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Envato Placeit Review (Is It WORTH It For Streamers?)

If you have searched for stream overlays recently you may have come across Envato Placeit. But are they legit? And are they worth it? Let’s discuss that and more below.

What Is Envato Placeit?

Envato Placeit allows creators to make overlays, logos, and other graphics for their streams. Envato provides the templates and the creator is able to customize these templates to their liking. They offer both free and paid designs.

Envato differs from other websites that offer stream overlays in that most of their designs are templates that need further editing and not completed pre-made overlays.

There are pros and cons to this. On the one hand, the fact that Envato allows you to customize an overlay is awesome. It gives it a more personal touch.

But on the other hand, unless you know what you are doing, the customizations you make won’t be spectacular. In my opinion their overlay templates are pretty basic compared to the ready-to-go pre-made overlays on websites like OWN3D.TV.

Placeit Overlay Template

However, they are a popular choice amongst content creators and are a good starting point for those interested in making their own overlays, but still need or want a little guidance.

Now that you know who Envato Placeit is, let’s talk about how legit they are.

Is Envato Placeit Legit?

Envato Placeit is a legit company. They have a 3.4 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot with over one thousand reviews. On Trust Pilot they also have over 800 five star reviews and most of the one star reviews come from people who misunderstood their subscription plan.

Envato Placeit On Trust Pilot

When I was reading through the reviews, most of the bad reviews were from people who wanted a monthly subscription, but accidently signed up for an annual plan.

Given that this seems to happen often, if you go with Envato, make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

And if you do sign up for the wrong thing, contact support right away and they should be able to remedy the situation.

However, for those who knew what they were signing up for, Envato Placeit worked really well. Many of the satisfied customers mentioned that it was easy to use and easy to set up on their stream.

In the end I do believe that Envato is a company you can trust. I have used them before and have never had any issues. Just be careful what you are signing up for and you’ll be ok.

Is Envato Placeit Free?

Envato Placeit offers some free overlays and graphics, but not many. Most of their overlays and graphics can be purchased for a small price though, usually less than $5.

Free Twitch Overlays On Envato Placeit

When it comes to free overlays, Envato’s choices are lacking heavily. But, given the fact that most of their overlays are just templates, I guess it makes sense.

With a free template you have hundreds of choices and ways you can customize it and so you can get lots of use out of one free overlay. But other websites, like Visuals By Impulse, have a lot more free options that are ready-to-go.

Is Envato Placeit Worth It?

Envato Placeit is worth it for those looking for affordable stream overlays they can customize to fit their stream. They are a good median for those who want to create custom overlays for their streams, but would like some guidance in creating these overlays.

I also like that Envato has different payment options. You can buy a single design for around $3, but you can also pay for a monthly subscription which gives you access to thousands of overlay templates for a small monthly price.

This option is great for those who plan on making constant changes to their stream layout, or for those who help design streams for other people.

If you are new to streaming, then I recommend just going with the one-time $3 payment to get a single design you like.

Having something is better than nothing, but you also don’t want to commit to a monthly plan unless you are positive you will use it.

What Streaming Software Is Envato Placeit Compatible With?

Envato Placeit is compatible with all major streaming softwares including Streamlabs, OBS, StreamElements, and more. The graphics on Envato Placeit would still work with less popular streaming softwares, it would just require more configuration.

Envato can be added to most major streaming softwares with just a few clicks. Between purchase and download it should take less than 5 minutes.

With lesser known streaming softwares it may be a bit more complicated, but it can still be done. When you buy overlays from Envato you own the downloaded content and can upload where you want to.

It’s just unless you know what your’e doing, it might be hard trying to get your overlays, transitions, etc. to flow together. It’s best to just stick with a popular streaming software like Streamlaabs or OBS for these overlays.

Can You Use Envato Placeit On Youtube And Facebook Gaming?

Envato Placeit can be used on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Trovo, or anywhere else the streamers chooses to use the overlays and graphics.

Youtube Overlay By Envato

Using overlays has more to do with your streaming software than it does with the streaming platform. The platform is just broadcasting what is being played on the software.

Regardless of where you decide to stream, you should feel confident that your overlays from Envato will work just fine.

With that being said, if you plan on multi-streaming, the overlays will only work for the primary streaming platform that you have connected.

So if your overlays are plugged into Twitch, and then you decide to multi-stream to both Twitch and Youtube, the overlays will only work for Twitch.

Furthermore, some of the overlay packages you buy are geared towards one platform or another. For example, a Twitch overlay likely will have an alert for a “New Follower” whereas Youtube does not have followers and so the alert wouldn’t work.

Luckily, Envato offers overlay packages for various streaming platforms that are optimized to that platforms features.

Although the overlays can be used across different platforms, it’s best to just go with overlays geared towards the platform you plan on using the most.

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