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[5] Best D&D Discord Bots

Every dungeon master knows how useful bots and tools can be for running an organized and successful campaign. D20 is great, but if you want to keep everything on one platform (Discord), then you’ll need these D&D Discord Bots!

Best D&D Discord Bots

  1. Avrae
  2. D&D Bot
  3. Sesh
  4. Dice Roller
  5. Tupperbox

Keep reading to see why each D&D Discord bots ranks where it does.

1. Avrae


  • Advantage, Disadvantage, Crit, etc. built into dice rolls
  • Can read character sheets from external services (D&D Beyond, Dicecloud, Google Sheet)
  • Initiative Tracking
  • Lots of DM commands
  • Completely Free
  • Complete Database of 5e Items, Spells, Feats, Class Abilities, Monsters, etc.


  • Only for D&D 5e
  • More useful for experienced Dungeon Masters and players

Avrae is the best Dungeons and Dragons Discord Bot, hands down. It’s the best because it has literally everything you could want, whether you’re a DM or a player.

Some extremely handy tools for Dungeon Masters are:

  • Random character generator (and random name generator)
  • Lots of really advanced Dice Rolls that take care of the math for you
  • Spell slot management and spells

Avrae, in general, just helps ensure you don’t have to use the Dungeon Master’s handbook everytime a little niche rule pops up. You can simply use a roll command for whatever a PC or NPC does.

If you’re not familiar with D&D 5e’s rules, then a lot of what Avrae does may go over your head, but it’s still a really useful tool for learning D&D 5e and will make your life as a Dungeon Master and player much easier.

The best part is that Avrae is completely free, so you can use all of its features without paying a dime. This isn’t just the best Discord bot for D&D, but it may be one of the best free tools ever.

2. D&D Bot


  • Really easy to use for character creation
  • In-depth character creation complete for D&D 5e
  • Completely free


  • Dice rolling is fairly simple
  • No online manual or anything for finding commands and how-to-use
  • Not as in-depth as Avrae

While Avrae could probably be used by experienced players completely by itself, D&D bot will require you to use the bot and some flash cards or something to keep track of your spells and what they do.

While D&D bot is a lot more simple than Avrae, it still has a really great character creator that is extremely easy to use.

I’d actually recommend D&D bot for newer players because it will help you get the ball running, while you can learn the actual rules of the game by using the Dungeon Master’s Handbook or some other resource. Sometimes keeping things simple is better.

D&D bot lets you create a character by using simple slash commands. I went through the character creation process and it is extremely easy.

You’ll need to have the Player’s handbook pulled up to decide which race, class, etc. you want to choose, but D&D bot will handle the actual creation for you.

Just like Avrae, D&D Bot is 100% free, so you won’t have to pay a dime to add a really useful D&D tool to your sessions.

3. Sesh


  • Best calendar / event bot on Discord
  • Events and embeds are extremely customizable visually and functionally
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Links to Google Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Online Dashboard


  • No D&D specific features
  • Lot of customizable features locked behind paywall ($5 / month)

Sesh is a great calendar / event bot that you can use to plan out your Dungeons and Dragons sessions. If you’ve played D&D for a while, then I probably don’t have to explain to you how hard it can be to get everyone together consistently.

I’ve never finished a campaign even though I’ve been playing D&D for 5 or 6 years at this point. The good news is that I’m closer than ever now thanks to Sesh. With Sesh, I can set up a recurring event (we chose every two weeks, but every group will be different).

The event will pop up and my group can all react to it to let us know if they’ll be there or not so that the DM can plan accordingly with their story and write off anyone they need to.

There are a ton of event Discord bots that can be used for Dungeons and Dragons, but Sesh is my favorite by far because it’s super easy to use (even has a Dashboard) and it always works.

While it’s technically not a Dungeons and Dragons bot, event / calendar bots are essential for running a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign on Discord.

4. Dice Roller


  • Advanced roll commands can handle any dice roll you need
  • Light-weight – built for rolling dice and does so perfectly
  • Free with no premium features


  • Commands are a bit complicated to use (slash commands aren’t intuitive)

Dice Roller is a D&D Discord Bot that does exactly what the name implies – it rolls dice. Since this bot is all about dice rolling, there’s no surprise that it has a little more in-depth rolling mechanics than D&D bot and Avrae.

The downside when comparing this bot to Avrae is that Avrae’s dice rolls are specifically for D&D 5e, so you won’t have to figure out which dice you need to roll or what modifiers to add.

Dice Roller doesn’t do any of those calculations for you, which means it’s a bit harder to use. However, some people may not want their bot to make those decisions for them, especially when they’re using Homebrew mechanics in their game.

Overall, if you’re playing D&D 5e and want a simple way to make dice rolls, Avrae will have everything you need.

If you’re not playing D&D 5e and / or just want an in-depth dice roller, then Dice Roller is the perfect Dungeons and Dragons bot for you.

5. Tupperbox


  • Users can have multiple characters a piece and switch between them
  • Extremely useful tool for DMs that need to play as multiple NPCs
  • Easy to use
  • Web dashboard
  • Affordable premium ($5 / month)


  • Only very useful if your D&D campaign is text-based

Tupperbox is a character proxy bot that you can use in your Dungeons and Dragons sessions to play as other characters.

Basically Tupperbox lets you and the other members of your server send messages to a channel with proxy characters. So you can all create your D&D characters and send your messages as them.

Of course, if you’re playing on voice chat, it won’t be super helpful but you can do what my group does and send key sentences / notes as important NPCs.

This way players can look back at dialogue and easily see who said it, even though we’re mostly playing over voice!

If you do decide to pay the $5 / month for premium, there are many useful aesthetic features as well as the ability to roll dice in character!

So, while premium isn’t necessary, it’s super handy and helps keep immersion high during your sessions.

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