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Discord Requirements: OS, RAM, & More

Games aren’t the only computer programs that have system requirements. Even common software like Discord will have a list of system requirements that you’ll need to meet if you want to run them. This is especially true if you plan to use Discord while you game. So, what are Discord’s system requirements?

What Operating System Do You Need For Discord?

Discord is available on Linux and Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It will likely be available on all future Windows releases as well. Discord is also available on MacOS 10.11 and above, and on iOS 11+ on iPhones. If you have an Android phone, you need to be running Android 5 or above to use Discord.

Discord is available on pretty much every modern operating system. If you have a Windows computer that is Windows 7 or newer, then Discord will run on it. If your Mac is on MacOS 10.11 or above, then Discord will run. Discord is available on Ubuntu and various other versions of Linux, and of course you can download Discord on most modern smart phones.

Discord is extremely popular, so I suspect it’ll run on future operating systems, at least for another decade. It beat out many other voice communication software (Curse, Teamspeak, Skype, etc) and came out on top thanks to its branding and server capabilities. It’s engrained in gaming culture, so I expect it to stay for a while (hopefully I don’t eat my words).

How Much RAM Do You Need For Discord?

Discord only requires about 4 GB of RAM to run smoothly. This is assuming that Discord is one of the only programs running. If you want to play a game or run another RAM heavy task while you use Discord, you will likely need 8 GB of RAM in order to avoid lag. Discord uses about 300 MB of RAM.

Back when I was gaming on my laptop and was on about 4 GB of RAM, I was able to run Discord without any problems. However, there were many times when I’d have to close Discord in order to save my FPS during game.

I almost never had to close Discord when I had 8 GB of RAM unless I was playing a really intense game, and now that I have 16 GB I never even have to think about Discord.

Discord uses less than 0.5 GB of RAM (at least it should), so it only really makes a difference when you’re running on 4 GB of RAM or less. The less RAM you have, the less you’ll be able to do with Discord running.

How Many GB Is Discord?

Discord is 760 MB (0.76 GB) in size once it is fully installed on a Windows PC. The Discord installer, which you download from Discord’s website, is 79.2 MB (0.1 GB). It’s a good idea to keep about 1 GB of space free, just in case there are any future updates that may make the Discord installer or actual installation larger.

This question will have a different answer after every single update to Discord. Currently, though, Discord uses under a GB of storage space. Discord can be found in your appdata folder, if you want to take a look for yourself.

You can right click your Discord icon and select “properties” which will show you the shortcut’s target. You can navigate to that folder, right click it, and select properties to see how large your specific Discord folder is.

Does Discord Use CPU Or GPU?

Discord uses the CPU much more than it uses the GPU on your computer. Discord does not require much graphical processing since it is just text, images, etc. You can check how much of your CPU and GPU memory Discord is using by checking your Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete) and finding Discord.

Discord doesn’t use a lot of your CPU or GPU, but it uses a lot more CPU than GPU. You can see for yourself if you open up your Task Manager and look at Discord. For reference, my Discord is using 0.6% of my CPU and 0% of my GPU at the moment.

If you want to stream to Discord, you may use more GPU or more CPU depending on your encoding settings.

Does Discord Decrease FPS?

Discord can decrease your FPS if you do not have the RAM or processing power necessary to run Discord and the game you are playing. If you want to play a game while Discord runs, you should have about 8 GB of RAM or more, depending on the game.

I’ve personally experienced FPS issues with Discord in the past. It hasn’t happened in a while, but it seems every now and then Discord will update, then I’ll be playing a game and notice serious frame drops. I’ll search around for a few minutes before closing Discord and discovering that was the problem.

So, if you do not have a gaming computer with a lot of RAM and a nice processor, then Discord can definitely cause a decrease in your FPS.

Is Discord Safe For PC?

Discord is completely safe for your PC. You should make sure that you download Discord directly from Discord’s website. Discord does not have any peer to peer connections, so your IP address and information is completely safe. Discord has many users and communities, so practice safety with strangers.

Discord will never harm your computer, as long as you download it directly from Discord. Your IP address will never be at risk because only all of your messages and files go to Discord’s server first. So Discord will have your IP address, but strangers will not and there’s no way they will ever get it.

You should still be careful with who you talk to on Discord and which communities you join. But if you use it strictly to talk to friends, it is perfectly safe.

Can You Get Discord On Chromebook?

You can use the browser version of Discord on a Chromebook, but there is no official Chromebook download for Discord. If your Chromebook can run Linux apps, you can download the Linux version of Discord. However this is buggy and not supported very well, so the web browser Discord is the best option.

Unfortunately Discord currently doesn’t have a Chromebook download and probably won’t anytime soon. Discord probably expects Chromebook users to just use the browser version of Discord (available on The browser version of Discord is currently the only version of Discord with full functionality on the Chromebook.

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