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[7] Best Discord Bots For Businesses (ULTIMATE List!)

Do you run a Discord server that is dedicated to business? Regardless of if your server is dedicated to a single business, or business in general, I have created a list of the best Discord bots for businesses.

Best Discord Bots For Businesses

  1. Statbot
  2. Sesh
  3. Announce
  4. PollBot
  5. ProBot
  6. Giveaway Boat
  7. Ticket Tool

Keep reading to learn more about each of these bots and why they are so good for business.

1. Statbot


  • Most in-depth stat tracker on Discord
  • Lets you display statistics to your community
  • Great visuals
  • Online dashboard
  • Completely free


  • Only really tracks server activity / popularity

Analytics and statistics are more important than ever when it comes to running a business, even a small one, so a bot like Statbot is pretty invaluable for your Discord server.

Statbot is a “simple” bot that tracks statistics like how active your server is, which channels are the most active, whether users are using voice or text chat more, etc.

The reason these stats are important is because they can help you mold your Discord server into the perfect community and even your business for your members.

If you notice that everyone is spending time talking in the “gaming discussion” channel, but no one is spending time in the “art” channel, then you can deduce that you have more gamers than artists in your customer base.

Statbot can also help you track whether your business is gaining popularity or declining / stagnating. Just because your server is growing doesn’t always mean your business is growing.

But if you notice your server is becoming more and more popular, yet you’re not making any sales – then you know you should change up your strategy.

There are many great statistic bots for businesses on Discord, but Statbot is my favorite because of its simplicity and ease of use.

It wont’ give you any crazy in-depth analysis on what words are being said or what kind of discussions are being had, but it will give you a fantastic overview and you won’t need a data analyst to understand it.

2. Sesh


  • Best calendar bot on Discord
  • Very customizable events so they can fit your brand
  • Easy to use commands
  • Can link to Google Calendar
  • Sends reminders to those that RSVP
  • Has an online dashboard
  • Automatic time zones


  • Many example use-cases are “gaming” themed so requires some creativity to use for business
  • Many very useful and important features locked behind a paywall ($5 / month)

Sesh is an absolutely fantastic Discord bot for creating and managing events. Creating events is super easy – Sesh will post a message and your server members can react to the message to RSVP.

You can use this to set up meetings, interviews, events, and anything else you want. The only downside is that a lot of features (only mods can post events, recurring events, etc.) are locked behind a paywall of $5 / month.

For online businesses especially, automatic time zones are very important. Sesh has automatic time zones, so everyone will see events in their local timezone.

It has plenty of other handy quality of life features as well, including a nice looking dashboard that makes managing events super easy.

If you don’t want to pay for premium, then I recommend grabbing Apollo bot instead, since its free features are much better.

If you don’t mind paying though then Sesh is fantastic and the Google Calendar syncing makes it absolutely invaluable for businesses.

3. Announce


  • Very simple and serves its purpose well
  • Lightweight with no extra features to clog the bot down
  • Scheduling
  • Customizable embeds
  • Completely free


  • Other bots may do this and more
  • No online dashboard so commands are the only way to use

Announce is a simple bot that does exactly as its name implies – it makes announcements. So if you need to announce anything in your business’s Discord server; new hours, sales, closings, etc. – Announce bot is one of the best bots for doing so.

The reason that I like Announce bot so much is because it’s just extremely simple and easy to use. Many bots will try to pack in 50 different features that you don’t need and that honestly hardly work.

Announce does one thing and it does it very well. The only added feature is a simple polling system, which can be useful but we’ll be covering PollBot shortly, which would be much better.

Overall, Announce makes this list because it is a free, simple bot for making announcements, which is a feature most businesses are going to need for one reason or another.

The only downside for Announce is that it doesn’t have an online dashboard for tracking and managing announcements, but the bot is so simple that a dashboard would probably be overkill anyways.

4. PollBot


  • Extremely easy to use
  • No added fluff or unnecessary features
  • Creates polls
  • Completely free with no premium features locked behind a paywall


  • Mostly for yes / no polls – more complicated polls are harder to create
  • No in-depth statistics on polls

PollBot is similar to announce because it was made for one purpose that it accomplishes quickly and effectively.

PollBot lets you quickly poll your community to see their opinions on certain subjects. For example, you could create a poll asking “should we sell shirts?” or “is anyone interested in a gaming night?”.

The major downside to PollBot is that the polls only have three options for your server members to vote on – Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, and Shrug.

You can react with your own emojis, though, and let your server members vote on those as well, but it’d be nice if the functionality and custom polling options were built into PollBot out of the box.

Overall, if you just need a simple polling bot for your business server on Discord, then PollBot will be perfect.

It’s extremely easy to use, and has basic polling features. If you need more complex polls, then Sesh actually has a really nice polling feature with more advanced options.

5. ProBot


  • Really good and customizable welcome messages
  • Multipurpose bot with everything from welcoming messages to moderation / spam prevention
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Very popular and well-trusted bot used on many large servers (so will immediately add legitimacy to your business’s Discord server)
  • Online Dashboard


  • No custom commands
  • Not very customizable in general beyond the welcome messages

Every server needs some kind of moderation / general purpose bot that can send welcome messages, set up reaction roles, and do basic auto moderation / spam and raid prevention.

I’m putting ProBot on this list over bots like MEE6, CarlBot, and DynoBot because it has the best uptime and looks the most business-related.

The custom greetings are going to be super important for establishing your brand to customers and employees right off the bat, and ProBot has the best custom greetings of any mod bot.

As far as the moderation tools go, ProBot has everything you’ll need. It prevents spam, saves logs, and even has an online dashboard for monitoring everything.

The only major downside with ProBot is that you can’t set up custom commands – however most business servers on Discord are not going to need custom commands from their moderation bot.

If you believe your server does need custom commands, or requires extremely heavy moderation (and you have someone on your team that is very good with Discord bots), then you can use a more advanced bot like Dyno Bot.

However, ProBot is going to be perfect for most small – medium sized businesses (and even some large businesses.)

6. Giveaway Boat


  • Best free giveaway bot on Discord
  • Most customizable giveaway bot on Discord
  • A huge number of features available in free version of bot
  • Online dashboard makes complex bot easy to use


  • A few really useful features locked behind $3 / month paywall (custom giveaway reaction emojis, removal of entry confirmation DMs, recurring giveaways, etc.)

Giveaways are an essential part of businesses. They help spread awareness of your brand and entice new companies to come take a look at your products and join your server.

There are a few giveaway bots on Discord (most notable being Giveaway Bot, of course), but I actually like Giveaway Boat the most, especially if we’re talking about free bots.

Giveaway Boat is just so customizable and has so many features that take it so far beyond most basic giveaway bots on Discord, that it’s a no brainer for a business server.

Giveaway Boat does have a premium service available, but it’s super cheap and honestly not even necessary for giveaways.

I will say, I’m very glad that Giveaway Boat has an online dashboard, because there are just way too many commands to rely on entirely, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with Discord bots already.

7. Ticket Tool


  • Very advanced and professional looking tickets
  • Free version has all core ticket options
  • Ticket automation and claiming for organized support teams (but locked behind premium)
  • Unlimited ticket panels in free version


  • No dashboard so Ticket Tool can be a bit overwhelming to use
  • Customization options locked behind a paywall ($5.99 / month)

Ticketing Tool is the best ticketing Discord bot, hands down and I think it’s necessary for most if not all businesses on Discord. Ticket Tool lets users create support tickets, which you and / or your support team can then address.

The only real downside to Ticket Tool is that it’s so advanced that there’s a very significant learning curve – however if I could pick it up and understand it then so can you!

The premium version of Ticket Tool is only really necessary if your Discord server is very popular and you have a full support team that you need to keep organized.

A premium account lets you fully (and I mean fully) customize every aspect of your tickets, and lets your support team claim tickets.

This just helps keep everything organized and on-brand, but it’s far from necessary if you’re only getting a few tickets a day or only have one or two people working support for your business.

Overall, all businesses on Discord should have some kind of ticketing system because it helps organize complaints, issues, etc.

Ticket Tool is by far the best ticket bot out at the moment whether you use the free or premium version.

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