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How To Email Discord | And How Long They Take To Respond

One of the things that makes Discord such an awesome platform is their support team. If you need to reach out to Discord for any reason, keep reading as I will show you how to email Discord and what things to put in your email to them.

How To Email Discord

You can email Discord by sending an email to [email protected] (official Discord support email). The Discord team may not be able to assist you if you use a different email address than the one associated with your account. Be sure to send your email from the email address associated with your Discord account. 

To help you better format your emails for delivery to Discord, I’ll go over some handy tips in the article.

I’m confident that you’ll know how to have your query resolved by the Discord team by the end of the article. So, stick around till the very end.

What Are The Things You Should Email Discord About?

You can contact Discord through their official email address to file a complaint or grievance, report glitches and bugs, provide suggestions and feedback, or to get answers to questions not answered on their site.

Before composing an email to Discord, check their website to see if your query has already been addressed. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Help sections are some of the places you can look.

Here are the primary things that you can email Discord about:

To File Your Complaints Or Grievances

If you have any complaints about the Discord service, feel free to send an email to the customer team explaining your issue. Your complaint could be about anything, as long as it’s related to Discord.

Whether you’re unhappy with the service or your payment is stuck, drop a message and explain your issue.

To Report Glitches Or Bugs

Discord is an ever-growing service that adds thousands of new users to its userbase each day. And like any other rapidly growing software platform, it can have bugs and glitches, at least once in a while. 

Discord developers are impressive and they’re working day and night to ensure that the user experience is smooth and lag-free. However, no matter how excellent service is, they’re bound to fall short at times.

If your experience using the Discord app is being hindered by a technical issue, drop a quick email to Discord. 

To Give Suggestions And Feedback 

Every company loves constructive feedback. If you have anything of value on your mind that you think Discord could integrate into their services, then they’re just an email away. 

On Twitter, I have often seen Discord themselves encouraging users to drop valuable feedback and suggestions through the official email address. Who knows, maybe your suggestion will inspire Discord’s next feature or improvement.

For General Queries You Can’t Find the Answer To

Before emailing Discord to ask a question, carefully scan the Discord help page for any applicable answers. You may also want to browse the Discord forums or perform a quick Google search for your query. 

If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get an answer to your query, you can email the Discord team and ask them to answer your question.

Remember, Discord is a growing company with millions of users. Don’t be surprised if it takes them a few days or more to resolve your issue.

How Should You Format An Email/Complaint To Discord?

Your email to Discord support should be brief and concise. Be sure to use a clear subject line that generally describes your issue or reason for making contact. Discord may not be able to assist you if you do not use the email associated with your account when you email them.

Here are the most crucial components you’ll want to include in your email:

  • The device you are using to access Discord
  • Whether you are using Discord in the browser or as a desktop/mobile application
  • The name of the account you’re experiencing the issue on
  • Whether the issue happens all the time or just occasionally, and the date when the issue appeared
  • A clear subject line that will help Discord identify how to categorize your email (e.g. “Cannot Login When Using Discord iOS App” or “Cannot Create New Discord Account With My Email Address”)

If you are writing Discord about an issue you’re experiencing with one of their applications, then be sure to include information about the device and app version you are having issues with.

For example, if your issue is occurring only when you use your Windows 10 laptop and the desktop version of the Discord app, you’ll want to include this detail in your email.

Remember to avoid flowery language and focus on getting your point across as clearly as possible. Maintaining a professional demeanor in your correspondence will facilitate and expedite the exchange of information.

Once you’ve finished writing your email, hold off on pressing the “send” button. If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, ensure you thoroughly reread the said email.

If you’ve not received a response after a few days, your email has probably ended up in the junk folder. Another possibility is that the Discord team missed your email in a sea of other messages.

You should send a follow-up message to check on the status of the last one you sent.

If you still do not receive a response, then consider reaching out to Discord on Twitter or submitting a request through their support form.

Discord frequently responds to users on Twitter, so tagging them in a Tweet may be a good way to get their attention if your emails have gone ignored.

Will Discord Respond To Your Emails?

Discord is very proficient at responding to customer emails, so you should expect them to respond. On average, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to you. However, in some rare instances, the reply could take up to a few days. 

Discord is a large company with a decent-sized customer service team. With each passing year, their userbase increases greatly.

As a result, the number of emails Discord receives is also rising. Unfortunately, this means it may take longer to get a response to your email than in the past.

If it has been 2-3 days since you emailed Discord and you still you haven’t heard from them, don’t lose hope. It’s usually advised that you should wait a few more days.

If you haven’t received a reply after 4-5 days, you should write a follow-up email.

I can’t think of a situation where Discord may not reply to you. If you carefully craft your mail, I am sure that the Discord team will reach out to you sooner than later.

Is There An Alternative Discord Support Email?

PC users can reach out to Discord at [email protected]. If you are primarily using Discord on your mobile device and have a problem with the app, you can also send an email to [email protected].

Discord’s official Twitter account has announced the company’s support email address publicly.

If they haven’t responded to your email after a few days, you can try Tweeting at their support account. Alternatively, you can try filing a support request through this form.

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Final Thoughts

If you need to get in touch with the Discord team, you can email them at [email protected]. If you use Discord on your mobile device, and have an issue with the Discord app, you can get in touch at [email protected].

Discord has a great customer support team, and you can help them get back to you faster by keeping your communication concise and friendly.


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