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How Much Do Streamers Get From Twitch Prime Subs?

We all know that Twitch streamers get a certain percentage of each sub purchased on their channel, but what happens when someone subs to a channel using Twitch Prime?

How Much Do Streamers Get From Twitch Prime Subs?

Twitch Affiliates get $2.50 for every Twitch Prime sub. Even though Twitch Prime subs are not purchased directly through the channel, affiliates still get a 50% cut as if it were a normal sub. Twitch Partners get a higher percentage, but the exact percentage will vary depending on their contract.

As you may already know, Twitch Affiliate contracts are pretty standard across the board; however, Twitch Partner contracts will vary greatly from one Twitch Partner to another.

Streamers with larger followings will typically get a higher percentage cut from their subs and other details of their agreement are usually more detailed and complex than that of a Twitch Affiliate.

But regardless of the agreement that a streamer has with Twitch, Twitch Prime subs are typically are large percentage of a streamers total sub count since so many people today have Amazon Prime.

But with all this being said, how much do streamers get from just regular subs?

How Much Money Do Streamers Get From Regular Subs?

Twitch Affiliates get 50% of the cost of a sub. The amount of money Twitch Partners get from a sub will vary depending on the contract that they signed with Twitch, but typically they will get more than the 50% cut that Twitch Affiliates get.

Now let’s break this down even further.

There are three different sub tiers for qualifying streamers: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 subs. A tier 1 sub costs $4.99, tier 2 costs $9.99 and tier 3 costs $24.99 per month.

So if a Twitch Affiliate has someone sub to their channel with a tier 1 sub (which is the most common sub tier) they will make about $2.50 from that sub. Then roughly $5 from a tier 2 and roughly $12.50 from a tier 3.

Like I said already, the amount a Twitch Partner will get from a regular sub will vary greatly. It is rumored that some of the big name streamers get as much as an 80% cut from their subs, but nobody knows for certain and every Twitch Partner contract is unique.

Payment Breakdown

Now if you want to use the breakdown I did above to try and estimate how much your favorite streamer makes in subs then be my guest.

But I am no Albert Einstein, and this isn’t math class so I will be moving onto the next section.

How Do Streamers Earn Money From Subs?

In order to earn money from subs you must be a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner. Regular streamers are not allowed to have subs on their channel. Once you begin to amass subs on your channel, Twitch will pay you once you reach $100 in earnings.

Once you reach at least $100, Twitch will pay you 15 days after the end of each month, so every 45 days basically. Until that $100 mark though your money will just sit on Twitch. No big deal.

When you first begin streaming, subs are a great way to earn money quickly and easily, especially if a lot of your viewers have Twitch Prime subs they are not using.

Do Streamers Make Money From Gifted Subs?

Similar to other subs, Twitch Affiliates will get a 50% cut of the price of the gifted sub and Twitch Partners will get whatever percentage they agreed upon in their Twitch Partner contract.

As streamers, your supporters can gift you a tier 1, tier 2 or a tier 3 sub and you will get a cut depending on what your status as a streamer with Twitch is.

The gifted subs work like normal subs, the only difference is they were not purchased by the person who is the sub. The payout is the same though and the perks awarded to those subs is the same as well.

How Much Money Do You Make With 100 Subs on Twitch?

The amount of money you will make from 100 subs will depend on your status as a streamer (affiliate or partner) as well as the type of subs on a channel (tier 1, 2, or 3). But a Twitch Affiliate with 100 tier 1 subs would make roughly $250 USD from subs alone.

Again, this $250 is just from subs and is not including things like Twitch bits, donations or other affiliates and promotions that a streamer may have on their channel in order to generate revenue.

Sub Goal

If a channel has 100 subs it is safe to assume that they make at least $250 just from subs. In most cases I would say that a channel is comprised of 80%, possibly even 90% tier 1 subs.

Tier 2 and tier 3 subs are not as common and so with 100 subs a streamer probably makes around $300 a month just from subs between their tier 1, 2, and 3 subs.

If you include other revenue streams such as donations, bits, sponsors and brand deals then I would say a streamer with 100 subs probably makes around $500 a month just on Twitch.

Many streamers also do things outside of Twitch such as Youtube or social media to make even more money.

100 subs on Twitch is awesome and any streamer who reaches 100 subs on Twitch is definitely doing something right.

How Much Money Do You Make With 1,000 Subs on Twitch?

The amount of money you will make from 1,000 subs will depend on your status as a streamer (affiliate or partner) as well as the type of subs on a channel (tier 1, 2, or 3). But a Twitch Affiliate with 1,000 tier 1 subs would make roughly $2,500 USD from subs alone.

Again just like in the case above, a streamer with 1,000 subs probably makes closer to around $3,000 a month from subs alone when you consider that some of those subs will be tier 2 and tier 3 subs.

And a streamer who is able to get 1,000 subs is also likely to have some sweet affiliate deals with different brands or partners, plus supporters who donate money and Twitch bits.

If I had to guess I would say that a streamer with around 1,000 subs probably makes around $5,000 a month on Twitch just through subs, donations, bits and any partner or sponsors they are associated with.

Again, this is not including anything that the streamer may be doing outside of Twitch to generate revenue.

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