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How To Become A Pro Apex Legends Player [2023] Ultimate Guide

Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games in the world. It has a very dedicated community that has kept it alive and interesting since its debut.

If you are into Apex Legends, and are wondering how to go pro, keep reading as I cover everything you will need to go pro and more down below.

How To Become A Pro Apex Legends Player?

Perfect Your Aim

This may seem obvious, but your aim doesn’t just need to be good, it needs to be great. You will not be able to go pro if you can’t hit your shots every consistently.

The reason is because every other pro will have excellent aim, and if you can’t keep up then you’ll lose way too many winnable fights.

In battle royale style games you don’t have to be as accurate as you would in an FPS style game, but you still need to be pretty accurate so you don’t lose your fights.

Many pros also use aim trainers such as Aim Lab and KovaaK’s to help improve their aim. These programs provide games and drills designed specifically to help make you a more accurate shooter.

KovaaK’s Aim Trainer

Perfect Your Map Awareness and Game Sense

Having great aim is excellent, but you should also know what’s going on around you.

Even if you can hit every single shot, it won’t matter if you always jump into terrible fights or get third partied in situations you shouldn’t have even been in.

Some players play way too aggressively, while others play way too scared. The best thing you can do for your own gameplay is figure out which category you fall in, and try to reel it in either way.

Make sure you never go into auto pilot during your games, and try to learn from every single death.

Also, since the maps in Apex Legends rotate, you will want to be familiar with each map so that way you can be successful regardless of the map you play on.

Study The Game

You shouldn’t just play the game over and over until you’re good. It just won’t happen.

Becoming pro requires a certain level of knowledge, and the only way most people will acquire this knowledge is by studying.

You can study the gameplay of pro players and streamers, study guides, and study your own gameplay.

There’s so much to learn in a dynamic game like Apex Legends, that you could spend an hour everyday studying and still never learn everything there is to know.

Hire A Coach

The only thing better than studying a pro’s videos is hiring an actual pro to watch your gameplay and tell you what you’re doing wrong.

If you’re still in the low ranks, you can save money and hire a good player that isn’t a pro, but still better than you. A coach will be able to watch your games and tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong.

They’ll have an objective standpoint and since they’re getting paid they’ll (hopefully) give you quality feedback.

Coaches are well worth the money if you’re serious about improving your own gameplay and ranking up.

You find coaches through social media or through websites such as Fivver. I prefer to use Fiverr because you can see how other people have rated the coaches in the past. This helps you to avoid scammers.

You can see a list of Apex Legends coaches on Fiverr here. They have coaches of all kinds and from various price ranges as well.

Work On Communication

Apex is a team game, so you should have solid communication even when playing with randoms. This is especially true, though, if you play with friends or a team.

You have to learn how to shot call and make good callouts. If someone else is the shot caller, you have to learn how to listen to them and communicate effectively.

Just make sure not to overcommunicate unnecessary information and make it so your teammates can’t hear what’s happening around them.

Form A Team

Unfortunately, most organizations that want an Apex Legends team already have an Apex Legends team. This means it will be very hard to land a spot on one of them.

However, nothing is stopping you from forming your own team with a few of your friends that take the game as seriously as you do.

When you have a team you can dedicate hours to practice every single day, get better together, and climb the ranks together.

Having a team that has chemistry and that knows each others strengths and weakness is crucial. You can’t just team up with any random set of players and expect to have success.

Analyze Your Gameplay

Having a coach watch your games is great, but it can be pretty expensive and time consuming if you have them watch every game. Sometimes it’s better to just sit down and watch your own gameplay.

Don’t just watch the games you play well in. If you lost a fight that you feel like you should’ve won, then take a break from playing, pull up the video, grab a notepad and start taking notes.

You’ll be surprised how many mistakes you made that you didn’t notice in the moment.

Reach The Highest Ranks

No professional team will take you seriously if you are not the same rank as the pros. You should be getting in the same games as pros and high ranking streamers, and you should be absolutely stomping them (at least sometimes).

For Apex Legends this means you need to reach the highest rank, which is Apex Predator, and do well in this rank.

If you are struggling to get through Masters, or anything lower than that, then you are probably not ready for pro play.

It’s like they say, to be the best you have to beat the best and this is the best way to show that you are good enough to hang with the pros.

And playing well in the Apex Predator division may even get you noticed.

Apex Legends Rankings

Stream And Create Content

Building a following is a great way to land a professional contract in Apex Legends. Since most teams are already filled out and not looking to switch up their roster, you pretty much need to have made a name for yourself before they’ll consider you.

Stream your high rank games, be a decent personality, and post montages and clips to Youtube / TikTok.

If anything, you may be able to make some money from your streams and videos, and you won’t even need to be signed. Of course, this also means you have to be really good or really entertaining.

Streaming Apex Legends

Play In Tournaments

There are plenty of Discord servers, streamers, and websites that host Apex Legends tournaments. Even though they do not pay the big bucks like professional tournaments, they are a great way to get your name out there, gain tournament experience, and just have fun.

They will also show you how well you and your team stack up against other players and teams. Training for a tournament will also give you a good sense of how pro players train everyday.

These are 10 things you will need to do if you want to go pro in Apex Legends. Not let’s go over some other commonly asked questions for those looking to go pro in Apex Legends.

What Is Considered A Pro In Apex Legends?

A person is considered an Apex Legends pro if they are in the highest rank online (Apex Predator), have competed in a major tournament, have been invited to ALGS, or are signed to an org that competes in major tournaments.

Although defining what being a “pro” means in e-sports can be difficult, Apex makes it pretty easy.

The reason it is so easy is because they have a robust ranking system as well as a pro league where they invite only the best of the best players to compete.

To get invited to the pro league you must work your way through their challenger circuit and be one of the top performing teams in the circuit.

However, just because you compete in the challenger circuit does not mean you will be invited to pro league.

Also, the people who are invited to pro league will vary from season to season and so I don’t think you can say that someone is not a pro just because they are not in pro league.

I’ll touch on the challenger circuit below, and how you can qualify for Apex’s pro league.

How Do You Get Invited To ALGS?

To get invited to ALGS you need to play through the ALGS Challenger Circuit. The Challenger Circuit tournament will earn you the chance to compete against pros in Pro League Qualifiers or the Last Chance Qualifier. The exact process changes every season but the Challenger Circuit will be the first step.

Zephyr actually answered this question on Reddit not too long ago, but also mentioned that competing in the Challenger Circuit won’t guarantee a spot in the pro League.

However, it is the best place to start, and the only place that amateur players can compete and hope to get a spot. The Challenger Circuit is free, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just having the opportunity to compete against pros is great for aspiring pros.

How To Join A Pro Team In Apex Legends?

To join a pro team in Apex Legends, a player needs to catch the attention of a pro team by becoming extremely good at the game and streaming their gameplay for others to see. A person may also form their own team and register on the ALGS site if their team is good enough to be professional.

If you want to join an existing Apex Legends team, you’re going to need to get noticed. Skill speaks louder than anything else, so your first step should be getting really good at the game.

By really good, I mean you should be better than most of the current pros, otherwise why would a pro team want you?

After that, you need to get noticed through streaming, tournaments, and anything else you can think of. Joining a pro team is a combination of skill and networking.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pro In Apex Legends?

It will typically take someone a year of dedicated practice and play to go pro in Apex Legends; however, the exact time it takes for a person to go pro in Apex Legends will vary depending on a players natural ability, gaming background, age, and time playing the game.

There have been cases of players going pro in eSports after only playing for 6 – 12 months. These are extremely rare though and most of these players have come from another FPS game.

It takes years to build up the muscle memory necessary to compete with professional players that have been playing since the game launched.

You shouldn’t expect to go pro over night, it will be a marathon not a sprint and will require dedication and intense practice every day.

How Much Do Pro Apex Legends Players Make?

Most professional Apex Legends players will make anywhere from $20k – $60k per year, depending on what tier of professional play they partake in. Star players on top tier teams, on the other hand, can make $20,000 – $30,000 per month through their team contract, Twitch subs, Youtube views, and sponsorships.

Most Apex Legends pros do not make as much money as someone may guess from the outside. Many actually make a pretty basic salary.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may be surprising to some. The contracts for G2 were leaked a while back and showed that many of their players made about $2k per month ($24k per year).

Most smaller teams will probably pay something similar, while the biggest teams will be able to afford $60 – $100k contracts per player.

Most players also make money from streaming, sponsors, and content in general. How popular the player is will directly correlate to their yearly salary.

How Many Hours A Day Do Pro Apex Legends Players Play?

Professional players play Apex Legends for about 6 hours everyday and some of them may play up to 12 or more. Pros do not spend the entire time playing the game for fun. Most of the time they will spend at least 2 – 3 hours on dedicated practice and analyzing their own gameplay in order to get better.

Different pros play for different lengths of time, and it all depends on the individual. Most of the time, no matter what, a pro player will need to play for 6 hours just to keep their mechanical skills fresh.

However, some players will spend the entire 6 hours practicing and picking apart their gameplay. While another player may only spend one hour on practice and goof around for the rest of the time.

Can You Become An Apex Legends Pro On Console?

You can become an Apex Legends professional while playing on a console. Many Apex Legends tournaments and circuits are crossplay, meaning you can enter no matter what device you play on. If you play on console, you will need to be able to compete with and defeat players playing on the PC.

The Apex Legends pro league is open to console players so there’s nothing stopping someone from playing on console at a professional level.

If you’re wondering whether you can compete with PC players, then just take a look at Snip3down. He doesn’t play on console, but he does use a controller and has no problem tearing down mouse and keyboard warriors.

Is Being An Apex Legends Pro Worth It?

Being a professional Apex Legends player is worth it. Pro players can make a suitable living just by playing the game, but can make even more money by marketing themselves and building a community. Becoming an Apex Legends pro is a great way to set yourself up for a lifetime of success even beyond the game.

If you put in the time and effort to get really good at Apex Legends and go pro, it will always be worth it.

For it to be worth the effort, you have to love the game and be willing to put in some extra time and effort beyond it.

Just landing on a T2 or T3 team will get you enough money to support yourself, but if you learn to market yourself, gain sponsorships, and build a community then the sky is the limit.

If you want to know what it takes to go pro in Fortnite or CSGO then click on the links. And if you want to know what gaming for a career is like then check out my article here.

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