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[5] Best Pokémon Discord Bots (MUST Have Bots!)

Pokémon Bots are a great way to add easy entertainment to your servers. Most allow members to trade, battle, and collect Pokémon to their hearts’ content. So, which Pokémon Bots are the best for your server?

Best Pokémon Discord Bots

  1. Myuu
  2. PokéMeow
  3. Pokétwo
  4. Poké Catcher
  5. Pokédi

Keep reading for more details about each bot, as well as to see why each bot ranks where it does on this list.

1. Myuu


  • Very well made
  • Has a comprehensive tutorial with visual (reaction) options to guide you through
  • Full battle features using images and reaction controls
  • Amazing visuals for a Discord bot
  • Global accounts
  • Tons of depth (EV Training, Gym leaders, etc.)
  • Best and most interactive Pokémon game on Discord


  • None


I’m genuinely blown away by the Myuu bot. The developers that created this bot are so creative and the way they were able to create a game that truly feels like Pokémon with nothing but image manipulation and reactions is a masterclass in how to make something awesome with limited resources.

While there’s no way to make a full-fledged Pokémon game in Discord, Myuu came really close. Myuu shows you real images of your Pokémon in battle by manipulating a background image to show your Pokémon’s sprite and the opponent / wild Pokémon on the other end.

Under the image are reactions that you can click on to decide what you want to do next, whether it be attack, check your bag, or run away.

After choosing an option, Myuu will send an updated image and a log of what happened. As I mentioned, Myuu is the closest you can possibly come to playing Pokémon in a Discord server, and I haven’t found a problem with it yet.

It’s free to play, and full of awesome features like EV training, trainer battles, and even gym battles. This is the best Pokémon bot available today by far.

2. PokéMeow


  • Pokémon have sprites attached to them that show whether they’re shiny, gold, or regular
  • Special events on occasion
  • Battling, training, and catching Pokémon
  • One of the best looking Pokémon apps available


  • Little difficult to set up due to all of the features
  • Game is very close to being pay-to-win with how much premium helps
  • Missing some quality of life features that make the bot feel a tad clunky sometimes


PokéMeow is one of the most popular Pokémon bots and for good reason. It’s packed to the Magikarp gills with features.

Of course you can catch Pokémon and level them up, but you can also battle and trade with other trainers, hatch eggs, earn coins, and shop.

There are different types of PokéBalls available that you can buy and use, etc. All of these features give PokéMeow depth that no other Pokémon bot does.

Another key selling point for PokéMeow is its shiny and legendary Pokémon. Most Pokémon bots do not add shinies, so when one does it’s great.

There’s just something so exciting about finding and catching a shiny, even when it’s in a Discord server. Overall, PokeMeow has the most features of any bot.

The only issue I have with it is how limiting it feels sometimes when you’re playing for free. It’s understandable that the devs need to make their money, but I wish they were a little more generous.

3. Pokétwo


  • Can make Pokémon spawn in one channel
  • Free to play and open source
  • Evolution
  • Trading and battling


  • Very basic compared to other options like Myuu


All in all, Pokétwo really is a good option for any server that wants to add basic Pokémon features. Myuu is a lot prettier and has a lot more going on, but not every server truly wants it all going on.

Sometimes it is better just to have Pokémon spawn and let your members fight over who gets to catch them.

Pokétwo is pretty much the baseline Pokémon Discord bot. It has all of the features you need – catching, trading, evolution, and battling.

Myuu adds on images and react-controls, which are nice but take up a lot of space and make the bot rather “heavy”. PokéMeow adds shinies and goldens but also locks a lot of stuff behind a paywall.

Pokétwo just has nice, simple Pokémon catching and it’s a great way to increase activity in your server and add some classic Pokémon fun.

4. Poké Catcher


  • Looks nice and is easy to use once you know the commands
  • Simple, yet fun
  • Very cool Pokédex command for seeing your collection
  • Members can play on their own time instead of randomly spawning Pokémon


  • Can only encounter 10 Pokémon an hour
  • Mechanics are all quite simple
  • Bot commands aren’t all intuitive and will require help
  • No logic to Pokémon encounters, automatically catch them as long as you have a ball


Poké Catcher is actually one of my favorite Pokemon bots and I’d say most people will probably want to use this or Myuu, depending on their server’s needs.

Poke Catcher is unique because it doesn’t have randomly spawning Pokémon. Instead, users will use the Pokéstop command to receive a random amount of PokéBalls.

Afterwards they can use the Pokémon command whenever they want to encounter wild Pokémon and catch them.

Players can only encounter and catch 10 wild Pokémon an hour, so there is actually a sense of accomplishment once you’ve grown your Pokédex.

There are no catch mechanics or logic. Just lob a PokéBall and you’ll catch the Pokémon. I’m fine with this though, because Poké Catcher set out to be non-intrusive.

It can be compared to Pokétwo, except it’s even more simple. Poké Catcher also incorporates Pokémon battles, although they’re far from its main feature.

Overall, Poke Catcher is the most idle-centric Pokémon Discord bot on this list. It’s a non-intrusive solution to your Pokémon needs.

If you think your server needs more interactivity, then I recommend Myuu or PokéMeow. If you like the idea of mostly just catching Pokémon, then choose Pokétwo or Poké Catcher.

5. Pokédi


  • Pokémon from all generations available
  • Charming art and images
  • Passionate developers
  • Simple and fun to use
  • All-around charming and cute bot (dare I say cutie patootie?)


  • Poor tutorial doesn’t teach you much
  • Requires server activity since Pokémon spawn randomly
  • No battling (even though it is advertised on the site)


Pokédi is another great Pokémon Discord bot that focuses 100% on catching Pokémon. I’d compare Pokédi to Pokétwo when it comes to “gameplay”.

Basically, as people in your server talk, random Pokémon will spawn. Your server members will have to guess the Pokémon’s name in order to throw a Pokéball at it and catch it.

Catching the Pokémon is guaranteed, and there is no item management, so Pokédi is more simple than even the other simple bots on this list.

Still, though, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity when done right and Pokédi does it right. It’s still a lot of fun catching Pokemon and watching your collection grow.

The art is nice, and you can tell the developers put a lot of effort into making this 100% free Pokémon Discord bot. 

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