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54 Common Questions About Streamers Answered

When it comes to streaming there are tons of commonly asked questions that it seems nobody can answer. With this in mind I created a list of 54 common questions people have about streamers and answered each one.

Why Do Streamers Have Alt Accounts?

Streamers have alt accounts for two main reasons: to test new things on a stream without going live and second, to watch and chat in other streams without other users recognizing them.

For streamers that are trying something new on their stream it is a good idea to first test the change without anybody watching.

This allows the streamer to get any bugs worked out before they go live with viewers watching their stream.

A streamer who spends some or most of a stream fixing errors and bugs will definitely chase away a lot of viewers.

Why Do Streamers Have Timers On Their Streams?

Some streamers have timers on their streams to encourage viewers to contribute to the channel before the timer runs out. Also, Twitch has something called a “Hype Train” which activates a countdown and viewers can gain special rewards for supporting the channel before the time runs out.

Stream Timer

Why Do Streamers Have Countdowns On Their Streams?

Streamers have countdowns on their streams to allow their viewers to know how long they will have to wait before they go live or how long before they return from their break. This allows viewers to enter the stream and start chatting before the streamer is present.

My Pause Screen

These countdowns are more common in streams with lots of viewers. Rather than starting the stream with 0 viewers, these larger streamers like to let their chat begin getting hyped before they enter the stream.

Why Do Streamers Have Offline Scenes?

Streamers use offline screens to to let their viewers know they are not live. These offline scenes will often include links to the streamer’s social media accounts so that way users know where they can find content from the streamer while they are offline.

Why Do Streamers Have Starting Soon Scenes?

Streamers use starting soon scenes to allow viewers to enter into their stream before they go live so that once the streamer appears on stream they have viewers and chatters to interact with.

My Starting Soon Screen

Why Do Streamers Have Ending Soon Scenes?

Streamers use ending soon scenes to allow their viewers to continue hanging and chatting on their stream while they wrap up their stream. Having users hanging out and chatting, even while the streamer is not on stream, is a great way to build comradery within a streaming community.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-12.png
My Ending Screen

Why Do Streamers Get Easy/Bot Lobbies?

Although it may seem like streamers get easier lobbies, this is simply not the case. Streamers get the same types of lobbies as any other gamer, they just tend to be very skilled at the games they play and so it seems like the lobbies they play in are easier.

If you want to know why streamers are so good at the games they play you can check out my article here.

Why Do Streamers Have Headphones?

Streamers wear headphones to hear the games they play and to listen for any alerts that happen on their stream. Many streamers stream and game on the same PC and so they are able to hear all the sounds needed for their game and stream through their headphones.

If you are looking for headphones to use on your stream consider using the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X (click here to see them on Amazon).

These are the headphones I use and I like them because they are very versatile. They are great for streaming, gaming and even listening to music. Regardless of what you are doing on stream, these headphones work great.

Why Do Streamers Have All The Skins Of The Games They Play?

Streamers tend to have most or all of the skins of the games they play because having these skins make their streams more entertaining for their viewers. Many viewers like to see what certain skins look like before purchasing them and streamers give them this preview.

Fortnite Skin

Why Do Streamers Have Agents/Mangers?

As streaming and streamers have grown in popularity, it has become prudent for streamers to hire agents/managers to help them secure brand deals and negotiate on their behalf when discussing contracts. These agents/managers usually have networks and special connections that benefit the streamer.

Rather than streamers having to both stream AND secure business deals, it makes more sense for them to just hire someone who can do the business things for them. This in turn allows them to focus more on streaming.

Why Do Streamers Use Discord?

Streamers use Discord for two main reasons: one, as a place where their community can bond and interact when the streamer is not live and two, they use Discord to communicate with other people they are gaming or chatting with.

Feel free to join my Discord if you are into streaming, gaming or just want to hang out. Here is the link.

Why Do Streamers Have Mods?

Streamers have mods to help them moderate their chat while they are live. As a stream grows it becomes increasingly difficult for a streamer to moderate chat and make sure everyone is following the rules of their stream, as well as the rules of the streaming platform. This is why they get mods to help.

And for the most part mods do not get paid. They do the work of a mod solely to help support the streamer. If you want to know more about why mods are not paid you can see my article here.

Why Do Streamers Have Chat On Screen?

Some streamers choose to display their stream’s chat on the screen to make the stream appear more engaging. When a streamer chooses to display their chat on the stream as an overlay it is often referred to as a “chat overlay” or “text overlay”.

My Chat On Screen

Why Do Streamers Cover Mini Maps?

Many streamers choose to hide their mini maps to prevent viewers who may have queued into the streamer’s game from having an unfair advantage over the streamer while they play. Unfortunately, some viewers will look at a streamer’s mini map while they are live to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Viewers who intentionally queue into a streamer’s game with the intent to sabotage the game are often referred to as “stream snipers” and this practice is illegal on most live streaming platforms.

Why Do Streamers Hide Their Queue?

Streamers will hide their queues to try and prevent viewers from “stream sniping” them or queuing into the same matches that they are in. Viewers who “stream snipe” a streamer typically do so to disrupt or ruin the streamer’s match. Stream sniping is illegal to do on most live streaming platforms.

Why Do Streamers Have Early Access To Games?

Certain game developers will give early access to streamers to play a game so that the streamer can play and stream the game for their viewers. This gives the viewers exposure to the game and may encourage them to purchase the game if they like it. It’s basically a way to advertise the game.

Streamers are occasionally paid for streaming these games too, but not always. Sometimes just having the early access is enough compensation for the streamer.

Why Do Streamers Have Editors?

Many large streamers have editors who edit their streams and other video content. As a streamer grows they have less time to do things they used to, such as video editing, and therefore they hire a video editor who can help alleviate some of their responsibilities.

Twitch also allows you to make people editors on your channel to help with some of the content management.

Twitch Editor

If you want to know how to make someone an editor on Twitch then check out my video below. And don’t forget to sub!

Why Do Streamers Eat On Stream?

Streamers who stream for long periods of time, usually more than 6 hours, will need to eat on stream in order to avoid missing a meal. Even for streams less than 6 hours most streamers will have some kind of snack to avoid being hungry while they stream.

Why Do Streamers Ignore Donations?

A streamer may ignore a donation for two main reasons: one, they do not see the donation and so they don’t read it or two, they have become so big that they can no longer keep up with the amount of incoming donations.

Why Do Streamers Join Orgs?

Streamers mainly join orgs for greater networking opportunities, better brand recognition and more sponsorship opportunities. Also, some orgs will pay streamers to be a part of their org.

Why Do Streamers Have 2 Monitors?

Some streamers choose to use 2 monitors in order to make it easier for them to read chat and see things happening on their stream. For example, one monitor would display the game a streamer is playing and the other monitor would display chat and other stream details.

Why Do Streamers Have 3 Monitors?

Some streamers choose to use 3 monitors in order to make it easier to read chat and see other things happening on their stream. For example, a streamer may use one monitor for their game, one to read chat and the third one to read their Discord.

Why Do Streamers Have 2 Mics?

Streamers will most often use two mics if they are using their console to game and their PC to broadcast the stream. This is because the mic for the console allows them to talk to people in the game and the PC mic allows them to talk to their stream.

Why Do Streamers Have No Recoil?

Streamers do have recoil, just like any other person who plays a shooting game has. It may be difficult to notice this recoil when you are watching and not playing the game, but it is certainly there. Also, streamers are typically skilled at shooter games and so they can better control the recoil.

Why Do Streamers Have 2 PCs?

Some streamers choose to use two PCs when they stream to reduce the load a stream causes on a single PC. What streamers with 2 PCs will do is use one PC to run the game they are playing and then use the other PC to run their stream. This is also referred to as a “dual PC” setup.

Using 2 PCs to stream will typically give you the best quality stream because you can run your game and your stream at high settings since the load will be divided between 2 PCs.

Why Do Streamers Get Swatted?

Instances have occurred where a streamer is live when all of a sudden the swat team or local police show up to the streamer’s house claiming they had reports of a threat. These false reports are often done by viewers seeking attention, but they are totally illegal to do.

In fact, you can get in very big trouble for swatting a streamer. The consequences can include a hefty fine, jail time or both. Don’t do it.

Why Do Streamers Use Earbuds?

Streamers may choose to use earbuds under their headphones when they have audio coming from two different sources. For example, they will connect ear buds to their console controller to hear their gameplay and then put headphones connected to the PC over them to hear stream alerts.

Other streamers also like to listen to music while they game and so they will connect earbuds to their phone to listen to music and then put headphones over them to hear their game and stream.

Why Do Streamers Use Audio Mixers?

Streamers use audio mixers for several reasons such as better control over where audio comes from, better control over the volume outputs on their streams and lastly to alter or change the way their voice sounds when they talk in the mic.

Audio mixers are amazing in what they can do and I think they are a must for any advanced level streamer. I have one myself and I love it. It takes what you can do with your audio to a whole new level.

You can check out the GOXLR here on Amazon. But again, this is more for advanced streamers and I wouldn’t recommend getting an audio mixer if you are just starting out.


Why Do Streamers Use Colorblind Mode?

Some streamers choose to use colorblind mode in the games they play because they feel like it makes certain things in the game easier to see. However, this is a preference thing and a streamer may choose to use colorblind mode in one game and not another.

Why Do Streamers Have Vertical Monitors?

Certain streamers use vertical monitors when they stream so that they can fit more of their stream’s chat on the screen. They may also use a vertical monitor to more easily split their chat between users in their stream and people in their Discord.

If you are looking for a vertical monitor to use while you stream, here is the one I would recommend (click to view it on Amazon).

Why Do Streamers Yell?

Streamers will often yell when they stream in order to better entertain their viewers. Although yelling is also done to express their frustration about a game, some of the over the top yelling is mainly done for entertainment purposes.

If you are looking for ways to be more entertaining while you stream then check out my article here.

Why Do Streamers Stream At Night?

Many streamers choose to stream at night because that is the only time they have available to stream. Most streamers work full-time or go to school during the day and so they can only stream at night or weekends.

If you want to know when the best time to stream on Twitch is then check out my article here.

Why Do Streamers Constantly Switch Weapons?

Some streamers will constantly switch weapons when running around the map. This is done mostly on Battle Royale games and is a way to keep the streamer focused and loose while they are not in battle.

Why Do Streamers Delete VODs?

Some streamers will delete their VODs mainly if they have copyrighted material in the VOD or if something happened on stream that was against Twitch’s terms of services. Deleting these types of VODs will make it less likely for the streamer to get in trouble for their actions on stream.


Why Do Streamers Dye Their Hair?

Some streamers have dyed their hair, either on stream or off stream, to celebrate a certain goal or achievement reached by their stream. Other streamers choose to dye their hair a crazy color as a way to stand out amongst other streamers.

Why Do Streamers Drink G-Fuel?

G-Fuel is a sponsor for many big streamers and gamers. For this reason it is common to see streamers and gamers drinking the energy drink on streams or promoting the energy drink on their social media platforms.

Why Do Streamers Do Charity Streams?

The two most common reasons that streamers do charity streams are: help raise money for a certain charity and because they are being paid by the charity to do the stream. Yes, some streamers do get paid by charities to do a charity stream.

Why Do Streamers Play On Low Settings?

Some streamers lower their settings when they stream, in particular their video settings, in order to make their streams run more smoothly. This is especially common for streamers who are streaming and gaming from the same PC.

Unless you have a really nice PC, streaming and gaming from the same PC on high settings can be too much for one PC to handle.

Why Do Streamers Say “Let’s Go”?

“Let’s Go” is a common phrase used by streamers when something good or exciting happens on stream. This phrase is also frequently used by American athletes most commonly when something good happens.

Why Do Streamers Need A Capture Card?

Streamers who stream on a console, or who use a dual PC setup, will need to use a capture card. What a capture card does is capture the gameplay from one device, such as a console, and then transfers that gameplay to another device in order to be broadcast on stream.

If you yourself are looking for a capture card then I recommend the HD60+ (click here to see it on Amazon).

This is one of the best capture cards out there and it is made by El Gato, one of the most well known brands in the streaming industry. This is the one I use and I highly recommend it.

Why Do Streamers Say “No Shot”?

“No Shot” is a common phrase used by streamers when something unbelievable happens on stream. This phrase was made popular by Faze Swagg, but is now a popular phrase used by streamers everywhere.

Why Do Streamers Open Pokemon Cards?

In recent years pokemon cards have returned in popularity and so streamers have begun to open packs of pokemon cards for their viewers. Viewers who watch streamers open pokemon card packs get the excitement of seeing what cards are in a pack without having to purchase any packs.

Why Do Streamers Use OBS?

Many streamers choose to use OBS over other live streaming software because not only is it one of the best live streaming software out there, it is also free to use. Also, many streamers like the fact that the software is open source and has such a strong community behind it.


Although I have used OBS in the past, I personally prefer to use Streamlabs Prime. In my pinion it is easier to use and they make multi-streaming very easy to do.

You can learn more about Streamlabs Prime and their amazing features here.

Why Do Streamers Repeat Themselves?

Streamers will repeat themselves if they have a very important announcement and want to make sure everyone in their stream is aware of the announcement. With so many people coming in and out of a stream a streamer may have to repeat themselves several times to better spread the announcement.

Why Do Streamers Rage?

Streamers rage for two main reasons: one, they are frustrated with the game they are streaming or two, they are upset, but act more upset and animated than they normally would in order to better entertain their viewers.

Why Do Streamers Use Ring Lights?

Streamers choose to use ring lights over other types of lights because they are cheap, don’t take up much space and provide an excellent source of lighting for the streamer. Streamers who don’t use ring lights often have to use multiple lights in order to have good quality lighting on the stream.

I use a ring light myself and it was simple to set up and gives me great lighting for my stream. And even better, since I use the El Gato Ring Light it connects to my El Gato Stream Deck.

Here is my El Gato Ring Light on Amazon as well as the El Gato Stream Deck. I think both are great upgrades to any stream. I use both and I have not been disappointed.

Why Do Streamers Run Ads?

Streamers who stream on Twitch are forced to run ads. There is no way to disable these ads on Twitch; however, a streamer can control when these ads are played on their stream. Ads are also a source of revenue for streamers on Twitch as well as other live streaming platforms.

Ad Options

Why Do Streamers Say “Chat”?

Streamers will often say “chat” so that viewers know that the streamer is talking to their chat or other viewers of the stream. Saying “chat” also makes it clear to other people the streamer may be playing with exactly who the streamer is talking to.

Why Do Streamers Use A VPN?

Many streamers use a VPN to keep themselves protected from hackers or other people who may attempt to find the streamers location so they can harass the streamer while they are live on stream. A VPN provides excellent protection to anyone who streams.

Why Do Twitch Streamers Have Youtube Channels?

Many Twitch streamers choose to create Youtube channels as a way to diversify their content and to pull people into their Twitch streams from Youtube. Creating content on multiple platforms is often the best way to grow as a Twitch streamer.

My Youtube Channel

Many streaming experts will tell you that creating content on multiple platforms makes you more likely to be discovered as a streamer and that is why so many streamers have Youtube channels.

If you want to know more about the rules regarding Twitch streamers streaming and creating content on Youtube then check out my article here.

Why Do Streamers Stream At 900p?

Some streamers choose to stream at 900p to reduce the load on their computer therefore making it less likely for the stream to lag. Although streaming at a higher resolution may look nice, it can make your stream more likely to lag if you have bad internet or a PC that can’t handle the load.

Why Do Streamers Hide Their Screens?

Some streamers, especially major streamers, will hide their screens in between matches in order to prevent viewers from knowing when they queue into a game. Unfortunately, some viewers (often referred to as stream snipers) will try to queue into the same game as a streamer in order to sabotage their game.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

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