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Best Spotify Playlist For Twitch 2023 (ULTIMATE Playlist!)

Finding decent Spotify Playlists is hard enough, but it gets even harder when trying to find free DMCA Safe playlists. That’s why I’ve put together this huge list of great, free-to-use playlists for your stream, and divided them into different genres.

Best Spotify Playlist For Twitch 2023

Electronic / Dance / EDM


Nightmode is one of the most popular DMCA free playlists for electronic music and for good reason – the songs are pure magic and hype.

Hyper Potions – Complete Collection

Hyper Potions is the most hype DMCA free playlists and this group is one of the best to ever do it which is even better.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Fresh

This is my favorite Ninety9Lives playlist because it has a nice dubstep / dance sound that always gets me and my stream hype.

Hyper Potions – Shiba Radio

Shiba Radio is a little more chill than Hyper Potions other playlists and will sound very familiar if you’ve played Animal Crossing!

Hyper Potions – Safe for Twitch Streaming

This playlist is, of course, Safe for Twitch Streaming and was created by Hyper Potions which is one of the best creators of DMCA free music.

StreamBeats – EDM

You’re not going to find better EDM on Spotify. StreamBeats is always hype and always masterful and EDM is their specialty.

StreamBeats – Synthwave

Classic 80s action movie / cyberpunk vibe that you’ll be looking for with Synthwave music – all DMCA free. 

StreamBeats – House

Classic House / Dance music that will keep your entire stream popping for over 75 songs.

NIGHTMODE – This is Cyberpunk

This playlist has a little more electronic-feel than some of Nightmode’s other playlists, and there are no complaints here.

StreemTunes – Chiptune

StreemTunes always kills it with their EDM songs and this playlist is basically centered around retro gamers with hits like Bowser Jr.’s Castle and New Game Plus.

StreemTunes – EDM

The absolute classic EDM sound that many streamers are looking for with over 175 unique songs by StreemTunes (free to use).

Lofi / Chill

StreamBeats – Lofi

One of the best Lofi playlists on Spotify, made by one of the best DMCA-free creators (StreamBeats).

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Chill

Some of the best chill music you’ll find on all of Spotify, and from the fantastic group of Ninety9Lives.

StreamBeats – Ambient

This playlist has a nice ambient sound (of course) – it’s lofi and nature combined into one package.

StreemTunes – Restaurant

Very chill music meant to be played at a restaurant or on a really chill stream with a really chill streamer.

StreemTunes – Latin

This is a very chill playlist with a nice mix of Latin sounds in it, give it a listen because trust me – it’s not what you’re expecting.

StreamBeats – Chillstep

Chillstep may sound like an oxymoron but StreamBeats did an excellent job of keepings things chill and bouncin’.

StreemTunes – Synthwave

If you’re looking for a more chill sound, but want something other than Lo-Fi, I recommend this synthwave playlist by StreemTunes because it is the most chill, electronic sound you’ll find.

StreemTunes – Content Creator

This album / playlist was created specifically for content creators, streamers, etc. to use while they entertain the masses, and StreemTunes did an excellent job.

NIGHTMODE – Night Drive

Night Drive is a playlist specifically selected to be the most chill songs from Nightmode, so there will be chill songs but there will also be a little hype sprinkled in for good measure.

StreemTunes – Christmas by Streemtunes

This playlist remixes a ton of our all-time favorite Christmas songs (Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming, etc.) into chill hip hop / lofi bangers.

StreemTunes – Lo-Fi

If you’re looking for that classic Lo-Fi sound then StreemTunes has you covered with nearly 200 awesome Lo-Fi songs – all unique and all very chill.

StreemTunes – PETS

This playlist was specifically created to calm animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) but it will just as easily calm down your stream with its hip hop / lofi goodness.

StreemTunes – Halloween

This playlist has a nice mix of creepy choirs and spooky creaky doors ready to add atmosphere to your stream (especially during spooky season).


Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Happy

Ninety9Lives kills it with dubstep everytime and this is one of the best dubstep playlists on Spotify ever.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Hype

If you want your stream to be in 100% hype mode throughout the duration of your stream, then you need the Ninety9Lives: Hype playlist.

StreamBeats – Drum and Bass

This playlist is exactly what it sounds like, StreamBeats put together an excellent, chill / dubstep playlist with Drum and Bass.

StreemTunes – Dubstep

This playlist is a masterclass in how to make hard hitting, hype dubstep music similar to the 2010 style that started it all.

Upbeat / Pop

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Pop

This playlist is a little less electronic-focused than Nintey9Lives’ usual music, but it is just as hype (just a little more mainstream).

StreamBeats – Hi-Fi

StreamBeats usually kills it with Lofi and Electronic music so it’s so great seeing them take a stab at and kill Hi-Fi and funk!

StreemTunes – GYM

This playlist has a mix of upbeat, pop, and dubstep so you never really know what you’re going to get (other than absolute hype).

StreemTunes – Retail

This playlist was built to listen to while shopping but after giving it a listen it has plenty of fantastic gaming songs as well (especially if you like upbeat, bass boosted, awesomeness).

100 Thieves – Hype Tracks

100 Thieves is too good for their own good and this is such a high energy and high quality playlist that it’d be criminal not to check out.

Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Upbeat

The class electronically focused Ninety9Lives music, just a little more upbeat and hype!

StreemTunes – Spa / Salon

This playlist has dance, Latin, hip-hop, lo-fi and just a little bit of dubstep, but overall it gives off vibes that are somewhere in between chill and hype.


StreamBeats – Hiphop

This playlist is hip hop mixed with the lofi / electro genres; there’s not a lot of lyrics but there is plenty of hip hop style.

StreemTunes – Hip-Hop / Trap

This hip hop playlist is fantastic for streamers that want hip hop without violating any rules – this playlist has hip hop beats and even rap lyricism.


StreamBeats – Rock

This is the best DMCA safe rock playlist on Spotify – the music sounds just as great as popular rock artists.

StreemTunes – Rock

It’s very hard to find Rock playlists on Spotify that are DMCA safe, which is why I’m so glad the geniuses at StreemTunes put together this classic-rock style playlist.


Ninety9Lives – Ninety9Lives: Official Playlist

This playlist has a little bit of everything from Ninety9Lives, so it’s perfect if you want a mix of great music in your stream.

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