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Difference Between Kick and Ban on Discord

Discord is a popular platform for hanging out and discussing online.

From time to time, users may break your community’s rules or become toxic, and you may consider banning or kicking them. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between the two.

Difference Between Kick and Ban on Discord

The difference between a kick and a ban on Discord is that a kick is temporary, while a ban is permanent. A user kicked from a group may rejoin if invited. However, a user can no longer join a Discord server again once banned, and their IP address will also be blocked.

This article will discuss the differences between banning and kicking on Discord, how to kick and ban someone, and whether or not Discord bans are temporary. So, keep reading.

Is a Kick and Ban on Discord Different?

A kick and a ban on Discord are different. When a user is kicked from a group, the kick is temporary, and the user may ask to join the group again. However, a Discord ban is a permanent action, preventing the user from ever joining the Discord server again.

As the owner or administrator of a Discord server, you can kick or ban anyone from your server. 

If a user continues to break the group rules after one or more warnings, you may either ban or kick them from your server.

The paragraphs that follow discuss the differences between a kick and a ban on Discord in more detail.

Kick vs Ban On Discord

The main difference between a kick and a ban on Discord is that a kick can be temporary, but a ban isn’t. A user kicked from a group may return to your Discord server after an invitation from another server member. Banned users cannot return to your server and their IP address will be banned.

Since kicking a user does not ban their IP address, a kicked user can rejoin your server under another account. Discord kicking is suitable for minor offenses or annoyances.

Kicking is similar to a timeout and gives the user some time away from the server to cool down or reconsider their behavior.

A ban on Discord, on the other hand, isn’t so forgiving. Once a user has been banned, they cannot return to the Discord server that banned them.

The banned user’s phone number and IP address are blocked. This means that the only way they can rejoin your Discord server is by creating a new account with a new phone number and IP address.

Keep in mind, anyone using the same IP address as the banned individual (e.g. relative, roommate, cafe patrons, etc.) will also be barred from accessing your server.

Banning is best for users who have seriously violated Discord’s terms of use.

If a user continuously breaks Discord’s terms of use, chances are they won’t redeem themselves after a kick, and banning them may represent the only solution. 

How To Kick Someone on Discord

Below is the process for kicking someone from your server on Discord:  

  1. Navigate to the Discord app or website and log in. This can be done using any mobile device or computer.
  2. Select the server from which you want to kick someone. Your server list is displayed on the left hand side. 
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to your server name in the top left. Clicking the arrow will open up the menu for your server.
  4. Select “Server Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Choose “User Management” and then “Members.” The entire list of users in your server will now be displayed. 
  6. Find the user you want to kick and click the three dots alongside their name. When clicking on the three dots, a few actions will appear, including the options to timeout, kick, or ban the user. 
  7. Select “kick,” and the user will be kicked off your server. You have the option of giving a reason for the kick, but you also don’t need to provide one.

The kicked user won’t see who has kicked them, and they’ll notice only that your server has disappeared from their server list. 

A kicked user can rejoin your Discord server with an invite code. Any member of your server may invite the kicked user back. 

How To Ban Someone on Discord

To ban someone from your server on Discord, you should follow the below steps: 

  1. Log in to your Discord account. You can do this on the Discord app or website. 
  2. Enter the server by clicking on it. Your server is located on the left side of the screen, in the servers list. 
  3. Navigate to your server settings. Enter the server settings by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the server name in the top left, then choosing “Server Settings”.  
  4. Select “Members.” This action displays all your server members, where you can find the member you wish to ban. 
  5. Click on the three dots near the name of the member to be banned. When you click the three dots, you’ll see the options to timeout, kick, or ban the user. The user, and anyone else with the same IP address, is now not allowed to use Discord. If the user feels that the ban is unfair, they may appeal it with the server moderator. 
  6. Navigate to the Members section of your server settings to revoke a Discord ban. Select the member you want to unban, click on the three dots near their name, and then select “Revoke Ban.”

Banning a user from your Discord server is a permanent action, and it’s wise to be 100% certain before banning someone. 

Are Discord Bans Temporary?

Discord bans aren’t temporary, and the user’s IP address and phone number may not join the server again as the ban is permanent. Only a server moderator may revoke a server ban. This is why, when considering a ban, it’s essential to be very sure that you never want the user to return to your server. 

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