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Best Capture Cards

If you are streaming on console, or using dual PCs to stream, then a capture card is a must for you. A capture card is what’s going to allow you to capture your (hopefully epic) game play, send that gameplay to your streaming software like OBS, and then broadcast that video capture to your streaming platform such as Twitch or Youtube. 

Capture cards are what are going to allow you to make super cool edits to your stream if you are streaming from console. Using a capture card will undoubtedly take your stream to the next level. If you are in need of a capture card then I recommend you get the El Gato HD60 S+ Game Capture Card (click to see it on Amazon).

Here is my list of recommended capture cards. Keep reading below for even more details about each one.

Recommended ForCapture CardFeatures
Best OverallElgato Game Capture 4K60 S+ (click to check it out on Amazon). Captures 4k gameplay, 60 fps, SD card port
Best for the PriceEl Gato HD60 S+ Game Capture Card (click to see it on Amazon).Captures 1080p gameplay, 60 fps, El Gato brand
Budget FriendlyRazer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card (click to view on Amazon).Captures 1080p gameplay, 60 fps, budget friendly
Budget FriendlyEl Gato Game Capture HD60 S (which you can see here on Amazon).Captures 1080p gameplay, 60 fps, El Gato brand, budget friendly

Why I Choose the El Gato HD60 S+ Capture Card

First off, when it comes to streaming, El Gato is known to be one of, if not the best brand out there. Their quality and name recognition is second to none. 

Next, the features of this capture card are amazing considering the price. First off, it is compatible with both console and PC so regardless of your platform, this device has you covered.

This capture card can capture gameplay in up to 1080p and up to 60 frames per second (fps) which is great for video games. It also has 4K, 60 fps HDR10 zero-lag passthrough which means that you won’t have to greatly reduce your videogame’s video quality in order to stream without dropping frames. 

Lastly, this capture card allows you to save your gameplay to your hard drive, as well as gives you the option to go back and save some of your previous gameplay even after you are done streaming. This is useful because it allows you to go back and find some gameplay that you can use to create clips and highlights on Twitch or other social media platforms. 

For the price, the quality and the name brand recognition, you will not find a better capture card than the  El Gato HD60 S+ Game Capture Card

Now if you are serious about streaming, and are looking for top of the line hardware, then there is a capture card even better than the HD60 S+.

The Best Quality Capture Card, Regardless of Price

If you are a dedicated streamer, or if price is not an issue for you, then I recommend you get the Elgato Game Capture 4K60 S+ (click to check it out on Amazon). 

This capture card is top of the line. It allows you to capture 4k gameplay at 60 fps which is more than enough for most video games out there today. However, one of the coolest features in my opinion is that this capture card has an SD card port so you can record and save gameplay straight to your SD card. No PC or hard drive needed. 

Again, this is the best of the best right here and so the price is a bit steep. But like I said, if you want the best stuff for your stream then the Elgato Game Capture 4K60 S+.  

Now, if both of these capture cards are a bit out of your price range, then don’t be alarmed, I have some budget friendly options for you to check out below. 

Budget Friendly Capture Cards

When it comes to budget friendly capture cards, you want something that can record in at least 1080 p and at at least 60 fps. Having these specs will allow you to smoothly capture most gameplay.

With this in mind, and keeping our budget in mind as well, the budget friendly capture card that I would recommend is the Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card (click to view on Amazon).

This is the capture card that I use when I play on console and it works well for me. The quality has been great and it was super easy to set up. I also like it because you can plug your mic right into it making the set up even easier. 

However, if you are El Gato all the way, El Gato also makes a pretty good budget capture card called the El Gato Game Capture HD60 S (which you can see here on Amazon).

The specs are similar to that of the Razer, however you will probably have to pay just a bit more because of the name recognition. 

Miscellaneous Items You May Also Need

Apart from the capture card device itself, there may be a few other pieces of equipment that you may also need. Here is my brief list of other miscellaneous items you may also need if they don’t come with your capture card. 

HDMI Cables

To connect your capture card device between your console and PC, or to connect your two PCs, you will more than likely need some HDMI cables. You don’t need anything crazy fancy. If you have some already great. If not, here is a pack of 6 foot HDMI cables that you can get on Amazon. 

USB Cables

Many capture card devices will also require you to have USB cables to connect them. Again, you don’t need anything fancy. I like this two pack USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 on Amazon. If your capture card needs a USB to a USB type C, this cable here on Amazon is what you will need. The USB to type C is less common, but it is still you may run into. 

Cable Ties

These cable ties are not required at all, but they can greatly help in reducing clutter around your streaming setup. You already have a cable for your mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. and now add your capture card and it can get really unorganized really quick. 

If this is your situation, then consider getting some cable ties like these on Amazon to help to tie these cables together. It looks better and makes your setup MUCH more organized.


If you are streaming on console, or with two PCs, then you definitely want to use a capture card. Using a capture card on a console will allow you to do cool overlays and using a capture card on dual PCs is going to help take the load off of your gaming PC.

As you can see, there are many different capture cards at varying prices.

The best tip I can give when deciding which capture card to purchase is to buy one that fits your needs and your budget. That is what I call a win win!

Good luck streaming my friends!