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How To Become A Twitch Mod? From An Actual Twitch Mod

On Twitch I am a mod for a few channels and I have a few mods on my own channel. Now although the steps to earning the mod title will be different for every channel, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of becoming a mod for a Twitch channel.

How To Become A Twitch Mod

For most Twitch channels there is no direct path to becoming a moderator for the channel; however, streamers tend to mod users who are consistently present in streams, contribute to the stream in a positive way, someone who the streamers feels they can trust and lastly someone who asks to be a mod.

Again given my experience being selected as a mod, as well as modding others on my channel, this is generally what streamers look for.

Now let’s break each of these points down a bit further.

Consistently Present In Streams

Now this is a pretty obvious one. What would be the point of modding someone who never shows up to the streams?

Mods are responsible for keeping the users in your stream in line and helping you out with different tasks in order to allow you to focus more heavily on streaming.

In order to help with these things you must be present in the streams. Before you become a mod you must first show that you are willing to be present in a stream.

Being consistently present in a stream also shows the streamer your loyalty and dedication to the stream.

Often when selecting mods streamers want people who share their same vision and desire for the stream to succeed. And being present and active during streams certainly shows this.

Contribute To The Stream In A Positive Way

Another thing that streamers look for when deciding whether or not to mod someone is how that user contributes to the stream.

Are they positive in chat? Do they welcome newcomers to the stream? Are they subbed to the channel? Do they donate bits or gift subs?

Now I don’t want you thinking that you have to contribute anything monetary in order to stand out on the stream or in order to contribute in a positive way.

Tweet From Streamers Playbook

You can contribute to the stream in a positive way by just being friendly to others and not stirring up any drama on the stream.

But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that often times those who are the biggest financial contributors to a stream are also the mods and VIPS of the channel.

And in many ways this makes sense. People who really believe in the channel and in the streamer are more likely to donate money or bits and to gift subs.

And since these people have such a belief in the streamer, it makes sense that the streamer in turn would want to give these people a more prominent role on their channel.

I guess you could say that donating doesn’t necessarily assure that you will be selected as a mod, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Someone Who The Streamer Feels They Can Trust

This is probably the most important thing a streamer will have to decide when selecting a mod. Can they trust YOU?

As a mod you have a lot of power. You can ban, timeout, slow chat and much more. Imagine giving this power to the wrong person. They could ruin your entire stream real quick and real easy.

So how can you earn the trust of a streamer? Well being present and being active are two good places to start. You could also help answer any questions in chat or questions that the streamer asks.

Doing so will demonstrate that you are reliable and that you can be trusted. Over time this trust will grow and they may just ask you to be a mod.

Ask To Be A Mod

You have probably heard the saying, “You never know until you ask.” And this is true when trying to become a Twitch Mod as well.

Many times you have done all the things above: you have been active, you have been supportive and you have earned the trust of the streamer. So why are you not a mod on the channel?

Well sometimes streamers simply just don’t know that you have any interest in being a mod for the channel. This is why you must ask my friend.

This happened to me on my channel. I modded someone and another user asked why they had not been made a mod yet even though they had been around for a while.

And to be honest they were right, but the truth was I really had no idea that the other user had any interest in being a mod for the channel.

They were cool about it, I modded them right there and then and everyone was happy.

Now asking once is totally fine, but I think where streamers begin to get annoyed is when users hop into every stream and ask to be a mod again and again.

That is what gets streamers annoyed and could lead to you being timed out or banned from the channel.

Instead what I recommend doing is asking once. If it is a “no” cool, but then ask what you can do to become a mod for the channel.

Maybe the streamer needs to get to know you more. Maybe you need to spend more time in the stream. Or maybe the streamer is just not looking for mods right now.

Regardless of the answer at least then you know where you stand and if being a mod on the channel is even a possibility for you.

Now all these tips are general knowledge for becoming a mod on any Twitch channel, but if you want to be a mod on one of the larger channels on Twitch then you will have to do a few extra things.

How To Become A Mod For A Big Twitch Channel/Streamer

If you want to become a mod for a big Twitch streamer, most of the time you will have to either be one of their top contributors (donations, gifted subs, etc.) or have been made a mod when the channel was much smaller. Although it is possible to be made a mod without these things, it is less likely.

The reason being is that these big streamers have much more to lose than a smaller streamer who is just streaming to a few people for fun.

For many big streamers, streaming is their main source of income and how they support themselves and so they can’t afford to just mod anyone. Having a mod who does not take their job seriously could ruin their stream.

They want to know that they are modding someone who believes in the stream and wants to see the stream succeed just like they do.

Things such as being present and positive in streams still apply, it’s just you will more than likely have to do these things for a much longer period of time in order to get noticed.

Being active in these streamers’ Discords and on their social media accounts are also great ways to get noticed and to help and build their trust in you.

And once you feel you have been super supportive for a decent amount of time, then you can ask what someone has to do to be a mod.

But don’t be surprised if you get turned down or if the process to becoming a mod on one of these big channels is more difficult than you had anticipated.

Can Mods Add Other Mods On Twitch

Mods are not able to add or remove other mods on Twitch. Only the streamer (broadcaster) of the channel is able to mod and unmod a user. However, mods can ban and unban other mods on the channel and time them out as well.

If you want to know how to mod someone, check out my video below:

Questions To Ask Before Making Someone A Twitch Mod

If you are looking to mod a user, but are wondering what questions to ask them before making them a mod, check out the following ideas for questions to ask before making someone a mod on your Twitch channel.

  • What is your watchtime?
  • How long have you followed the stream for?
  • How long have you been subbed to the channel for?
  • Can I trust you?
  • Why do you want to be a mod for the channel?
  • How often can you be in the stream?
  • Do you have any ideas you want to bring to the stream?
  • Do you have any experience being a Twitch mod?
  • Do you understand the rules of the stream?
  • Any games you think we should stream?
  • Do you know how to mod Discord as well?

Again, these are ideas you could ask people before making them a mod, but you don’t have to.

For me personally I usually ask just a few of the questions on this list such as what a user’s watchtime is and if they have any experience being a mod.

I am a small streamer and so I don’t dive too deep into who these mods are. I just want to make sure the people I mod are legit and usually I can tell by how they interact in my stream.

If you want to see which channels you are a mod in, or if you want to see a list of commands that are available to mods on Twitch, then check out the articles I linked.

And lastly, mods are awesome and to all my mods, THANK YOU!

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

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