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Best Soundcloud Playlist For Twitch 2023 (ULTIMATE Playlist!)

If you want to play music while you stream, but are worried about getting hit with a DMCA, then keep reading as I have compiled the ultimate playlist, across multiple genres, for Twitch streaming.

Best Soundcloud Playlist For Twitch

Electronic / Dance / EDM

Royalty Free Kings – Hi Tech 6

Very electro and very funk, this playlist has a ton of energy that will keep your stream wide awake.

Copyright Free Music – Royalty Free Background Music(Dance&EDM)

Exactly what you would expect when you think of Dance / EDM music – copyright free without being generic.

Royalty Free Kings – Electro Pop

A short playlist of classic electronic music, perfect for high energy streams.

Royalty Free Kings – High Energy Techno 1

This techno playlist sounds like it’s straight out of an action movie, during a 10 song long montage.

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Dance & EDM

A beautiful mix of all things EDM – from chilled out electronic songs to full party-bumpin EDM tunes.

Royalty Free Kings – Hi Tech 5

A more chilled out electronic playlist with pure 80s vibes.

Royalty Free Kings – Hi Tech 4

Royalty Free Kings keeps pumping out new Hi Tech playlists and every single one has a slightly different vibe! This one is very smooth, a chill, easy listen.

Lofi / Chill

The Lofi Elk – lofi beats / perfect for relaxing & studying (DMCA FREE)

Without a doubt the best, most chill Lofi playlist on Soundcloud and it is completely copyright free to boot!

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Ambient

As the name implies, this playlist has a lot of ambient, chill vibes and is very relaxing when gaming.

Hartwigmedia / Soundcritters | Royalty Free Music – Van Life Music | Acoustic Music for the Road

Very chilled out acoustic guitars with a nice variety of sounds so it doesn’t sound like the same song on repeat.


Chillstep is a sub-genre of dubstep.

FreeWave ~ Copyright Free Music

Very chill electronic music; the sound is not lofi at all, but it is definitely relaxing, smooth, and easy on the ears.

Royalty Free Kings – Evocative Acoustic

Chill acoustic guitar coupled with some chill singing, overall a soft welcoming vibe.

Royalty Free Kings – Relaxing Atmospheres 1

This isn’t very lofi or hip hoppy, the playlist has no beats, it is straight musical and atmospheric flutes that create one of the chillest atmospheres you could ask for.


Royalty Free Kings – Metal 1

This playlist contains many songs which take the heavy metal genre and add in sick dubstep sounds, creating something unique and very hype.

FreeWave ~ Copyright Free Music – Drum & Bass Music [Copyright Free Music]

Hard hitting dubstep that is perfect for high energy gameplay and streams, lots of bass and very loud.

FreeWave ~ Copyright Free Music – Trap Music [Copyright Free Music]

This playlist consists of dubstep mixed with trap beats / hip hop beats, which is extremely popular nowadays.

Upbeat / Pop

Royalty Free Kings – Laid Back & Happy

Very high energy and upbeat playlist full of acoustics and fun.

Royalty Free Kings – Fun & Funky 3

This playlist absolutely brings the funk and is completely copyright free at the same time!

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Pop

The name says pop but the music has a very chill, mellow vibe to it and is very relaxing.

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – #2 Creative Commons Music Playlist

This is a playlist of creative commons music with no copyright or DMCA; very upbeat and video game-esque music!

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Jazz & Blues

Jazzy and upbeat music, while the name has Blues in it, this playlist is very fun and energetic.

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – #1 Creative Commons Music Playlist | Background Music For Videos

This playlist has a bit of a dubstep feel but is overall upbeat and very fun (and copyright free, of course).

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Cinematic

Short playlist with some poppy / electronic vibes to it, royalty free and great for gaming.


Royalty Free Kings – Indie Rock 2

A playlist full of that classic indie rock / soft rock sound; overall very chill.

Royalty Free Kings – Road Trip

Sick, hard hitting electric guitars perfect for a road trip or an action-packed Twitch stream.

Royalty Free Music – Inspirational Indie Rock Music

The title says it all, this playlist has great, unique indie rock music that is high energy and inspirational.

Hip Hop / R&B

One of the best royalty free hip hop playlists on Soundcloud – rap with lyrics and great hip hop beats.

FREE MUSIC new lofi chill gym hip hop rap Beats – freestyle music

Hands down some of the best trap / hip hop beats on Soundcloud, especially if you like darker sounding beats.

FREE MUSIC new lofi chill gym hip hop rap Beats – love music

A playlist of very chill hip hop beats that will keep you focused and your head nodding while you game.

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – Hip Hop & Rap

This is a fairly short playlist of hip hop beats, there is not a lot of lyrics and it is mostly just chill hip hop.

Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music – R&B & Soul

This is by far the best royalty free R&B playlist on Soundcloud and perfect for some soulful gaming sessions.

FreeWave ~ Copyright Free Music – Hip-Hop & Rap Music [Copyright Free Music]

One of the few copyright free rap playlists with actual lyrics and great hip hop beats all in one!

Spinnin’ Copyright Free Music – DAMSTERAM & JRND – Analog EP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

A very unique hip hop EP with modern “emo rap” hip hop sounds.


Royalty Free Kings – Sounds of the South 1

A nice mix of classic, acoustic country along with modern country rock country songs.

Royalty Free Kings – Folk Rock Christmas

Folk Rock mixed with Christmas jingles perfect for any time of the year, but especially around the holidays!


Royalty Free Kings – Renaissance

Bit of a weird playlist with old timey sounding renaissance / fantasy music.

Royalty Free Kings – Latin 2

This is the perfect playlist if you want a mix of high energy and chilled out Latin flavors in your playlist.

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