlling the music and its volume. Lara’s volume controls are also completely free, which is practically unheard of nowadays with music bots.

Overall, Lara sounds fantastic and has a great aesthetic. It is not as feature-rich as some of the top bots on this list like Groot, and its music doesn’t sound quite as high quality as FredBoat’s.

However, Lara has a ton of character and is completely free (as long as you vote on topgg.) If you enjoy the aesthetic and feel that Lara’s developers are going for then you’ll love the Lara bot.

7. FlaviBot


  • Easy to invite and start using
  • Search feature
  • All essential commands are free
  • Pause, Skip, Stop, and Heart reactions for controlling song
  • Good music quality


  • Playlists locked behind premium ($1.50) / voting
  • 24/7 mode behind paywall
  • Not many free commands beyond basic music playing


Every time I use a music bot and it has reactions available for controlling whether the song plays, pauses, or stops, I get very happy.

It’s such a convenient feature and very slept on because not nearly enough music bots incorporate it into their designs.

FlaviBot is great as a music player. Its quality passes the sound check, and it’s easy enough to use that I had it set up and playing music within a minute.

My one major gripe about FlaviBot is that it doesn’t have a ton of features, especially for how it presents itself.

FredBoat presents itself as a state-of-the-art music bot, and because of this, it adds in the extra features, like a dashboard, playlists, etc. FlaviBot is a basic music player, similar to Chip Bot.

While I think this is great because I love when bots keep things simple, with the way FlaviBot presents itself, I’d expect at least a dashboard similar to ProBot’s (coming up soon.)

Overall, FlaviBot sounds fantastic, is easy and intuitive to use, and one of the best music bots available on Discord so you can’t go wrong with it.

8. ProBot


  • General purpose bot with a ton of other features well beyond music
  • Really in-depth web dashboard full of information and tools
  • Decent music quality (between FredBoat and Jockie)
  • Music playing and most music features are completely free
  • Can decide which roles are allowed to use the bot
  • Queue is available


  • Extra features are a little much if you already have a moderation bot
  • Dashboard feels a little cluttered and overwhelming at first glance
  • 24/7 mode is locked behind paywall ($2.50 / month)
  • No playlist feature


While FredBoat is still the best sounding Discord music bot, ProBot comes in at a close second. Its sound quality is fantastic, but still a little rough when compared to a FredBoat. However, ProBot also has a ton of quality-of-life features that keep it high up on this list.

While it doesn’t have playlists (which would be very nice), or results when you search a song (would also be nice), ProBot has a huge dashboard full of tools and customizability.

From ProBot’s dashboard, you can decide who is allowed to use the music player (and other commands).

The dashboard seems daunting at first, but it’s fairly easy to get the hang of and once you do, you can set your music up perfectly.

The main reason to choose ProBot over FredBoat is if you want much more than just a music player in your server.

ProBot, afterall, is a general purpose / moderation bot at heart, that just happens to have music as a feature.

So, if you just want some music and are fine with a slight quality drop, then ProBot will get the job done.

9. Hydra Bot


  • Easy to set up within a couple of clicks
  • Intuitive commands (.play)
  • Song skipping
  • Playlists
  • Core features are free
  • Also has reaction roles
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Plays music from URLs
  • Reaction-roles are attached


  • Cannot play Youtube videos (Common)


I was able to invite Hydra into my server with about three or four clicks of the mouse, it’s really that easy. Once Hydra is on your server, you can start playing music just by typing play followed by the URL of the song you’d like to listen to.

Hydra solidifies its place on this list because it still works, it is completely free for the main music playing features, and because it is just so easy to use.

One of the most alluring features of Hydra is its playlist feature. You can create, view, and play playlists with bot commands very easily.

This makes Hydra even easier to use. If you want to set up auto-play, though, you’ll have to pay for the premium version, which is $3.99 / month.

Hydra also has a very well made reaction-role feature that will fit in great on any server. The main con of Hydra is that it doesn’t allow you to use Youtube URLs when you do a Play command.

However, most Discord bots will not let you use Youtube URLs nowadays because Youtube went on the offensive against them. Hydra still works with Soundcloud and other music sharing sites, though. 

10. Jockie Music Bot


  • Easy to invite and use (intuitive commands like “m!play”)
  • Searchable commands on the website make it easy to see the features
  • Can play music by searching the title, no URL necessary


  • After searching for a song, does not let you choose which song to play
  • Poor quality sound
  • No playlist feature in premium


Jockie Music is a really nice free-to-use music player. It doesn’t sound as good as FredBoat does but it still sounds better than a lot of other bots that add in music as a side feature.

One thing I love about Jockie Music Bot when compared to other bots is that it is truly a free bot. There is premium available on Patreon, but it only costs about $2 / month, and doesn’t unlock any core features for music.

FredBoat and Hydra both have some extra features added in, but some of those features are just completely unnecessary (FredBoat’s gaming Dashboard, for example) when you just want a simple bot that will play music.

Like the other bots on this list, Jockey plays Soundcloud and other popular sites’ music but not Youtube.

Jockie Music is only missing a results feature like the one in FredBoat, that would show you the top results for a query and let you choose the one you wanted to play.

Instead, when you search for something it will automatically play a song, whether it’s the one you want or not.

11. Lofi Radio Bot


  • Extremely popular and used in a lot of servers already
  • Stays in the voice channel 24/7 until you tell it to leave
  • High quality audio
  • 99.99% uptime


  • Little control over what is played
  • Only for Lofi
  • Not many commands


If you were looking for a music bot so you can play Lofi on your server, then look no further because that is exactly what Lofi Radio is for.

This is the single best bot for playing Lofi music, and if you join different servers, you’ll probably see it around.

Many servers create a Lofi voice channel, where all users are muted and the Lofi Radio bot just plays its music 24/7.

Overall, this bot doesn’t have a ton of features or anything fancy, but it does do its one single job perfectly. It plays Lofi music 24/7 and it does so at no cost to you, which is pretty much unheard of.

If your server doesn’t have a Lofi channel for users to hang out in, then I highly recommend adding one in with Lofi Radio – your members will thank you.

12. Green-bot


  • Generous free features
  • Clear, clean sound
  • Customizable
  • Support Discord available
  • Intuitive commands
  • Playlists are free (up to 5)
  • React controls on song
  • Liked songs


  • Lags often, lowering quality of music
  • Autopay behind a paywall ($2.50 / month)
  • Outdated user-interface (no argument parameters)


If Green-bot didn’t have an issue with lag, it could easily crack the top 5 on this list. But when listening to music and getting into a particular vibe, nothing kills a vibe faster than tiny little interruptions, slow downs, fast forwards, etc. due to lag.

When Green-bot is working, it is almost perfect. The music sounds good, it has the react commands that I love, and it has completely free playlists that you don’t even need to vote to unlock.

However, Green-bot has consistent lag issues. While it doesn’t ever fully go out or skip by more than a split second, these split second skips are pretty annoying to say the least.

Overall, I still recommend adding Green-bot to your server and trying it out. The 5 free playlists are a huge selling point and you won’t find that on many other music bot.

Create your playlist and try it out, if it lags then use a different bot (Groot, for example) until Green-bot decides to get itself into shape.

13. Pancake Bot


  • General purpose bot with many other features available including moderation, leveling, games, etc.


  • No react commands for songs
  • Very basic
  • Lower music quality than dedicated music bots like FredBoat and Soul Music
  • Quality of life features missing that are available in most other music bots. i.e. – lyrics command doesn’t auto-detect playing song
  • No playlist features


The major advantage of inviting Pancake to your server over most of the other bots on this list, is that Pancake is a general purpose bot that will handle a lot of your server’s needs.

If you already have a moderation bot in your server, then you’ll probably want to find a music-specific bot like Groot or even Green-bot.

If you still need some moderation, though, or want many of the fun features offered by Pancake (leveling, currency, etc.), then you might as well grab Pancake instead!

Pancake’s music quality just doesn’t compare to the quality of bots like Groot and FredBoat; however, Pancake never cuts out / lags like Green-bot does, so it’s still a decent option for music.

Basically, Pancake will get the job done and is a bit more wallet-friendly than a similar option like ProBot.

14. Earth Bot


  • Easy-to-use commands with parameter checks
  • Reaction controls for songs
  • Features are locked behind vote wall instead of paywall
  • Can queue up songs and shuffle queue


  • No playlist features
  • Old bot so a little outdated and may not be updated as much
  • Looping is blocked behind vote
  • Not many features beyond basic music features
  • Music quality leaves something to be desired


I would compare the Earth Discord music bot to the Jockie Music Bot or Pancake Bot (music features only) on this list. It is very minimal and doesn’t offer a lot of quality of life features.

Earth Bot does have reaction controls, which I love, but it doesn’t have much going for it beyond that. This isn’t always a bad thing, of course.

But if you want a simple bot that will queue up and play music, then Earth Bot works. I created a pretty large queue, let it play on shuffle, and didn’t run into any issues.

Earth Bot’s audio quality isn’t as good as FredBoat’s but it’s not terrible and doesn’t lag like Green-bot’s does.

On the other hand, Earth Bot doesn’t have nearly as many features as Green-bot. In the end, Earth Bot is just a simple music player that gets the job done without much pizazz, which is something I can definitely appreciate.

15. Maki Bot


  • Detailed Dashboard with a ton of options far beyond just music
  • Great general purpose and moderation bot – stacks up well against ProBot
  • Surprisingly good music quality


  • Commands beyond playing are not very intuitive
  • No reaction controls for music
  • A bit overkill if you just want a music bot
  • Music options are pretty limited


Maki is a highly underrated general purpose / mod bot. If you only wanted to add one bot to your server, then you’ll want a bot like Maki, ProBot, or Dyno.

The last two options are well known and very popular, while Maki is quite slept on in my opinion.

Unfortunately this isn’t a general purpose or moderation bot list, it’s a music bot list. As far as music goes, Maki leaves a lot to be desired which is why it has found itself this far down.

I will say one thing, though, Maki has really good sound quality despite not being a music-only bot, which is very rare.

It sounds much better than ProBot does, but it just doesn’t have nearly as many quality of life features. Maki will let you search for and play songs, but that’s about it.

There aren’t many bonus features like playlists, sound control, etc., and if there are they’re locked behind premium which is very unfortunate.

If you want a general purpose bot that happens to play music, Maki is a solid option. If you just want a music bot with music bot features, then I recommend grabbing Green-bot, Groot, or another option higher on this list.

16. Flantic Bot


  • Since music features are premium-only, the bot is guaranteed to stay up and running
  • 24/7 play, volume control, and other handy features
  • General purpose bot with lots of tools for moderation, logging, activities, giveaways, etc.


  • All music features are locked behind premium
  • Music player is not very robust or feature-rich (no playlists, autoplay, etc.)


Flantic Bot is another all-purpose bot similar to ProBot or Maki. The main difference between those two and Flantic is that Flantic locks all of its music features behind a paywall.

It does have a fairly good reason for doing so though, since many music bots were completely nuked from existence by Youtube.

By keeping its music feature premium, Flantic can ensure that if it were to get taken down, the developers could immediately put up a new premium bot for its users.

If they left the music option on the free version and the free version got taken down, there’s not much Flantic could do about it and they’d probably have to close up shop.

Overall, Flantic compares well to Maki and ProBot as far as being an all-purpose bot goes. Its music player is good but not very feature-rich, especially for a premium bot.

You can’t even make playlists like you can in Green-bot, which is completely free. Still, though, if you need a one-stop-shop bot, you can’t go wrong with the Flantic Bot.

17. Namiko Bot


  • Since music player is only available to premium members, it is less likely to be taken down
  • Music player can play Youtube music, which is very rare
  • High quality music sounds great
  • Many features beyond just music like roulette and currency
  • Music feature is actually customizable and has many quality of life commands despite not being the bot’s main purpose


  • Music is locked behind premium paywall ($5 / month)
  • Bot is based on Waifus, which is not for everyone


Since Namiko is not all about music, let me explain its main purpose first. Namiko is pretty much a Pokémon meets Waifus meets Facebook bot.

When you add Namiko to your server, your members will have access to profiles and also have the ability to obtain their favorite anime characters.

It’s basically a gacha / roulette system. The bot is strictly for entertainment, not moderation or anything like that, so don’t expect many other features beyond roulette and waifu swapping.

Namiko’s music player is actually surprisingly good considering what the bot is all about. It has more features than Flantic, even though both bots are locked behind a paywall.

Namiko has playlists, custom music roles, and a few more great quality of life features.

Overall, if you like waifus and think your server would enjoy a waifu roulette, then Namiko is worth the $5 / month price tag for a music player and waifu bot.

Otherwise, go with something a bit higher up – ProBot if you want a general purpose bot, or Groot if you want a music-centric bot.

18. Kashima Bot


  • Reaction commands for pausing / playing / repeating songs
  • Repeat is available out of the box, no voting or premium necessary
  • Good music quality
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Multipurpose bot with a ton of fun features


  • Time limit between bot commands unless you vote on the bot
  • Not for non-anime fans
  • Songs lag on occasion
  • Playlists behind premium paywall ($5 / month)


Kashima is a “general purpose” bot, but it’s not like ProBot that has a ton of moderation features mixed with music features and fun features.

Kashima is mostly a fun bot and its extra features include things like generating bonk images for your server when someone acts up.

Kashima actually has a surprisingly good music player. Usually Discord bots that tag music on at the end also hide their music features behind paywalls, if they even include them.

Kashima is very different. You can set songs to repeat without paying a cent, which is a first for this list.

The playlist features are behind a paywall, unfortunately, but other than that Kashima’s music player is completely free to use.

Overall, if you’re an anime fan or your server is full of anime (or manga) fans, then Kashima will make an excellent addition.

Kashima plays high quality music, and has more free features than most of the competition. If the anime theme isn’t a selling point, and you just want a music bot for free, then check out Green-bot

19. Musical Tune Bot


  • Great music quality
  • Very easy to use and intuitive commands
  • Very simple


  • Limited react controls (play, skip, rewind)
  • 24/7, filters, and expanded queue locked behind paywall
  • No playlist feature
  • Expensive premium plan (~$6 / month)


Musical Tune is just a very simple, easy to use, music playing bot for Discord. I actually really love the simplicity of Musical Tune.

The only reason it is this far down on my list is because its premium plan is expensive and really doesn’t offer that many features.

If you want to pay for a music bot, there are just better options at this price point. Even Green-bot has more options and it’s completely free.

Using Musical Tune is very simple and you’ll feel right at home if you’ve ever used a music bot before. Simply type in “/play” followed by whatever song you want and Musical Tune will look it up and play it.

You can react to its message to pause and play the song at will. These features all work perfectly, which is why I included Musical Tune on this list in the first place.

It really is a great music playing bot if you don’t want any bells and whistles. Musical Tunes is a nice bot if you just want to play music.

You won’t be able to create playlists, loop, or do anything like that, but the music you play will sound fantastic.

If you want more features, then I recommend checking out Groot, FredBoat, or any other bot listed above.

20. Reverb Bot


  • High quality sound
  • Easy to use bot commands with parameters
  • Extra features like bass boost, 24/7 mode, etc. are only locked behind vote, not paywall
  • New bot with a lot of potential


  • No reaction controls or any other visual queues for the song that is playing
  • Without voting, only basic music playing features are available
  • No playlists


Finally we’re ending off with Reverb, the new kid on the block. Reverb has a ton of potential. First of all, it sounds amazing which is the first thing I look for in a Discord music bot.

Secondly, it is very easy to use and appears to be quite well-made. I have a lot of faith in the developers.

However, in its current state, Reverb is pretty bland compared to its competitors. It has no react controls like other simple bots do (Musical Tune, for example).

It doesn’t have playlist features like Green-bot, and it doesn’t have much going for it beyond its music quality and consistency.

I haven’t heard Reverb cut out or lag a single time, which is fantastic, but not good enough to warrant choosing it over another, more popular bot like Groot (more features) or Chip Bot (higher quality of life.)

Overall, if you want to try a new, lightweight bot that will play high quality music, Reverb will work.

If you want quality of life features like react play / pause buttons and playlists, you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

I hope my list was able to help you find the right music bot for your Discord server. If you are interested in other Discord bots for your server, check out my list below:

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