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Best PC Gaming News Sites For Gamers, Streamers & More

Finding a great news website for PC gaming can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. Many gaming websites are completely dedicated to console games or are full of advertisements and bologna.

I’m going to cover some of the best places on the net to find PC gaming news cover game releases, hardware, and everything else PC.


If you’re not on Reddit yet, then I highly recommend creating an account and following a few subreddits. I personally get a lot of my news from Reddit since it has a subreddit for just about any niche, game, or hobby you can think of.

Most of the posts on Reddit are made by other people who share the same hobbies, so if they find something interesting and post it to a subreddit that you’re subscribed to, chances are you’ll find it interesting too.

Another great thing about Reddit is that you can view comments and see discussions about the news you see. This is great for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s nice to see some more insight or perspective on certain news articles. Secondly, people usually call out overdramaticized headlines and articles, so you can get a little more truth.

Of course, you shouldn’t just blindly believe and follow Reddit comments. The major downside to Reddit is that many of its subreddits turn into echo chambers which can be overly negative towards certain games and news. With that being said, you can always do your own research and form your own opinions while also seeing how many other people feel, which is something not many other sites offer.


PCGamer is a very popular news source for PC gaming. However, it’s really not for everyone. PCGamer doesn’t particularly pretend to be unbiased about any topic, and the writers throw in a lot of their own opinions. So, if you’re looking for a dedicated source of unbiased, factual news, then PCGamer will not scratch that itch.

With that being said, PCGamer does have some interesting stories, and have their finger on the pulse when it comes to PCGaming. I like to use it as a place to see what’s happening, and use their headlines to do my own research through other sites.

Being one of the bigger, more popular sites, PCGamer has many writers which means almost every story in PC gaming will be covered as soon as they break.

Being this large also means that PCGamer has a lot of advertisements in its articles and on its site, and you can never really know when someone truly likes a game / product and when they’re just being paid to say they do.

It also means that the writers at PCGamer have to be very particular in their language and with their opinions. This writing style may not be to everyone’s taste, and sometimes they do go a little overboard, which means PCGamer isn’t the best place for getting objective gaming news.

Blue’s News

The first thing you may notice when you head over to Blue’s News is that it is a pretty ugly website. It’s very much an old forum. I won’t lie, how this site looks plays a pretty big role in how low it ranked on the list. But I’m not the most superficial person in the world, so I gave Blue’s News a shot.

If you’re not used to navigating old forums and similar sites, then you may find Blue’s News a little confusing. It took me a few minutes of surfing to get my bearings, but once I did I found that Blue’s News isn’t so bad.

What I like about Blue’s is that it has some more obscure news, as compared to other sites. This is because posts are made by users, and people are usually pretty obscure and nuanced.

I wouldn’t use Blue’s as my main source of news, but it’s something I might check once every now and then for some more information on a game I was interested in, or just to see some less mainstream news.

The Gamer’s Post

The Gamer’s Post isn’t exactly a news site, but instead it is a news aggregate. This site is similar to Reddit, in that its mostly for grabbing news from other websites and posting it all in one place for you to look at and explore.

What I like about this website is that there are no comments, no opinions, etc. You get the headlines and a little summary from many different sources and can choose which ones you want to take a closer look at.

You can even customize which websites you want to see news from, which is fantastic. The site has a very simple layout, making it very easy to use and digest. I personally like to keep The Gamer’s Post bookmarked in my browser so I can just wake up, hop on my PC, pull it up and see what’s popping in the PC gaming world.

I also think that The Gamer’s Post is a great place to find other PC gaming news sites, since it grabs articles from the best ones. I’ve discovered many fantastic sites by using Gamer’s Post (some of which are going to appear in this article), so overall it’s one of my favorite.

The only reasons this isn’t first is because I think it’d be cheating to put a news aggregate site as #1.


I’m a sucker for simplicity. If you take a look over at TechRaptor, you’ll see that its layout is very simple and to the point. On top of the layout, the articles are also very much to the point. They give you the facts, which is great if that’s all you want.

Sometimes it’s nice to see the opinions of the person writing the article, especially when they’re as charming as me, but when you just want news, websites like the TechRaptor are perfect.

Each article has a little comment section, but most articles don’t have very many comments or discussion. With that being said, most commenters seem to really enjoy PC gaming and are overall positive.

The PC gaming community can sometimes come across as toxic, but that’s due to a very vocal minority, and it’s nice to see places like TechRaptor where that minority hasn’t taken over.

The TechRaptor also has quite a bit of PC gaming reviews on it. I don’t read reviews very often, but I will say that the reviews on TechRaptor all come across as very genuine.

Sometimes when I read a review from bigger news sites, I have to wonder whether the author even played the game or not. But TechRaptor seems all around very genuine, and is a great PC gaming news site.

Massively Overpowered

This is another one of those smaller more genuine news sites. Massively Overpowered isn’t exactly small time, but it’s not so big that all of its articles are advertisements and cliches.

What I like about Massively Overpowered is its categories. This news site covers quite a bit of really niche PC games that you just won’t find being talked about anywhere else.

This is especially true if you love MMOs, because there are about 5 different sub categories for MMOs, including forgotten MMOs and obscure MMOs.

Massively Overpowered covers more than MMOs, of course, but MMOs are its bread and butter and you’ll find everything you could ever want about them. The site has new games, interviews, guides, reviews, and is chock full of great content which is why I really enjoy using it.

Another thing that makes Massively Overpowered stick out to me is its community section. Here you can see many giveaways, fun articles and more. I think every news site should have something like this that gives life to the writers and shows the readers the real people behind the scenes.

Rock Paper Shotgun

I like the look and feel of Rock Paper Shotgun quite a bit. You can take a look at its name and realize what it’s all about. Rock Paper Shotgun doesn’t take itself too seriously, which means all of the articles on this site are pretty fun to read.

Rock Paper Shotgun has everything you could possibly want from a PC gaming news site; reviews, news, fluff, guides, videos, hardware, the list goes on and on.

One thing I really like about Rock Paper Shotgun is that they tend to keep a positive vibe in their articles. They’re honest without being overly harsh, which I think is the best way to approach things.

Rock Paper Shotgun also has a couple of quality of life features that I haven’t seen anywhere else. First of all, it has its own Discord channel you can join and hang out in if you want to make friends or just discuss some gaming news with like-minded gamers.

Secondly, it has a deals section, where they write about some new gaming deals, like refurbished hard drives and cheap gaming headsets.


I won’t lie, Hexus doesn’t look pretty at all. You can’t judge a book by its cover though, because what Hexus lacks in style it makes up in content. Hexus doesn’t just deal with PC games, but literally everything involved in PC gaming. It has articles and news about all the new tech and hardware being released, and even stories about Intel’s stock prices.

While I definitely think Hexus could be a little more pretty, it doesn’t pretend to be anything its not. It jumps past flair and skips all the bells and whistles to give you straight up news.

If you want to know what’s going on with the newest Graphics Cards, which CPUs have an exploitable bug, or which RAM you should buy next, Hexus has you covered.

Hexus doesn’t have your run of the mill gaming news. You’re probably not going to find many articles hyping up or reviewing a new game release. But it offers a different perspective than most PC gaming sites.

Hexus will have articles talking about new technology being utilized in games, whether its a new rendering system, or a new way to take advantage of an existing Nvidia feature. Most PC gaming news sites will never touch these subjects, which is why Hexus earned its place on this list.

Dark Side of Gaming

DSOG is as edgy as its name may have you believe. It’s actually a really nice site made specifically for PC gamers. Dark Side of Gaming writes about everything from Graphics Cards to new game speculation, meaning it can be your one stop shop for all gaming news. The site is very easy to navigate and looks pretty good as well, which is always a nice plus.

DSOG writes about a couple of things that I don’t really see anywhere else, and it makes me happy to see a news site covering them. First of all, they write about PC requirements for certain games.

Now, most games will list out requirements, but that’s really only useful if you know your stuff and know that your hardware is better. Having actual articles explain the little nuances and substitutions you can make is extremely convenient.

Another thing DSOG has is its “PC Performance Analysis” articles, where the author goes into detail about how certain games perform on PC. This can be useful for anyone thinking about buying a specific game, but wanting to make sure that it has been optimized for the PC.

There are a lot of games that were made with console gamers in mind, so PC gamers end up with a poor port that barely functions. These articles from Dark Side of Gaming help prevent us from buying these lame games.


I think Eurogamer is the perfect gaming news website, whether it be for PC gaming, console gaming, or just gaming news in general. They’re big enough that they can cover everything in gaming right when it happens, yet all of their articles and writers come off as very genuine and fun.

I think their website looks decent, even if it’s not the prettiest, and it’s very easy to navigate.

The only downside for the Eurogamer is that it is pretty mainstream, so if you want more obscure or niche news (like articles about new rendering techniques being used, for example), then you’ll want a secondary news site. However, Eurogamer has plenty of articles about a wide array of topics, and all of them are well written, entertaining, and informative!

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