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How Many Discord Roles Can You Have? (What To KNOW!)

Some servers are very active, and with this activity often comes a lot of Discord roles. But how many Discord roles can you have in a server? Keep reading to find out.

How Many Discord Roles Can You Have?

You can have up to 250 Discord roles on your server. Each role allows you to give certain people access to different parts of your server. Whether they’re private channels or admin abilities, roles help you control what everyone in your server has access to. 

My Discord Role Count

Although you can have up to 250 roles on Discord, it is unlikely that any server will have this many roles. Even massive Discord servers don’t have this many roles, at least from what I have seen.

Most servers, even giant servers, usually only have a few dozen roles in their server. 250 seems like overkill, but at least you know that it’s an option. But with so many roles, can users have multiple roles?

Can You Have Multiple Roles On Discord?

You can have multiple roles on your Discord server. Each role can have unique permissions, names, or a color to match it. These roles can be used for fun or as a tier system to allow certain people to access different parts of your server. 

Members assigned to each role will have access to certain parts of a Discord server. For example, if you want a specific channel in your Discord server to be behind a paywall, roles help you achieve this by separating members. 

Having multiple roles is great for servers that have a lot of people in them. As a server grows it is likely that the numbers of roles it has will grow as well.

These roles help you track who’s seeing what content and helps other people know the role of the person they’re speaking to within the server.

And when assigning roles, make sure the most vital permissions are saved for those you trust the most. For example, you can give administrative abilities to anyone you choose on the server.

But with these permissions, users you have assigned in these administrative roles can make major changes to your server that can be very damaging. So be careful.

What most Discord server owner do with multiple roles is have a tiered system. For example, if a person has been active in a server for a month they get s special role color. After two months they get the mod role. After three months they get the admin role, etc., etc.

Now if your server is growing, and you want more roles on your server, here is how you would go about adding more roles to your server.

How To Add More Discord Roles

  1. Go to your Discord server settings
  2. On the left side click “Roles”
  3. Click “Create Role”
  4. Customize the role (edit permissions, color, etc.)
  5. The new role will be added automatically

Go to your Discord server settings.

Discord Server Settings

On the left side click “Roles”. Click “Create Role”.

Roles > Create Role

Customize the role (edit permissions, color, etc.). The new role will be added automatically.

Role Customizations

Every time you click that “Create Role” button, a new role is automatically created. The name of the role will, by default, be named “new role”.

When it comes to Discord roles, you’re limited to 250 roles per server. As of now, there’s no way to get more than that on your server, but you can add up to 250 anytime you want in your settings. 

Also, remember, colors are important when choosing a role because it shows everyone in the server what each person’s role is.

This allows members to know if they are chatting with a mod, an admin, or just a normal server member. Having special colors and names for each role really helps to keep a server organized.

Once you choose the name and color, you can choose the permissions that every member of the role will get. There are 32 total permissions in every Discord server ranging from access to channels to administrative powers.

Read through each permission carefully before making your selections. Like I mentioned earlier, roles can have a major impact on your server, for better or worse.

And one last thing, when you go to the roles section, you can also see what roles you currently have in your server.

For example, I have 18 roles on my Discord server, each with special permissions and assignments. I also have several bots with roles on my server as having them in a role allows them to function properly.

My Discord Server Roles

If you ever want to edit one of the roles in your server, just click the three dots next to a role and then customize accordingly.

Why Does Discord Have A Role Limit?

Discord has a role limit because there aren’t enough permissions available to justify having more roles. Two hundred fifty roles will give you plenty of ways to organize your server without letting the number get completely unmanageable. 

As we discussed, each server has 32 total permissions, so there are plenty of roles available to ensure that each person has their own individual permissions. 

Another reason for this limit is for you to be able to run your server more efficiently. Part of having roles is keeping track of who’s in which role and what their permissions are, and when you get beyond 250 roles, it can create quite a mess. 

So, rather than deal with failed servers that completely overestimated the number of roles they could handle, Discord decided to put a cap on the number of roles you can have in your server. 

Remember that roles should be for groups of people. For example, while the different colored names are undoubtedly cool, they’re meant to be used to tell everyone on the server who you are. 

So, having a different one for each person just because they like the color change isn’t a realistic way to run a Discord server.

Make sure you use roles as they were meant to be used and delegate them to people depending on how well you know them or what you want them to have access to. 

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