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Best Spotify Playlist For Gaming 2023 (ULTIMATE Playlist!)

If you’re looking for music to listen to while gaming, keep reading as I share my top Spotify gaming playlists. Also, I have divided the list into different sections to help you more easily find what you like.

Best Spotify Playlist For Gaming

Electronic / Dance / EDM

StreamBeats – House

The best house music playlist on Spotify in 2023 (and every year before) – StreamBeats kills EDM every time.

Special Agent Squeaky – Kawaii House Music

Special Agent Squeeky is a master of pretty much all genres, and House is no different – listen and become the hype!

StreamBeats – Electronic

StreamBeats are masters of EDM and dance music, so it didn’t surprise anyone when they released over 200 songs of great Electronic music.

StreamBeats – Drum and Bass

This is another sweet EDM playlist straight from the masters themselves (StreamBeats) – it’s hard not to move to this playlist of 30+ songs.

Hyper Potions – Safe for Twitch Streaming

This playlist was originally made for Twitch Streamers, but if you love EDM it’s a playlist you need to listen to while gaming.

Hyper Potions – Complete Collection

All of Hyper Potions’ excellent collection of EDM music that will make your gaming sessions feel like a club.

StreemTunes – EDM by StreemTunes

Absolute hard-hitting EDM music exactly like you would find at a rave (except you’ll find it while gaming in the comfort of your home).

Lofi / Chill

StreamBeats – Lofi

Pretty much the definitive Lofi playlist for gamers; nearly 350 songs of pure chill to listen to in 2023.

StreamSafe Official Playlists – StreamSafe | Twitch Friendly Lo-Fi Beats

Just an excellent collection of chilled out, Lo-Fi beats that will help you focus during your gaming session.

StreamBeats – Ambient

This playlist combines nature with the chillest lofi music that will melt every ooze of stress you have away.

StreamBeats – ChillStep

This playlist is exactly what it sounds like (chill) and has 50+ songs to keep you occupied and relaxed while gaming.

StreamBeats – Synthwave

If you’re wondering what kind of lofi / chill music gamers listen to in Cyberpunk, then don’t look any further – Synthwave’s got you covered.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Chill

If you love dubstep and still want to chill, then there’s not a better playlist on Spotify or anywhere else.

StreemTunes – Lo-Fi by StreemTunes

Over 150 of the chillest songs on all of Spotify – all created by the masters at StreemTunes.

StreemTunes – SYNTHWAVE by StreemTunes

Synthwave is definitely an acquired taste, but once you’ve acquired it you’ll probably listen to this playlist 100+ times by the end of the year. – Lofi & Chillhop Megamix

This playlist has nearly 3,000 songs, all of which are some of the chillest songs / beats you’ll find in 2023 – Spotify or not.


Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Fresh

Ninety9Lives absolutely kill the classic dubstep sound that started it all, one of the hardest dubstep playlists of 2023.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Hype

As the name implies, this playlist has Ninety9Lives’ classic dubstep sound, just with the hype ramped up to 11.

StreemTunes – StreemTunes: Dubstep

One of the dubsteppiest dubstep playlists of 2023 – this music is literally what people think of when they think “dubstep”

Upbeat / Pop

StreemTunes – Chiptune by StreemTunes

This playlist’s entire theme is retroness with a little bit of EDM sprinkled in – perfect for 8 and 16 – bit lovers.

100 Thieves – Hype Tracks

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of 100 Thieves, and for good reason because they kill it every time and make great hype music for gaming.

StreamBeats Official Playlist

This is a mix of 10+ awesome songs, all with a slightly different style (rock, pop, lofi, etc.) and all fantastic.

StreemTunes – Content Creator by StreemTunes

This playlist was made for content creators but it’s perfect for gamers in general who love chill and upbeat music.

StreamBeats – Hi-Fi

Very upbeat and poppy sound while also maintaining some lo-fi vibes; simple and fun!

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Happy

This is an upbeat playlist with just a little (or a lot) of EDM sprinkled in, so if you love both it is perfect.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Pop

Ninety9Lives somehow mixes a dubstep / electronic sound with poppy and happy overtones in this playlist.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Upbeat

This playlist is very happy and upbeat and also very electric / EDM / Daycore so if you want that kind of mix, this is for you.

StreemTunes – Christmas by StreemTunes

Tis the season (even if it isn’t the season), this playlist remixes all of the Christmas and holiday classics masterfully.

Spotify – Royalty Free Zone Radio

An official, royalty free playlist full of high-energy, upbeat bangers!


StreamBeats – HipHop

Lofi / Hiphop mix of mostly just instrumentals and no lyrics; overall very chill and relaxing while gaming!

StreemTunes – Hip-Hop / Trap by StreemTunes

StreemTunes absolutely kills this hip hop playlist and has plenty of rap sub genres nested within it (and plenty of lyrics). I recently included this playlist in my guide to DMCA-free music for Twitch.

StreemTunes – Latin by StreemTunes

This playlist has a ton of awesome beats inspired by Latin America and StreemTunes does an awesome job of mixing the two.

Andrew Marcia – Copyright Free Stream Music Lofi, Hip Hop, Lounge

If you love Lofi Hip Hop, then this is the best Spotify Playlist of 2023, by far. – Hip Hop & Trap Megamix

This is a great playlist of hip hop music with everything from hard trap beats to chill hip hop rap music


StreamBeats – Rock

This playlist has a little bit of every type of rock you could want from lofi to grunge to hard rock.

StreemTunes – Rock by StreemTunes

Hard and classic rock the way it was always meant to be, brought to you by StreemTunes (over 75 great rock songs). – Rock & Metal Megamix

Some of the best Metal music on Spotify, with over 250 hard hitting songs.


Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Official Playlist

This playlist has everything from EDM to chill lofi, so if you like a nice mix while you game it is perfect. – Gaming Hype Beats | Stream Safe

This is a huge playlist (over 1k songs) full of so many different genres of music, but all 100% gamer-centric.

StreemTunes – Halloween, Vol. 1

Spooky season is every season and this playlist is fantastic for anyone that loves atmospheric, chanty, and overall creepy vibes.

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