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[31] Just Chatting Stream Ideas For Twitch (ULTIMATE List!)

Over the years, the “Just Chatting” category on Twitch has become insanely popular. If you are interested in doing a Just Chatting stream with your viewers, then keep reading to see my list of the best just chatting stream ideas for Twitch.

Just Chatting Stream Ideas For Twitch

1. Stream Outside (IRL Stream)

These broadcasts were originally called IRL streams. Streaming outside takes your audience outside of your home and shows them something you are passionate about. If you are comfortable with it, you can give a tour of your city or hang at a local park.

Some popular outside or IRL streamers are Maya Higa who streams from zoos, and Hitch who hitchhikes. The IRL section is growing rapidly not only on Twitch, but on other streaming platforms as well. For more on IRL streaming, check out my guide here.

2. Do A Podcast

Podcasts are a big thing in the media space, and there are podcasts for every subject. Pick something you are passionate about like a game, a TV series, or a sport and then talk about it for a few hours.

You could change the topic each episode and even invite friends as guests. Many podcasters record live on Twitch and then upload their video to Youtube to help them grow on both platforms.

If you want to know how to connect your Twitch account to Youtube, check out my video below.

3. Do A Gameshow

Please note that this is one of the harder ideas to execute on this list. Most gameshow streamers, such as Ludwig, have a lot of production money backing them.

But you can definitely create something homemade with your family and friends that is still entertaining and that people would want to watch.

In fact, maybe the simplicity of your setup is what attracts people. The most important thing is just being unique and making sure your viewers are having fun.

4. Create A Book Club

These streams are fun and educational at the same time. Younger generations are not reading books as much as they used to and so a book club stream could be a blast from the past. Uh, that was cheesy I’m sorry.

But you could do community polls to decide what to read and how many pages you will read in a day or week.

After you choose the book, you can do streams discussing the book with your audience, dress up as a character from the book, or even do a book report with your stream as if you were in grade school again.

5. Twitch Watch Parties

In 2020, Twitch created the watch party feature where streamers could watch movies or TV on Prime Video. These streams are popular because the audience can watch the show or movie with you and react along side you.

Twitch Watch Parties Category

Although watching movies and shows on Twitch is not allowed, there is an exception for those who have Prime Video.

If you want to know more about how Twitch Watch Parties work, and how to pull one off, then check out my article here.

6. Watch YouTube

This is a very common thing that just chatting streamers do. They will just scroll through Youtube and react to videos that seem interesting.

These videos can be found by the streamer, or suggested by mods and viewers of the stream. It’s very entertaining and one of the most common things that “Just Chatting” streamers do.

However, be careful as to which videos you watch on Youtube. Some Youtube videos are not allowed to be streamed on Twitch and could get you in trouble. For more on that, check out my article here.

I’ve watched several Youtube videos with my stream and it’s always fun. Especially when the videos are trendy or viral because now we are all in the loop together.

7. Rate Social Media Profiles

Just Chatting is about interacting with viewers, so why not get to know them better? Take a look at their Twitters, Instagrams, and other social media profiles and rate them (or roast if needs be).

Now only do this if you have been given permission or else you could look like a real jerk roasting an innocent viewer who is just trying to chill.

Also, it is probably a good idea to have one of your mods or someone you trust in your stream review the profiles beforehand just to make sure there is nothing inappropriate on the profiles.

StreamersPlaybook Twitter Homepage

8. Advice Corner

Do you remember those old newspaper sections where people would write in to get advice on their lives? While it may not have been a great idea, it was always entertaining to read.

You can create a modern rendition where viewers send you DMs to read on stream, give them some advice, and laugh with the audience.

9. Art Review

Is there anyone in your chat that does arts and crafts? I’ll bet there is. It’s nice to allow viewers to send you artwork for you to look at and review on stream. 

The artwork can be anything from digital art, drawings, music, and more. And if you have any expertise in art, you can even give praise or criticism (just try not to be too harsh).

But if you are going to have people send you things then it might be best to get a P.O. box first. You probably don’t want people having your address. Just a thought.

10. Paint Something

It is entertaining to watch people try to learn new skills, especially hard ones like painting or drawing. Why not spice up your streams by learning to paint live on stream.

And if you start to get good, try the Bob Ross challenge. Listen to him describe his painting without looking and try to paint the picture yourself. That would be awesome to do on stream. And pretty funny too.

11. Story Time

This can be entertaining if you have some interesting stories from your past. Generally, streamers will share a story with a group of their real-life friends.

Viewers love to learn more about the lives of the streamers they watch, so indulge your viewers with attention-grabbing stories.

And side note, one of the best at telling stories on stream is Nickmercs. So if you ever want to know how to tell a good story on stream, check out his stream sometime.

12. Jenga Night

If you have a significant other, or some friends that could be on the stream with you, then this is an awesome activity to do on stream.

Jenga is popular and very tense so you can even have your viewers bet using some of their channel points.

If you stream solo, you can play with viewers by letting them decide which block you have to pull next. You can get the classic game for a great price here on Amazon.

13. Do A Food Review

There are two options when doing a food review on stream: You can go out to eat and review the meal afterward, or you can list your recent meals and rank them.

You don’t need to be eating from a fancy restaurant or making elaborate meals yourself in order to do this. 

A simple review of your PB&J or cereal works just fine and would be hilarious. I have never done an official food review, but I do talk a lot about food on my streams.

14. Tier List Stream

Making tier lists can be extremely controversial and divisive, even for simple things like fruits or vegetables. That is what makes tier list streams premium content.

You can make a tier list for just about anything, including TV shows you watch, games you play, your favorite viewers, famous people, and more. You can find a bunch of pre-made tier lists at

Here is someone who made a tier list of the best breakfast. Anyone else hungry now?

15. Drinking Stream

Most people enjoy drinking, but not alone. If you are confident that you can hold your liquor, why not drink with your audience? You can play drinking games, watch something together, or just chat.

You must be careful about the legal drinking age in your country and make sure your broadcast is age-restricted. For more about drinking streams on Twitch check out my article here.

And if you want to know how to mark your stream as “mature”, check out my video below.

16. Cooking Stream

The great thing about cooking streams is that they work well when you are a good cook, but they also work if you don’t know the first thing about cooking.

This is always a win-win for your viewers. You get the satisfaction of cooking for others and then get to eat a yummy meal yourself if you are a good chef. I see no losers with this one.

17. Open Fan Mail

Most young people never send physical mail, but for some reason, they love to send fan mail to streamers and content creators.

It’s entertaining to open mail on stream and read some of the messages sent to you by your fans. However, like I said earlier, if you decide to let others send you things, it’s a good idea to get a P.O. box.

18. Q&A

Q&As are a great way to let people learn more about you, which helps create a deeper connection within your community.

People like to know about your past, how you started streaming, your ambitions, etc. You can also make channel point rewards that viewers can redeem to prevent you from dodging their questions.

But as always, only answer what you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel like you HAVE to answer a question, even if the viewer is pressuring you to do so.

19. Kickstarter/GoFundMe Review

While these platforms do help a lot of people in dire situations, there are many absurd projects listed that you wouldn’t believe exist.

You can let your chat send links to some of their favorite crazy fundraisers and share some laughs. You could also take a look at the more serious projects and discuss them with your stream.

20. Puzzle Night

Puzzles have been making a comeback during the pandemic as more people are starting to look for things to pass the time at home.

All you have to do is buy a cool-looking puzzle, get your camera angle perfect, and start streaming. And if you aren’t good at puzzles, you can turn it into an unending and silly stream.

Here is a list of some intense puzzles on Amazon that I am sure would challenge even the most seasoned puzzle person. Puzzle person? Yeah I just made that up.

And if you want to set up multiple cameras on your stream, one for you and one for your puzzle, then check out this article or watch my video below.

21. Browser-Based Games

While Twitch doesn’t allow video games in the Just Chatting category, they don’t have a rule against simpler browser-based games like skribbl or slither.

The best part about these games is that most of your viewers can join and play at the same time as you since many of the games are free and have a multiplayer mode.

I have tried a few of these free multi-player games on my stream like Skribbl and they were great for chat engagement. They were also really fun to play.

22. Spicy Food Challenges

Ever since the Hot Ones show got popular, spicy food challenges have started to become more and more popular. Did you know that you can even buy a Hot Ones Truth Or Dare here on Amazon?

Or you could do the famous One Chip Challenge (click to view on Amazon). There are so many options for spicy food and your chat will love it. Whatever you choose, you can use these challenges as a way for your viewers to use their channel points.

23. Hot Tub Stream

While you may be a little late to the trend, hot tub streams still get a lot of views and they can be entertaining.

It could be you and a blow up pool in your room or you and some friends chillin in the pool in your backyard. Maybe even mix in a BBQ and now we are talking about a good time.

24. Cosplay

Cosplaying, or dressing up in costume, is a great way to change things up for your stream. You can choose how much you are willing to commit to playing the part and what character you will dress up as.

Some ideas for cosplaying are popular anime characters, other popular streamers, fictional characters, or better yet a character that you make up. Nobody does the cosplay better than DrDisRespect.

25. Charades

You can do a charades night playing with friends on stream, or playing directly with the viewers. Playing with the viewers can be a lot of fun, especially if you don’t have too many people in the chat.

You can get a charade game like this one for cheap on Amazon, or use an online version of charades like this one on

26. Rate Streamer Setups

Tell your viewers to send in photos of their streaming setups to be rated on your stream. Many big streamers do this to spend time between games, and you wouldn’t believe some of the setups people have.

This usually works better if you have an active community or a community that is into streaming. If you have a smaller community, or if not a lot of people in your community stream, then you may want to skip this one.

27. House Tour

There is no doubt that house tours are popular and it can be a neat experience to pull back the curtain and show your viewers exactly what your living place looks like.

And the cool thing is whether you live in a mansion, or in a small studio apartment, viewers will enjoy the behind the scenes look of your living space.

Just make sure to clean up a bit before the tour so you don’t get roasted by your chat.

28. Get A Haircut

Most people learned during the pandemic that being able to cut your hair is an invaluable skill, but also a difficult one to learn. However, it is never too late to start. You can even get some style tips from your viewers.

And if you do decide to cut your own hair live on stream, just make sure you can fix whatever damage you do. It would be a shame to mess up your luscious locks.

29. Finish A Lego Set

Remember doing Legos as a kid? Well it turns out that Legos are quite popular amongst adults as well. Building with Legos on stream is cool and would be fun for your stream to watch you do.

If you are a skilled Lego builder you can take suggestions from chat and try to build something, or you can go with a Lego set that comes with a guide for you to follow.

You can get a Lego set for a great price here on Amazon. With so many options you are certain to find something that fits well with you and your community.

30. Do Internet Quizzes

Sure, people make fun of Buzzfeed all the time, but that doesn’t mean doing some silly quizzes aren’t fun when you take them with other people around.

Choose a quiz with your chat and maybe you can find out which character you are from The Office, or which sandwich fits your personality. These quizzes seem silly, but they will definitely get a laugh from some of your viewers.

31. Just Talk To Your Stream

This one seems obvious right? But the whole point of doing a Just Chatting stream on Twitch is to just chat. Streamers do this all the time either before they start gaming or when they are done gaming.

Just chilling, reading chat, and responding to chat is a great way to connect with your viewers and to help build your community. Above all else, this is what is most important in a Just Chatting stream.

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