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Best Free Games To Stream On Twitch 2023

If you want to stream on Twitch, but don’t want to spend money on a game, then check out my list below of the 15 most popular free games to stream on Twitch. I ordered them from highest to lowest average viewers.

1. League Of Legends

League Of Legends
  • Average Viewers: 166k
  • Average Channels: 3,145
  • Followers On Twitch: 35.7M

League of Legends, a widely known free-to-play online multiplayer game by Riot Games, features players participating in tactical, high-speed conflicts while wielding exceptional champions with varied skills to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus across multiple game modes.

It consistently ranks as one of the most popular games streamed on Twitch, and better yet it is totally free to play. You can though purchase cosmetic upgrades if you wanted to.

2. Valorant

  • Average Viewers: 145k
  • Average Channels: 5,204
  • Followers On Twitch: 16.2M

Since its 2020 launch, Valorant has gained immense popularity among gamers and streamers. Its rapid, strategic gameplay, regular updates, and prominent esports scene make it an ideal streaming choice.

Streamers can demonstrate their abilities, offer advice, and interact with a loyal, expanding community. Audiences enjoy learning new tactics and witnessing collaborative gameplay among streamers.

3. CS:GO

  • Average Viewers: 90,000
  • Average Channels: 1,671
  • Followers On Twitch: 35M

CS:GO offers an excellent streaming experience thanks to its thrilling, tactical gameplay, well-established esports presence, and dedicated audience.

Streamers can showcase their talents, impart strategies, and captivate viewers through nail-biting matches and a fluctuating in-game economy.

Like Valorant, numerous spectators appreciate watching CS:GO to enhance their abilities and enjoy observing streamers collaborate in teams.

4. Dota 2

Dota 2
  • Average Viewers: 61k
  • Average Channels: 904
  • Followers On Twitch: 16.9M

Dota 2 provides a fantastic streaming experience thanks to its intricate strategy, elaborate gameplay, and extensive esports fan base.

Streamers can offer hero tutorials, detailed analyses, and showcase impressive plays while connecting with an enthusiastic community, promoting viewer engagement and cultivating a dedicated audience.

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends
  • Average Viewers: 58k
  • Average Channels: 4,038
  • Followers On Twitch: 18.3M

Since its launch in early 2019, Apex Legends has steadily gained popularity, becoming a top contender in the battle royale genre.

Streaming battle royale games is well-liked due to the strategic and thrilling gameplay it offers, and Apex Legends is no exception.

Featuring distinctive characters, an expanding competitive landscape, and regular updates, Apex Legends provides streamers with a wealth of content creation possibilities beyond live streaming itself.

6. Fortnite

  • Average Viewers: 55k
  • Average Channels: 6,300
  • Followers On Twitch: 87.5M

Fortnite stands as a legendary game in the annals of gaming history. Despite being released several years ago, it continues to be among the most-watched and frequently streamed games on Twitch.

The dedicated developer team behind Fortnite consistently strives to enhance the game, ensuring that both streamers and viewers enjoy a continually fresh and engaging experience.

7. Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics
  • Average Viewers: 26k
  • Average Channels: 304
  • Followers On Twitch: 2.8M

Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battler developed by Riot Games, ranks among the most popular strategy games for gamers and streamers alike.

By playing this game, streamers can captivate viewers with informative commentary, analyses of team compositions, and stimulating conversations.

8. Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2
  • Average Viewers: 23k
  • Average Channels: 1,387
  • Followers On Twitch: 19.6M

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 represents Call of Duty’s take on the battle royale genre. Despite not being as popular as rivals like Apex or Fortnite, it maintains a loyal fanbase and attracts numerous viewers.

Streaming Warzone is enjoyable due to its distinctive loadouts that can be showcased to audiences. The game features thrilling action sequences interspersed with pauses, enabling streamers to engage with their chat while participating in matches.

9. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2
  • Average Viewers: 21k
  • Average Channels: 1,713
  • Followers On Twitch: 20.8M

Overwatch 2, the successor to Overwatch, boasts a thriving e-sports scene and features fast-paced gameplay that promotes teamwork and strategic thinking.

The distinct characters and diverse team formations ensure that each match offers a unique experience, which keeps viewers engaged as they witness a variety of gameplay scenarios.

10. Lost Ark

Lost Ark
  • Average Viewers: 15k
  • Average Channels: 289
  • Followers On Twitch: 1.4M

Lost Ark is an enthralling action-MMORPG perfect for streaming, thanks to its visually impressive graphics, engaging combat mechanics, and varied character classes.

Streamers can captivate viewers with epic boss encounters, exploration of vast, immersive worlds, and community-focused content that fosters interaction and collaboration.

11. Hearthstone

  • Average Viewers: 15k
  • Average Channels: 141
  • Followers On Twitch: 9.5M

Hearthstone is an excellent game to stream due to its strategic complexity, captivating card gameplay, and frequent content updates.

Streamers can draw viewers with inventive deck-building, comprehensive analysis, and engaging conversations, promoting a community atmosphere and amicable rivalry among the game’s enthusiasts.

Although the game is free to play, you may have to spend money if you want to upgrade your deck faster. If not, it can be kind of a grind to get a good deck.

12. Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile
  • Average Viewers: 14k
  • Average Channels: 125
  • Followers On Twitch: 2.8M

Path of Exile is an outstanding game to stream owing to its profound, intricate action-RPG mechanics, extensive customization choices, and dedicated community of players.

Streamers can captivate viewers with tough boss battles, character build conversations, and an understanding of the game’s complex economy, all within a dark, immersive world.

13. Albion Online

Albion Online
  • Average Viewers: 13k
  • Average Channels: 167
  • Followers On Twitch: 563k

Albion Online is a fantastic game to stream due to its extensive sandbox MMO gameplay, player-driven economy, and versatile character progression.

Streamers can engage viewers with guild wars, crafting tips, and exploration of the vast open-world.

The game’s regular updates and dedicated community ensure a continually evolving experience, encouraging interaction and collaboration.

14. The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier
  • Average Viewers: 12k
  • Average Channels: 169
  • Followers On Twitch: 126k

The Cycle: Frontier is an excellent game to stream thanks to its unique blend of PvE and PvP gameplay, engaging open-world exploration, and emphasis on teamwork and strategy.

The game is an extraction shooter (looter-shooter) type game where players complete missions, earn loot, and are then able to use what they looted in future missions. It’s similar to Escape From Tarkov.

Streamers can entertain viewers with intense battles, resource gathering, and cooperative missions while promoting a sense of community and collaboration in this captivating and dynamic game world.

15. Rocket League

Rocket League
  • Average Viewers: 9k
  • Average Channels: 1,073
  • Followers On Twitch: 16.7M

Rocket League is an excellent game to stream due to its fast-paced, action-packed gameplay that merges soccer and vehicular mechanics.

Streamers can entertain viewers with high-energy matches, impressive stunts, and engaging multiplayer competitions.

The game is also cross-platform, enabling easy collaboration with other gamers or viewers during the stream. While simple, Rocket League is highly entertaining.

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