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Can You Drink On Twitch? Twitch’s Rules For Drinking

Imagine you just had a long day and you are about to fire up the stream and want to have a drink or two to unwind while you stream. Is this ok? What are the drinking rules on Twitch? Read on to see what is allowed and what is not in regards to drinking on Twitch.

Can You Drink On Twitch?

You are allowed to drink alcohol on a Twitch stream as long as you are of a legal drinking age according to the laws of the country or state that you live in and you drink responsibly. Twitch states in their Terms of Service that “dangerous consumption of alcohol” is “prohibited.”

In other words if you drink responsibly you are totally ok to drink on stream.

If you are drinking so much to the point that you are putting your life or the life of others in danger then you may have your stream suspended or even banned from Twitch.

And it should go without saying that drunk driving and streaming is never ok under any circumstance and will more than likely lead to you being punished both on Twitch and by your local jurisdiction.

Also, if you do plan on drinking on Twitch I recommend labeling your stream as mature. Check out my video below to see how to do this.

Now we know that Twitch is ok with drinking on stream, but what about getting drunk on stream? What are Twitch’s rules about getting drunk on stream?

Can You Get Drunk On Twitch?

Twitch does not have any specific rules about getting drunk on stream; however, they do state in their terms of service that “Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to….illegal or dangerous consumption of alcohol…”.

And as stated in Twitch’s terms of service: “Twitch reserves the right, without notice and in our sole discretion, to terminate your license to use the Twitch Services.”

So what does this mean? This means that it is ultimately up to Twitch to decide if your alcohol consumption is considered “dangerous” or not and it is up to Twitch as well to decide how you will be punished.

In my opinion, getting drunk on stream is not a good idea at all. Although getting drunk itself is not technically breaking any rules on Twitch it may lead you to do something that is against Twitch’s rules.

When you are drunk you may say or do something something inadvertently that may cause your whole channel to get shut down.

Like I always say when it comes to pushing the rules on Twitch you have to really ask yourself is it worth it? Is getting drunk worth doing something dumb and losing your whole channel?

In my opinion the answer is no.

If you do choose to drink on stream I hope that you know your limits and are able to stop drinking or end your stream before you drink too much on stream.

Are Drinking Games Allowed On Twitch?

Drinking games are allowed on Twitch as long as those participating in the drinking games are of a legal drinking age, the drinking game does not harm the participants or others and lastly that those involved don’t consume a “dangerous” amount of alcohol.

I have watched a few streams where a group of streamers participated in some drinking games and it was pretty harmless.

Nobody got wasted. The challenges were pretty mild. In these cases drinking games are ok.

Again, as I mentioned above, it is when streamers consume too much alcohol or dare each other to do unsafe acts on stream is when you begin to get into hot water with Twitch.

Can You Drink For Subs On Twitch?

Drinking for subs on Twitch is ok as long as you are of a legal drinking age and you don’t consume an amount of alcohol that is considered “dangerous.” Remember, “Twitch reserves the right….and has the sole discretion…to terminate your license to use the Twitch service.”

I think that drinking for subs will depend largely on the amount of subs you typically get in a stream as well as the type of alcohol you intend to consume.

If you are taking hard shots and are getting 20+ subs in a stream then it is not a good idea to drink for subs on Twitch.

But if you are only planning on a handful of subs, and you know what your body can tolerate, then drinking for subs may be ok.

However, like I keep saying, a lot of the drinking rules on Twitch are kind of in a grey area and it may be up to a Twitch mod to decide what they deem as “dangerous.”

My recommendation: be smart and don’t push your drinking limits on a Twitch stream. It’s not worth it and could do more harm than good in the end.

If you do decide to drink on Twitch

Tips For Drinking On Twitch

If you do choose to drink on Twitch, here are some tips:

  1. Don’t get drunk on stream.
  2. Enable mature content on your stream.
  3. Do drinking streams sparingly

Don’t Get Drunk On Stream

Although getting drunk on stream is not banned on Twitch, being drunk while you stream may lead to you doing something that you will regret.

If you have to get drunk on stream in order to make good content on Twitch then you may want to rethink your strategy and think of ways you can improve your stream outside of being drunk.

Drinking is ok, but I personally do not recommend getting drunk on stream.

Enable Mature Content On Your Stream

If you do choose to drink on stream, or to do a drinking stream, you may want to consider labeling your stream as “mature content.”

This helps to deter minors and encourages more of the adult audience that you are going after. If you want to know how to enable mature content check out the video I linked above.

Do Drinking Streams Sparingly

Lastly, I would only do drinking streams sparingly. Maybe once a month or once every couple months.

The reason being is that if you are drinking every stream, and are streaming multiple days a week, you may begin to do harm to your body.

And not only is drinking so much bad for your body, drinking so much could also be seen as “dangerous” in Twitch’s eyes and could get you suspended or banned on Twitch.

For this reason I recommend making your drinking streams exciting and something that your community can look forward to and not just you binge drinking on stream.

If you want to know Twitch’s rules regarding smoking check out my article here. And if you wan to know where Twitch stands in regards to cursing on Twitch check out my article here.

Lastly, I made a big list of things you can and can’t do on Twitch you might want to check out here.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.


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