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How Long Does A Gaming Laptop Last?

How Long Does A Gaming Laptop Last?

You may have heard that gaming laptops last just a couple of years before dying.

This may have been true in the past, but do these downsides still hold up in modern gaming laptops? Read on to find out.

How Long Does A Gaming Laptop Last?

With moderate use, a gaming laptop lasts between 3 and 5 years. Gaming laptops get much hotter than regular PCs, and their internal components are more susceptible to overheating. It is also much harder to replace laptop parts, which means if one component dies, the entire laptop will be fried.

Thermal paste is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining your gaming laptop’s longevity. Thermal paste is a substance that is applied to the CPU and GPU that allows for the efficient dissipation of heat.

On a regular gaming PC, thermal paste needs to be re-applied every few years. However, with a gaming laptop, it is recommended that you re-apply thermal paste on a yearly basis. In addition, it is recommended to clean the fans of a gaming laptop often.

This maintenance is to prevent overheating which, again, is the bane of gaming laptops. Many laptops will come with temperature monitoring software which helps prevent overheating during long gaming sessions. There are also 3rd party options out there, such as Open Hardware Monitor.

Does Gaming Reduce Laptop Lifespan?

Gaming will reduce the lifespan of your laptop, especially if you game in long sessions. Gaming leads to heat, and gaming for hours on end may cause your laptop components to overheat. Compared to desktops, laptop fans are not strong enough to sustain heavy use, so your laptop’s components may wear out more quickly.

Many modern laptops have small fans in order to accommodate a lighter, thinner form factor. As a result, regular laptops are not able to efficiently dissipate the heat caused by heavy gaming.

Therefore, gaming for long stretches of time on a regular laptop is not recommended. Doing so may negatively impact your CPU and, ultimately, shorten the lifespan of your laptop.

By contrast, gaming laptops are typically bulkier to allow for more powerful, larger fans. However, even laptops designed for gaming can succumb to overheating if not properly cared for, which is why it is so important to replace the thermal paste yearly and clean the fans monthly.

Do Gaming Laptops Last Longer Than Normal Laptops?

Gaming laptops last much longer than regular laptops due to their high-quality fans and components. A regular laptop will not be able to survive daily gaming sessions in the same way that a gaming laptop can. A gaming laptop can last almost a decade when cared for and only used lightly.

With normal laptops, you’re also going to have a much harder time fixing and replacing internal parts that may break. Sometimes, manufacturers intentionally make it impossible to replace individual components in regular laptops. This means if one part breaks, the entire laptop becomes a brick.

While this is also true for some gaming laptops, many gaming laptops have modular components that you can replace and upgrade as you see fit. This increases the lifespan of the laptop, since you can simply replace broken components, rather than having to replace the entire laptop.

How To Make Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer?

Dusting your gaming laptop’s fans once per month and replacing the thermal paste yearly are the best ways to increase its lifespan. In addition to proper maintenance, it is also a good idea to limit gaming sessions to a few hours.

Every laptop is different, so using software to monitor the temperature of its components is the best way to determine how much gaming your laptop can handle before it needs a break.

Popular third party software, such as Open Hardware Monitor, can be used to check the temperature of your laptop’s components while you game.

As a gamer, I know how tempting it can be to play for twelve hours straight, but most of the time this is not a good idea for gaming laptops (or for our health, but that never stops us).

If you do plan on gaming for a long time, make sure your laptop is in a well-ventilated space. When I game on my gaming laptop, I never rest it on my lap, since this quickly leads to overheating.

Instead, I try to place my laptop on a hard surface, such as a table or desk, so that the fans are not obstructed by blankets, pillows, or sweatpants.

There are many variables that determine how hot a laptop gets, from where it’s sitting to what game is being played. So try to keep the heat in mind while you game, and you may be able to keep your laptop running for a long time.

How Often Should Your Replace A Gaming Laptop?

You should replace your gaming laptop every 5 years. After five years, your graphics card and CPU are becoming obsolete and you may not be able to play newer games. By replacing your gaming laptop once every 5 years, you can avoid dealing with a failing CPU or broken hard drives.

If you have a laptop that lets you easily replace parts, then you can stretch this 5 years even further by upgrading some of its components. However, fans are rarely replaceable, and after about 7 years it would be a terrible idea to trust old fans with keeping your new components safe.

You can tell it is time for an upgrade if your gaming laptop is constantly overheating during light gaming sessions. It may also be time to upgrade if your laptop does not meet the required specs for new games.

Can A Laptop Last 10 Years?

A laptop can last 10 years, but only with the proper maintenance. You can prolong the life of your laptop by dusting the fans once per month and re-applying thermal paste to the CPU and GPU once per year.

After 10 years, your laptop may not be very good for gaming as its components will be very outdated. A ten-year lifespan will also require very light use and extremely short gaming sessions. It is very rare that any laptop lasts ten years with a gamer, even if it was top-of-the-line when bought.

Graphics cards, CPUs, RAM, etc all become outdated within 3 – 6 years of being released. Many internal components of laptops are also not designed for the long run.

This means after 5 years, there will likely be a substantial drop in the quality of your laptop and there won’t be much you can do about it. After ten years, even if nothing inside of your laptop has died, it will probably have a terrible time trying to run new games.

Is A Used Gaming Laptop Worth It?

If you purchase from a seller that refurbishes laptops and offers a good warranty, then a used gaming laptop is a fantastic option. The issue with buying used laptops is that you can never be sure what kind of use they had before your purchase.

Buying from websites with little seller accountability can be dangerous. Even if a laptop is only one year old, if it has spent that year mining Bitcoin for 12 hours a day, it will not last a single year in your possession.

Make sure you do all of your research on the seller, the laptop, and even how much that laptop usually sells for brand new from the manufacturer if you want to make a safe purchase.

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