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Best VR Games To Stream On Twitch 2023

If you are interested in VR gaming, and want to stream some of your gameplay on Twitch, then keep reading as I go over the best VR games to stream on Twitch. Also, I have listed them from highest to lowest average viewers so you have an idea of the viewer base.

Best VR Games To Stream On Twitch

1. Minecraft

  • Average Viewers: 68k
  • Average Channels: 2,433
  • Followers On Twitch: 52.1M

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on both Twitch and Youtube, and even better, they have a VR mode. And luckily, the VR mode is available on both the Java and the Bedrock editions, however which edition you use will depend on your VR device.

The game is the same, building, crafting, etc., but playing the game in VR puts a unique spin on the game that you can’t get elsewhere.

2. VRChat

  • Average Viewers: 4k
  • Average Channels: 117
  • Followers On Twitch: 3.9M

VRChat is a free-to-play online virtual reality platform where users can interact with one another through custom avatars, explore user-generated environments, and participate in various activities.

Players can socialize, attend events, play games, and create content using built-in tools. VRChat supports both VR and non-VR modes, offering an immersive and engaging social experience for a diverse range of users.

3. Phasmophobia

  • Average Viewers: 3k
  • Average Channels: 305
  • Followers On Twitch: 1.8M

Phasmophobia VR is a virtual reality version of the cooperative horror game Phasmophobia, where players assume the roles of paranormal investigators.

Teams explore haunted locations, gather evidence, and communicate with ghosts using in-game voice recognition.

The VR mode heightens the immersive and chilling atmosphere, making the experience even more intense and thrilling for players seeking a spine-tingling adventure in a collaborative ghost-hunting setting.

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Average Viewers: 818
  • Average Channels: 78
  • Followers On Twitch: 371k

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR takes the realistic flight simulation experience to new heights (no pun intended) by immersing players in a virtual reality environment.

With accurate weather, air traffic systems, and detailed global scenery, the VR mode offers unparalleled realism and depth.

Players can navigate various aircraft, experience breathtaking views, and master flying techniques in this captivating and lifelike simulation.

5. No Man’s Sky

  • Average Viewers: 727
  • Average Channels: 80
  • Followers On Twitch: 707k

No Man’s Sky VR is a virtual reality version of the expansive space exploration game, No Man’s Sky. Players can explore an endless procedurally generated universe, discover unique planets, and interact with alien species.

In VR, the experience becomes even more immersive, as players pilot spacecraft, engage in space battles, and craft items, all within a visually stunning and vast universe.

6. Beat Saber

  • Average Viewers: 332
  • Average Channels: 29
  • Followers On Twitch: 693k

Beat Saber is a popular virtual reality rhythm game where players wield two lightsabers to slash color-coded blocks in time with music.

The game features catchy tracks, varying difficulty levels, and a visually engaging environment. Players enjoy a captivating, energetic experience as they improve their reflexes, coordination, and timing while slicing through an adrenaline-pumping musical landscape.

7. Among Us VR

  • Average Viewers: 45
  • Average Channels: 1
  • Followers On Twitch: 47k

Among Us VR offers all the same deceit and fun as the original game, only this time all the deceit and fun is happening through a VR headset.

The VR version of Among Us adds a new twist to the game so if you enjoy VR, and you like Among Us, you will enjoy this VR version of the game.

8. Half Life: Alyx

  • Average Viewers: 33
  • Average Channels: 3
  • Followers On Twitch: 79k

Half-Life: Alyx is a critically acclaimed virtual reality first-person shooter set in the iconic Half-Life universe. Players assume the role of Alyx Vance, fighting against the alien Combine forces in a stunningly detailed, immersive world.

The game features gripping storytelling, innovative VR mechanics, and intense combat, making it a groundbreaking and essential experience for VR enthusiasts and fans of the series.

9. Superhot VR

  • Average Viewers: 4
  • Average Channels: 1
  • Followers On Twitch: 18k

Superhot VR is a unique virtual reality first-person shooter where time moves only when the player moves. The game challenges players to navigate a minimalist, stylized environment, taking out enemies using a variety of weapons and their own wits.

With its innovative time-manipulation mechanics, Superhot VR offers an intense, immersive, and strategic experience that redefines the boundaries of the traditional shooter genre.

10. Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

  • Average Viewers: 1
  • Average Channels: 1
  • Followers On Twitch: 705

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge is a virtual reality action-adventure game set in the iconic Star Wars universe. Players explore the outskirts of the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, encountering familiar characters and engaging in thrilling battles.

The game features an immersive narrative, diverse gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals, allowing fans to step into their own Star Wars story and experience the excitement first-hand.

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