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How Long Does A Gaming Headset Last?

A quality gaming headset makes all the difference in the world. Whether you’re playing single player games and want to become more immersed in the world, or you want a competitive edge in a tactical first person shooter, you need high quality, reliable sound.

But if you spring for a new, state-of-the-art headset, how long can you expect it to last?

How Long Does A Gaming Headset Last?

A gaming headset lasts around two years. After two years, gaming headsets start experiencing some issues, whether they be audio cutting out, the mic not picking up, or wear and tear. Some high quality headsets last 5+ years, but are much more expensive to purchase.

Here is the expected lifespan for some of the most common gaming headset brands:

Turtle Beach2 years
Razer1.5 years
Steel Series3 years
HyperX2 years
Logitech2 years
Astro Gaming1 year

Steel Series and Logitech make very solid products compared to these other brands, but in general, how long your headset lasts will greatly depend on its use. If you’re gentle with your headset and don’t throw it in your back pack too often, you’ll probably get 3+ years out of it.

However, as a general rule of thumb, you’re going to need to replace your headset after 2 years.

It almost feels like manufacturers make the headsets this way, so that your headset breaks down right when the new one is released. With that being said, there are outliers and some people have had headsets that last 6+ years from each one of these brands.

On the other hand, I’ve head a Turtle Beach headset start wearing down after 6 months of use. So you definitely “get what you pay for” when it comes to choosing a gaming headset.

What Gaming Headsets Last The Longest?

The SteelSeries Arctis 9 is the longest lasting gaming headset on the market. It is wireless, which means the wire and connection won’t wear out over time, and the wire won’t get caught on anything which could lead to quite a bit of physical damage. This headset is known for easily lasting over 3 years.

In my experience, Steel Series and Logitech products are the most durable gaming products on the market. Razer products can be hit or miss, and I haven’t had very good experiences with Turtle Beach headsets.

Now, unfortunately Logitech drops the ball a bit on their headsets, which is why Steel Series is the king of durable gaming headsets.

While any brand has the potential to break down quickly or surprise you and last years, Steel Series has the best chance of surviving years down the line. The Arctis 9 is a great headset, in general. It sounds fantastic, looks nice, and is built to last.

How Long Do Wireless Gaming Headsets Last?

Wireless gaming headsets last 2-3 years. Wireless gaming headsets use lithium polymer batteries, which only last a few hundred charge cycles. The exact amount of time will depend on how often you’re using the headset, but 3 years is about the maximum. Some wireless headsets can be used wired after they die.

It’s quite unfortunate that wireless headsets aren’t able to last much longer than 3 years. There are some exceptions, of course, but I wouldn’t count on it. Most of the time, you can’t replace the batteries in these headsets either, meaning when they die they’re dead for good.

There is a little good news here, though. Some wireless headsets can be used via the wire they come with long after their battery dies. Not all wireless headsets work like this though, so you’ll need to do your research.

Which Lasts Longer: Wired Or Wireless Gaming Headsets?

Wired headsets last longer than wireless headsets because wireless headsets rely on a battery that will die eventually. The wire in wired headsets do present a liability and can lead to damage if the wire is accidentally tugged or damaged, but when treated properly, wired headsets last longer.

For me, the convenience of a wireless headset makes the limited lifespan worth it. However, if you want to buy something that can last forever, you want to go with a wired headset. Wireless headsets are getting better every year, but their batteries will always die eventually.

Sometimes this can take years of constant use, but it is guaranteed they will reach a point of failure. Wired headphones do not have the weak spot of battery failure, and can theoretically last as long as you take care of them.

How Often Should You Replace A Gaming Headset?

You should replace your gaming headset every 2 years. If your headset isn’t experiencing any issues, you don’t really have to worry about replacing it, but most gaming headsets will have issues after 2 years. Wired gaming headsets can last 3-4 years with a little luck and care.

There’s really no reason to replace your headset until you actually start hearing audio issues or having mic problems. However, if your plan is to use your headset, sell it before it breaks, and then get a new one, you’re probably going to want to replace your gaming headset every two years.

After two years, most wireless headset batteries will be very close to dying. This is also about the time the ear pads and wires on wired headsets start to wear down, so it’s the perfect time for a replacement.

Do Gaming Headsets Lose Quality Over Time?

Gaming headsets do not lose sound quality over time. When a gaming headset is reaching the end of its life, the audio will cut out and the mic will stop working. Sound quality is almost never lost with aging gaming headsets. The ear padding and wire on the headset will also wear down, but can be replaced.

Gaming headsets are a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand, when they get old the quality will pretty much remain the same as the day you bought them. On the other hand, once they’re ready to die, they’ll die hard. I’ve never had a gaming headset lose sound quality, but I have had the ear and head cushions drastically wear down.

How To Make Your Gaming Headset Last Longer?

You can make your gaming headset last longer by being very careful with the cable, storing them properly, and not traveling with them very often. Anything you can do to minimize physical damage will increase the lifespan of your gaming headset. For wireless headsets, turn them off when not in use.

Most gaming headsets fall victim to some kind of physical damage, especially wired ones. So, if you store your headset in a place where they won’t be stepped on or tripped over, they will last a long time.

It’s also a good idea to keep your headphones out of sunlight, as this can damage the padding and make them very uncomfortable to wear.

When you take your headset off your head, do so gently. Try not to yank and tug on the cord or the ear pieces.

I actually bought myself a little headphone wall mount, and have it next to my PC. This lets me put my headphones there when I’m done gaming or working. It keeps them safe and out of my way, and it’s honestly made a huge difference in how long my headsets last.

For wireless headsets, you can’t do a lot to preserve their lifespan. I’ve never had a wireless headset last more than a couple of years because there’s no way to prevent the battery from dying. However, if you remember to turn them off regularly then you will get as much life as possible out of them.

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