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How Long Does It Take To Get Bits On Twitch?

Cheering for a streamer using bits is a great way to show your favorite creators on Twitch how much you enjoy their content. But what are the easiest and fastest ways to get bits? How long does it take to get bits?

How Long Does It Take To Get Bits On Twitch?

Getting bits on Twitch is instant if you buy them through Twitch; however, for free bits, you can also watch ads on Twitch that usually last between 30 – 60 seconds and pay between 2 – 10 bits. But the number of ads you can watch is limited.

Twitch RPG isn’t active in 2021, so doing surveys for bits isn’t currently an option.

Read on to learn more about bits and the best ways to acquire them. Some of the previous methods to quickly get bits for free aren’t currently active, but don’t fret; you still have other ways to obtain them and cheer for the streamers you love.

What Are Bits?

Bits are a form of virtual currency implemented by the Twitch platform that enables viewers to show support for their favorite streamers. Bits are primarily used to “cheer” for streamers, and using bits also unlocks unique badges and emotes to use in the chat while viewing a stream.

You can buy bits for $0.014 each, starting at 100 bits for $1.40. You can currently use Amazon payments and PayPal to buy them so it makes acquiring bits even easier.

You can even set up an auto-refill feature to make sure you never run out of bits by allowing Twitch to charge your payment method whenever you get low. Twitch plans on expanding these purchasing options in the future.

Auto-Refill Bits

And also, if you buy Twitch bits in bulk then you will get a discount off of the purchase price.

Oh and if you ever want to donate bits to a channel, my channel is right here. I won’t complain 🙂

How Can You Get Bits Fast On Twitch?

The fastest way to get bits is by purchasing them through Twitch or setting up the auto-refill so that you have a constant stream of bits.

Thankfully, Twitch has a few promotions and options available to you, usually on a limited or occasional basis, to acquire small amounts of bits for free. For more on when Twitch bits go on sale click here.

Another option available in the past was filling out surveys for Twitch RPG, or the Twitch Research Power Group. Unfortunately, Twitch RPG isn’t currently active, and as of 2021, it’s unknown whether Twitch has plans to revive the promotion. 

Essentially, Twitch allowed its users to complete short, 5 to 15-minute surveys from time to time that paid out around 500 bits each in exchange for valuable information from its user base to guide them when developing new features and products.

Hopefully, the company reintroduces this perk soon, but for now, it’s defunct.

Can You Still Watch Ads For Bits?

You can still watch ads for bits, and currently, this is the only way to get ads on Twitch for free; however, Twitch has recently limited the number of ads available to users as well as the amount of bits a user will receive for watching ads.

For more information on watching ads to earn bits on Twitch, check out my article here. I talk all about how to earn these free bits through ads.

And I just want to add one thing, many Twitch users recommend checking for ads at around 12:00 AM PST (or midnight on the US west coast), as many believe that Twitch resets the number of ads available to watch and the number of bits to be paid out for watching them at the same time each day.

Now I can’t confirm this myself and this is all just speculation from Twitch users. Try it out and let me know.

Never Abuse the Bits for Ads Feature

One thing to keep in mind if you are trying to watch ads for bits is to never use multiple accounts to watch ads and hoard bits for yourself. This is against Twitch’s Terms of Service and is considered “farming,” or abuse of the Bits for Ads service.

By farming bits, you’ll directly affect the number of bits available for other users and content creators to obtain for free, as there’s a very limited number of ads at any given time.

You should also avoid cheering in your own channel using any bits you’ve obtained via Bits for Ads, especially with multiple accounts, as this is also considered abuse of the promotion.

Your account may face permanent suspension if Twitch discovers you’re manipulating Bits for Ads in either of these ways. Twitch takes these offenses seriously and investigates any users they suspect of violating their Bits Acceptable Use Policy.

Do Bits Give Streamers Money?

Twitch bits give streamers $0.01 for every 1 bit donated. So if you donated 100 Twitch bits to a streamer the streamer would receive $1. Twitch takes a cut when you purchase the bits, but not when you donate those bits to a streamer.

For example, if you were to buy 100 bits it would cost you $1.40. That extra $0.40 would go to Twitch and the rest goes towards your 100 bits.

For many newer streamers, bits are a great way to earn money before regular subscriptions and more significant donations start rolling in, as bits are quite cheap and easy to earn. Essentially, cheering using bits is a form of tipping a content creator for their work.

Cheering using bits is a great way to both hype up the chat and provide some monetary support to the content creators you love on Twitch, especially if you can’t afford a subscription or aren’t sure if you want to subscribe to a streamer just yet.

You can even do this for free now and then by watching ads for bits.

But just be warned, bits can not be used in place of channel subscriptions or used for any kinds of promotions. Bits are to be used strictly on Twitch and only as a way of supporting a channel you like.

If you use bits in a way that you are not supposed to, you may get in trouble from Twitch. Just be careful.

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