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Can Discord Ban You? What You Should Know

Discord is an online chatting site that allows you to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues. The platform is mainly used for gaming, but today it’s also used for other purposes, including holding business meetings. But like other social platforms today, Discord has terms and conditions that all users must follow — so can Discord ban you?

Can Discord Ban You?

Discord can ban you if you violate the platform’s terms of service or their community guidelines. For example, the Trust and Safety Team can ban you. Discord bans are temporary bans, permanent bans, and account termination. To avoid getting banned, you must obey the rules of Discord.

Read on to find out why you could be banned from Discord and what you can do if you do get banned.

Why Would Discord Ban You?

Discord could ban you from a server, or from the entire platform, if you failed to comply with its rules. Server bans block you from specific servers, and they occur when you don’t adhere to the admin’s guidelines. Platform bans happen when you violate Discord’s terms of service.

Kick/Ban On Discord

There are two main types of ban in Discord: server bans and platform bans.

On a server, a user who has permission to ban others can remove you from the server. They have two means of doing this:

  • Kick: a kick is when you’re removed from the server, but you can join back at any time if you want to.
  • Ban: a ban is a permanent block from the server. A Discord ban means your phone’s IP gets banned.

I’ll further discuss Discord bans later on.

You may get kicked from a server if you violate the guidelines of the server. For instance, spamming messages or using abusive language may end up getting you banned or kicked from the server. 

Platform bans occur when a user violates the terms of service of the company. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, bans can be lifelong, and there’s nothing much you can do to get around them. 

How To Know If You Are Banned From Discord?

If you are banned from Discord, you will receive a notification from Discord. You also will not be able to go onto the platform, which will also let you know that you have been banned. If you’re banned from a server, you’ll receive a notification letting you know that you’ve been kicked from the server.

You also won’t be able to view the server, which should be a fairly obvious sign!

You may receive a message letting you know why you’ve been banned and if you can amend the mistake you have made. You’ll probably be allowed back on the server again. Communication will be essential.

If you’ve been banned from the entire platform, you’ll also receive a notification on your device. And whenever you try to log onto the platform, you’ll get a message reminding you that you’ve been banned, and you’ll be prevented from logging on.

Your account won’t work if you’ve been banned from Discord, which is another telltale sign.

Are Discord Bans IP Bans?

Discord bans are IP bans. They block your IP address, meaning you won’t be able to access Discord through your device. IP bans can make getting unbanned pretty tricky. For instance, you can’t just create a new account because Discord will recognize your device and IP address and then block you.

There are a few tricks to get unbanned from Discord, but they can be pretty tricky. I’ll discus them below.

How To Get Unbanned From Discord?

You can get unbanned from Discord by contacting the admin or one of the mods of the server that bans you and asking how you can make amends. For platform bans, you can use a VPN or an alternative device to block your IP number. 

Discord Admin ANd Mods

If you’ve received a kick from a server, it’s straightforward to get unbanned. All you’ll have to do is rejoin the server that you were on. Sometimes mods will kick users from a server if they have been inactive for a while.

If you’ve been banned from Discord by violating its terms of service, then getting unbanned can become a little more tricky. This is because Discord uses IP bans, meaning they block your entire device from re-entering Discord.

You can get unbanned using a VPN. VPN’s block your IP address, allowing you to enter Discord without your IP, which stops their banning process.

VPN’s are relatively inexpensive too, so it can be a great way to get back onto Discord if you’ve been banned. You can get one of the best VPNs on Amazon here.

Alternatively, you could use a different device to re-enter Discord. The IP ban won’t notice that you’re using another device, so you can quickly rejoin Discord via your laptop, for instance.

However, even using a VPN and switching devices may not be enough to get around a platform ban, but they are your best bets to accessing Discord once you have been banned.

Top Reasons People Get Banned From Discord

Here are some of the main reasons people get banned from Discord:

  • Racism: If you’re racist to another member of the server or make general comments, expect to be banned.
  • Sexism: Being discriminatory against someone’s gender is going to get you banned.
  • Spamming: If you spam comments in the discord chat, you may be banned, especially if it’s a large server.
  • Use of profanity: If you excessively use profanities on a discord server, you may be banned.

However, it’s important to note that every server has different rules and guidelines and so what may be allowed on one server may not be permitted on another server.

With that being said, things such as racism, threats of violence and sexism are not permitted on the platform period and could get you banned from Discord.

Ultimately, Discord is a great platform and one that you don’t want to be getting banned from. Of course, there are many reasons you can be banned, but as long as you’re respectful and comply with Discord’s user policy, you should be fine.

Like I always say, before you do or say something risky, ask yourself if it is worth possibly being banned from the platform.

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