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Are Discord Calls Recorded? (We FOUND Out!)

Are Discord Calls Recorded? (We FOUND Out!)

Many people who use Discord like it for the privacy that it provides. But how secure are your phone calls on Discord? Are they recorded? I cover that and more below.

Are Discord Calls Recorded?

It is unlikely that Discord calls are recorded; however, since Discord calls are only server-client encrypted and not end-to-end encrypted it is a possibility. Discord does reserve the right to record a call without user consent, although there is no evidence of this happening.

Though Discord’s policies clearly state that they store all data related to your activities within Discord, they don’t specify precisely what that means. Discord is notoriously vague in its statements.

They aren’t clear about whether or not the data they log includes voice or video data or if it is just an activity log. 

The benefit of recording and storing all, or even some, calls in Discord is not immediately apparent, which leads most people to believe they don’t actually record calls.

Discord would have to commit to maintaining a lot of storage space for these recorded calls if they did actually record them.

That is, of course, if they are being truthful about retaining data “for so long as it may be relevant to the purposes” as Discord outlines in its Privacy Policy.

Discord does expressly state that they store all data related to your activities within Discord, but it’s unclear what exactly this means.

One thing is for certain though and that is that Discord does not have an option for users to record their calls. If you would like to record a call on Discord for whatever reason, here is how you would do that.

How To Record A Discord Call

To record a Discord call all you need to do is download a recording software such as OBS, Streamlabs, or the Xbox Game Bar. Once the software is downloaded, open it and click record. Next, join a Discord call and the audio will be recorded by the software. Click record again to stop the recording.

Here is a great video by Dusty Porter that shows you exactly how to record a Discord call using OBS.

Recording a Discord call on PC is super easy and the softwares I mentioned are free. This means you can easily record a call without any kind of fancy recording software or equipment.

Now before you go recording people on your Discord calls, make sure that it is legal in your state. Some states require both people to agree to be recorded before you can record a call.

Here is an article that details what the laws are for recording another person in each state.

Besides recording on PC, you can also record a Discord call from your phone. If you are on mobile, here is how you would record someone on Discord.

How To Record A Discord Call On Your Phone

  1. Go to and invite Craig Bot to your Discord server
  2. Once Craig Bot is in your server go to a text channel in the server
  3. Type “:craig:, join” (without quotation marks) and Craig Bot will begin recording
  4. When finished, type “:craig:, leave” (without quotation marks) and it will stop recording

For more info about recording Discord calls on your phone, as well as more features of the Craig Bot, check out the video below.

And just like I mentioned above, before you record anyone, check to make sure that it is legal in your state or country.

Why Record Discord Calls?

People record Discord calls for various reasons including: using the recorded call as part of an interview, using the recorded call for content such as a Youtube video or podcast, and lastly a person may choose to record a call as evidence if they are in a legal dispute with another individual.

These are the main reasons why someone chooses to record a Discord call, but really there could be thousands of reasons why someone may choose to record a Discord call.

I also think that Discord calls are much easier to record and manage than a regular phone call and so if you want to record a call to create content, I recommend Discord.

Are Discord Calls Safe?

The safety of Discord calls is debatable. Discord says they don’t sell your data, but they also don’t provide end-to-end encryption for anything sent or received on Discord, meaning the data you send, text, voice, or otherwise, is more susceptible to attack. 

There is a lot of cause for concern when it comes to online safety. Your privacy should be taken very seriously because a breach of your privacy and data online can also mean a breach of it offline.

The internet has become so intertwined with our day-to-day lives that there’s no getting around this fact.

According to the Mozilla foundation, if you want to ensure others can’t see or hear your communications, Discord is not the platform for you.

Although it is unlikely that another user is listening in on your conversation, there’s no guarantee that they’re not listening in, either.

We’ve already discussed the high storage capacity that Discord would have to commit to storing calls if they were actually recording and saving them.

The cost of such a venture makes it less likely that they would do this, especially since the return on investment is so low. After all, what would Discord learn?

Beyond the storage, they’d also have to commit some AI program to listen to all of those calls if they were looking for specific data for a large number of people, which would be a lot more costly.

Then they’d find themselves with endless talk about video game strategies and rage quitting. That seems like a net loss to me.

If you’re using Discord for the transmission of innocuous conversations and not sending personal information, then you’re probably fine. 

In fact, I would recommend that Discord users avoid sending personal information over Discord. It’s always better to be on the safe side. But for casual conversations Discord is awesome!

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