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Can You Lose Affiliate On Twitch?

Can You Lose Affiliate On Twitch?

You have spent some time grinding on Twitch and you finally reach affiliate. Your hard work has paid off! But now you have lost some followers or you are not streaming as often, is it possible that this dip could cause you to lose your affiliate status?

Can You Lose Affiliate on Twitch?

You can indeed lose your affiliate status on Twitch; the most common reasons that streamers lose their affiliate status on Twitch are account inactivity, breaking Twitch’s Terms of Services, you or Twitch ends the agreement or you simultaneously stream on Twitch and another platform at the same time while being a Twitch affiliate.

Obviously there may be outliers or other reasons why you may lose your Twitch Affiliate status, but for the most part, if you lose your Twitch Affiliate status it is for one of these reasons. 

Below I will go into greater detail regarding each of the most common ways that you can lose your Twitch Affiliate status.

Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate by Not Streaming?

According to Twitch’s FAQ regarding Twitch Affiliate and inactivity (not streaming), inactivity refers to “substantial inactivity” which usually means more than 12 months of no streaming. Even then, Twitch states that “many factors can go into determining if your account is still active and it will be performed on a case-by-case basis.”

What this is basically saying is “it depends” and just because you haven’t streamed in a year does not mean you will automatically lose your Twitch Affiliate status.

However, if a year (12 months) goes by and you have not streamed, you will definitely be on Twitch’s radar and should not be surprised if your Twitch Affiliate status is removed due to inactivity. 

Twitch also mentions that they understand if you don’t stream for a few months, life happens and they get that. They do not want to get rid of people who stream on a “semi-regular basis.”

And so if you only stream a few times a month, you would not be in jeopardy of losing your Twitch Affiliate status.

What Twitch doesn’t want is a bunch of inactive accounts who have been around forever and never stream. 

From researching it a bit more, and this is totally understandable, Twitch doesn’t want a bunch of inactive accounts that they have to be responsible for when it comes to payments and things like that.

Having a ton of inactive accounts could be a headache for them and so it is easier to just remove these inactive accounts rather than trying to hunt these people down. Makes sense. 

So you can breathe a sigh of relief if you haven’t streamed for a few months. Twitch sounds like they are pretty understanding and that their initial response to someone who hasn’t streamed in a while is not to just come through and drop the ban hammer. 

Removing inactive accounts is more for people who are done using the platform or who are done streaming and not for those who take breaks here and there. 

Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate by Breaking Twitch’s Terms of Services?

If you break Twitch’s Terms of Services, you can lose your Twitch Affiliate status. But not only can you lose your Twitch Affiliate status, even worse, you can lose your entire Twitch account if you break Twitch’s Terms of Services.

This should be a no brainer. Twitch has a set of terms and services, which you can view here, that you are required to abide by in order to stream on the platform.

Breaking these terms and services could get your account banned which in turn would remove your Twitch Affiliate status. 

I am not going to go in great detail about what those terms and services are, but if you want to view them you can click here. Basically, just don’t be dumb and you will be ok. It’s that simple. 

Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate by Ending Your Agreement?

According to the Twitch Affiliate agreement, section 9, either you or Twitch can end the agreement at any time with or without cause by giving a written notice. Once the written notice is received, Twitch will then begin the process of paying out any money that you are owed and taking any money that you owe them from your Twitch balance. 

It’s nice to know that you have the flexibility to end your Twitch Affiliate status at any time. You are not bound to this agreement in any way and can end it at any time. So if something else comes up you have every right to pursue it. 

In fact, if you decide you want to stream on another platform then I recommend ending your agreement with Twitch rather than having them give you the boot.

This way you can end on good terms in case you ever change your mind and want to come back. 

Twitch probably won’t end your agreement with them unless you break your affiliate agreement so that is good to know. But choosing to end your agreement with them is just another way that you can lose your affiliate status. 

Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate by Streaming on Another Platform?

Streaming on Twitch, and streaming on another platform at the same time is breaking your Twitch Affiliate agreement and could be grounds for you being removed from the Twitch Affiliate program. You can stream on Twitch and on another platform, just not at the same exact time. 

If you are unsure which platform you want to stream on, it may be a good idea to delay joining the Twitch Affiliate program until you know for sure which platform you like best.

If you want to stream on two platforms at once, consider upgrading to Streamlabs Prime (click here to check it out). I recently switched over and I love it. And if you use my  link you get a discount. 

Although you are not allowed to stream on another platform as an affiliate, you are allowed to upload your VODs and clips to other platforms such as Youtube. Twitch just doesn’t want you streaming in a bunch of different places all at once. 


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Twitch Affiliate:

Why Does Twitch Remove Affiliates?

Twitch removes affiliates who have broken their affiliate agreement, or who are no longer active, to make it easier for them to manage the affiliate program. Having to do paperwork (like taxes) for inactive accounts would be pointless and it would be a waste of time for Twitch. Twitch wants affiliates who are active, responsible and looking to grow.   

Can You Re-Apply to be a Twitch Affiliate?

If you left the affiliate program on good terms, you can re-apply to the Twitch affiliate program by reaching out to Twitch and asking to be let back in. This may not work every time, but if you have been removed from the affiliate program, and would like to rejoin, this is your best bet. 

Twitch does not have any information regarding re-applying to the affiliate program, but through reading other streamer’s comments in different forums this sounded like the best pathway for re-entry into the affiliate program.

So as long as your account is in good standing, you should be able to re-apply without any hassle. 

If You Lose Twitch Affiliate, Do You Lose Your Twitch Account?

According to Twitch’s FAQ page, if you are removed from the Twitch Affiliate program your Twitch account will still remain active. This is assuming that you were not removed for breaking Twitch’s terms of services, but merely for breaking your Twitch Affiliate agreement. The terms of services and Twitch Affiliate agreement are two separate things. 

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In the end, you can lose your affiliate status on Twitch, but only if you violate your affiliate agreement with Twitch. 

Affiliate is a great way to start making some money live streaming and the terms of the affiliate agreement are not super hard to abide by. 

Good luck streaming out there my friends and best of luck on your streaming journey!


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