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[5] Best Discord Translation Bots 2023 (ULTIMATE List!)

Large, diverse Discord servers usually have tons of different people from around the world speaking a plethora of different languages. In such servers, it is important to have a translation bot so members can more easily communicate. For this reason I made a list of the best Discord translation bots today.

Best Discord Translation Bots

  1. RitaBot
  2. Discord Translator
  3. JakeBot
  4. iTranslator
  5. Toffy Translator

Keep reading for more information about each of these bots and to see which bot would be a good fit for your server.

1. RitaBot


  • 100+ languages available
  • Open Source
  • Free version available
  • Self hosted
  • Great developers


  • Open source support has been stopped
  • Subscription is handled through Discord server


RitaBot is great because it is open source and has been around for a long time. It is one of the translation solutions for Discord and if you’ve been to many servers with the need for a translation bot, then you’ve probably already seen Rita around.

One reason I love Rita so much is that the developers are passionate about the project and even offer the open source version for free.

Although nowadays, support for the open source version is dwindling and Rita is moving to a subscription model, you can still check out the repo and host Rita yourself if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re not sure how to host bots yourself or just aren’t interested in learning, then I highly recommend the paid version of Rita if you need translations in your server.

If you don’t want to pay, though, don’t worry I’ll go over some free bots further down on the list for you to check out and add to your server.

2. Discord Translator


  • Premium service ($10) based on characters not monthly)
  • One of the best translators on Discord
  • Well designed
  • Developers are great
  • Easy to use


  • Free version doesn’t offer a lot and will run out fast
  • Not open source


Discord Translator is just as good, if not better than RitaBot, the only reason I decided to put RitaBot above this one is because RitaBot can be completely free if you’re willing to host it yourself.

Discord Translator has always been a paid bot, which is actually not such a bad thing because translation requires a lot of work.

By charging for the bot, the dev team can ensure that the translations are accurate and complete, which they have done a good job of doing.

One thing I really enjoy about Discord Translator is if you get the paid version you are charged $10 as a one-time fee. This $10 will get you about 200,000 translated characters.

You won’t have to pay another $10 until you run out of characters, so you’re only really paying for what you use.

If you plan to pay for your translation bot on Discord, then I highly recommend Discord Translator. If you want a free solution and are willing to tinker with it, then RitaBot is the best option.

3. JakeBot


  • Best word clouds on Discord
  • Very easy to use
  • Lots of features beyond just translation
  • Free version is generous
  • Cheap premium ($2.50 / month)


  • If you don’t need the features then there are better options
  • Translation not as good as other bots


I have a pretty strong bias toward JakeBot because, well, it’s JAKE bot! With that being said, if you’re just looking to add some casual transcriptions to your server, JakeBot is perfect.

Unlike Discord Translator, JakeBot gives you a monthly limit in the free and premium subscriptions. So if you reach your limit one month with JakeBot, you’ll just have to wait for the next month to get some more characters.

This is great if you want to use the free version, because theoretically you’ll never have to pay. I find that the translations are a bit better on Discord Translator, but JakeBot isn’t bad by any means.

JakeBot also has a ton of fun features like word clouds and roleplay accounts that let you type as different characters.

If you run a serious server that needs more serious translations, you may be better off with RitaBot or Discord Translator. If your server is more fun though, or you want a free bot – JakeBot is going to be the best option.

4. iTranslator


  • Completely free
  • Lots of features and good translations even though it is free
  • Uses Ai in premium version for accurate translations
  • Experienced dev team
  • Custom commands


  • Documentation not completely finished
  • Only way to get support is through the Discord server


iTranslator is one of the best free bots on Discord. If you’re looking for a free bot with infinite translations – then iTranslator is the bot for you.

JakeBot is another bot that gives a lot of translations for free, however you can translate far more text with iTranslate.

So, if you think you won’t go over Jake’s free character limit, I recommend Jake. If your server needs a lot more text translated per month, you’ll want to go with iTranslator.

As far as iTranslator’s features go, it is 100% a translation bot so it’s not going to do much more than that. However, it does translate extremely well and its premium version even uses Ai to translate which means more accurate results.

Whether you choose iTranslate or something like RitaBot or Discord Translator comes down to your personal preferences and what kind of premium you want to pay for, but all three bots do a pretty good job.

5. Toffy Translator


  • Very easy to use (just react to messages to translate)
  • Doesn’t spam at all
  • Completely free


  • Since it is free – not as many languages are translated as well


Toffy Translator is a great, free bot for translating text on Discord. The bot is extremely easy to use and doesn’t spam at all, which makes it an excellent choice for servers that just need a quick, easy solution to their translation needs.

If you want a little more fun and some pizazz with your bot, then I recommend going with JakeBot. If you don’t want any flair, and don’t mind translations being just a little messy (but still giving the general gist), then Toffy Translator is the way to go.

You can’t beat free, after all, and for a free bot, Toffy Translator really does an excellent job. I haven’t seen any translations from it that made 0 sense, so that’s a really good sign.

Toffy Translator doesn’t support as many languages as some of the paid bots, but it actually has a pretty decent list and will support a ton of common languages, so you might as well check it out and see whether or not it will work for your server!

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