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How to Check How Long You Have Followed Someone On Twitch?

How to Check How Long You Have Followed Someone On Twitch?

Have you ever noticed how time flies past us at a faster and faster rate?  It is more true than not, especially when one is having a good time.  And being a part of the Twitch community is no exception.  But have you ever wondered how to check how long you have followed someone on Twitch?  

I have asked myself this question on more than one occasion.  That’s why I thought I should put together this simple guide for you.  So that you can also find out how long you have followed someone on the Twitch platform.

The good thing about this method is that you can also use the same instructions to find out how long anyone has followed a channel.  Even your own channel.

Let’s jump in and see how easy this is to do.

4 Steps To Check How Long A Person Has Followed A Twitch Channel

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Go to the Twitch Follow Date Tool.
  3. Enter the username.
  4. Enter the name of the channel that the user follows.

Step One – Open up a browser.  Any browser will do, on any platform.  Whether you are on a desktop, tablet, or even your phone, any browser for the internet will work.

Step Two – All you need to do in your browser is navigate to the address window and type in  Then hit enter.  This will bring you to the handy tool that lets you see how long a user has followed a channel.

Keep in mind, this is any user, for any channel.  So, you can find out how long anyone has followed a particular channel, including yourself or others.

Step Three – In the USERNAME field, type in the name of the user that you are interested in.  Again, this can be your username or someone else.

Step Four – In the channel name field, type in the name of the channel you want to find out about.  Then hit enter.

This method will easily deliver the information you are looking for regarding how long a particular user has been following a particular channel.  But, why might you want to know?  Let’s look at the reasons you may want to know this information.

Why you would want to see how long you have been following someone on Twitch?

When you follow a channel or streamer on Twitch, you might want to check and see how long you have been following that channel.  You might just be curious about your own time following someone.  Perhaps you’ve followed a channel for a while and feel like it’s time to help them out with a donation or add a subscription.  Or perhaps the channel or streamer offers some sort of reward for loyal followers.

Either way, you may want to investigate how long you’ve been watching a channel.

Speaking of investigation, you may also want to do some investigating when it comes to people viewing and following your channel.  This can also be for a number of reasons including loyal follower rewards and even investigating to make sure your followers are legitimate.

But, what is a legitimate follower vs. an illegitimate one?  Well, sometimes there are nefarious people trying to ‘game the system’ using bots or scripting.  When this happens, it can affect channel ratings.  You can keep an eye on your Twitch channel analytics and if you see a sudden dip in followers, it could be that Twitch has caught up with and removed one of these nefarious bots.

What are the benefits of following a streamer?

The benefit of following a streamer is two-fold.  First, it sort of works like a bookmark for you.  If you follow a streamer you enjoy watching, then you have a fast way of getting back to their channel.

The second benefit of following a streamer is to help provide good metrics to their channel.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, look at it this way, a follower is a signal to Twitch that your channel has value.  The greater the value of your channel, the more likely Twitch is to show it to other people in the recommended streams.

And if Twitch decides to recommend your channel, you may find that this translates to fast growth and even growing your channel income.  Both of these are highly beneficial to you, for obvious reasons.

And when it comes to making money on Twitch, you need to have a certain number of followers before you can qualify to be an affiliate and generate income.  Let’s take a quick look at just how to qualify.  Here are the requirements:

  • 50 followers over the last 30 days
  • 500 total minutes broadcast
  • 7 unique broadcast days
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent views

So, as you can see, being a follower of a channel gives the owner of that channel the possibility to become an affiliate.  Once a streamer becomes an affiliate, there are a number of things that that streamer can use to generate income and support for their channel.  This is a good thing for any streamer so following your favorite streamers is a form of support in and of itself.

Frequently Asked Twitch Questions

How do you check how long you’ve watched Twitch?

Checking to see how long someone has followed a channel is one thing, but how do you check how long you’ve watched Twitch?  Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t tell you your total watch time.  However, there are some clever ways of finding out other similar pieces of information.

For example, let’s say you want to find out how many hours a viewer has watched your channel.  You can use a tool like Deep Bot to find out.  

With Deep Bot, you can go into the config panel and switch the points query settings from ‘Show Rank’ to ‘Show Hours Watched’.  This way it will show the number of hours spent watching your channel.

This tool is really handy if you are providing rewards to viewers with high watch hours.  This sort of reward encourages your viewers to compete by spending more time watching your channel.  

How do you check how many people follow you on Twitch?

On Twitch, if you navigate to your channel profile page, you will be able to find out how many followers you have there.  When you access your profile page, you can click on the Followers Tab.  Now, this doesn’t tell you anymore than how many followers you have.

There’s a really easy way to check your follower count.  All you need to do is access your creator dashboard.

Next, navigate to the preferences and click on the channel.  Now you can click on followers list and you will see all your followers.  

There is also another handy tool to find out, although it will only return up to 2,000 followers.  And that is by using the Simple Follow List tool at Twitch Insights.

How do I see who I am following on Twitch?

Sometimes you might be interested in finding out who you are following on Twitch, not just who is following you.  To find out who you are following, it is a very simple procedure.

First, log in to Twitch.  Next, on the top left you will see a menu, with the first word ‘Following’.  Just click on this menu item and it will show you all the streams you are following.

How do I check how many people are following another Twitch user?

Checking to see how many followers another streamer has can be smart if you are analyzing the competition.  Or, maybe you are just curious.  Either way, you can use the same Simple Follow List tool I mentioned earlier. 

The only catch with this tool is that it only goes up to 2,000 as I previously mentioned.  But, it is pretty neat to be able to see the follower count on smaller channels.  This is an added bonus if you are competing with smaller channels

You can analyze the other channels’ follower growth and compare their channel to your own.  This can help you to determine the best strategies to use to grow your own channel.  

There is one thing to consider when checking the following list of a channel.  That is that if a channel has their metrics inflated with fake bot followers, it may not be a completely accurate metric of the real people following the channel.  However, it can still give you a pretty good idea as to the follower count.

This form of follower count analysis can be done repeatedly over time.  If you make a simple spreadsheet and check a channel follower count regularly, you can track and even graph the follower count over time.  This is a great way to watch and see if certain strategies have helped your channel grow.

As always, if you have any questions or just want to hang with me, stop by my Twitch channel here and say what’s up!

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Seeing how long you have followed someone on Twitch is a cool way to see how long you have been involved in a community and it’s easy to do so why not give it a try?

And if you want to see when a Twitch account was created, check out my article here.


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