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How To Find A Niche On Twitch

Finding your niche on Twitch is crucial to reaching your goals as a streamer. Having a niche helps you to game plan and strategize ways to best build your brand. If you are having trouble finding your niche on Twitch no worries, this article will help you find and grow your niche on Twitch.

How to Find a Niche on Twitch

When looking for your niche on Twitch you want to consider three things: what do you like to do, what are you good at and if this is something you plan to make a living doing. With those three things you can then begin to brainstorm and look at other peoples’ channels to help you decide what niche you would like to pursue on Twitch.

You can even choose to stream a niche that nobody else is doing, but this may not always yield the best results.  

To help get ideas for your niche, it is good to search around and see what other people are doing. For example, I was curious about whether or not there were any ukelele channels on Twitch.

So, I went on Twitch and I searched ‘ukelele’. To my surprise, quite a few channels appeared, although none of the channels appeared to be active.

But either way, just doing a simple search on Twitch for the niche you are interested in could help you to get some ideas. You can even search the game you are interested in as well.

Also, maybe you search on Twitch for a niche that you are interested in and nobody is doing that niche. Does this mean it is a good niche or should you stay away?

The answer is “well it depends”. It depends on what your goals are. If you are trying to make money in the niche on Twitch, having zero channels associated with the niche may mean that there is low interest in the niche.

This of course could make it harder to make money with so few people watching your streams on Twitch; unless you promote your niche/channel outside of Twitch that is.

If on the other hand you are just trying to stream for fun then by all means stream that niche, especially if you enjoy it. I have seen all kinds of streams on Twitch from cooking channels to exercise to music. Twitch has it all. Maybe you just want to live stream with a few pals or gals and that’s all good.

Now when it comes to gaming, you still need to find a niche. Are you the cool gamer? Are you the nerdy gamer? Are you the try hard pro?

You have to decide what your personality is and what kind of streamer you want to be. But above all be yourself and don’t be fake.

You can also find niches within a game. Take Fortnite for example; there are all kinds of niches in Fortnite. There are death runs, costume contests, box fights, etc. etc.

If you are set on playing one game, be creative and try to find a niche within that game that can make you stand out.  

As I mentioned, you want to find a niche that you like, that you are good at and if this is something you plan to make a living doing. Let me discuss these in greater detail and why they are important to choosing a niche.

Choosing a niche you like

Just like in gaming, you have to choose a niche that you like. Don’t choose to do a cooking niche if you don’t like cooking.

If you like gaming, play a game that you like. Don’t be so concerned about staying in a niche just because you think you can get views in that niche. Trust me, you will get burnt out doing this and you will not have fun.

Choosing a niche you like should make you happy and excited to stream that niche. That energy and excitement will be able to be felt by your viewers and will make them more likely to stick around.    

Choosing a niche that you are good at

If you are going to stream a certain niche then you want to make sure that you are good at it. You don’t have to be a pro, but you do have to be decent or at least willing to get decent.

For example, if you are a terrible cook, nobody is going to want to tune in to watch you burn a hot pocket. If I am passionate about cooking, why would I watch someone who can’t cook?

Now like I said you don’t have to be a pro. There are a ton of major streamers who are terrible at the games they play, but they are so funny that it really doesn’t matter.

TimTheTatman is a great example. He is an average gamer, but he is way funny and that’s his niche. Being entertaining which he is good at.

Other streamers are also good at their niches whether it be the way you dress, your catch phrases or your idea. Whatever your angle is to capture the attention of viewers use it and become very very good at it. 

If you are just trying to get good at a game or a hobby then people can get behind that as well. What people don’t want to see is someone who comes on every now and again who is not good at what they do and makes no effort to improve.

Even trying to get good at a game or a hobby is good enough.

On the other hand, if you are really good at your niche be it gaming or anything else then you need to really sell that. Let people know how good you are and they will be more likely to come. Everybody likes a winner.   

Do you plan on making an income with this niche

This may be one of the most important things to consider when deciding your niche. If you do not plan on making money from this niche, then it doesn’t matter what niche you do.

You can play any game you want or stream any hobby you want without worrying how many viewers you will get. 

However, if you do want to turn this niche into an income then you will want to try and find a niche that will provide you with enough viewers/followers to allow you to sustain yourself.

If you choose a niche like kitting, you may have a hard time getting enough support on Twitch to support yourself. I am not saying it’s impossible, I am just saying it will be challenging. 

The same goes for choosing your game. The game you choose should have some interest. If nobody is watching the game that you are streaming then it will be harder to attract new viewers.

You obviously don’t want to choose a game that is oversaturated, but you do need some viewers to pull from. For help in choosing a game to stream go here.

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step now is to start growing your niche.  

How to Grow Your Niche on Twitch

Going your niche will depend on what your niche is on Twitch.

I suggest that if you are in a smaller niche such as a ukelele niche or a latin dancing niche that you do put the name of your niche in the channel name. For example, if you want to do a ukelele niche then name your channel “Ukelele Master” or something like that.

This way your channel is easier to find for people who come to Twitch and search for your specific niche. If you are in a gaming niche, just name yourself something catchy.

Unless you have a following outside of Twitch from things like Youtube or other social medias, your Twitch channel will be more difficult for others to find without the name of your niche in your channel’s title.

However, like I said, if you plan on expanding beyond your tiny niche then just choose a cool name and don’t worry about having the name of your niche in the title. For tips on getting more viewers on Twitch check this article out.  

Another thing I recommend is that you don’t just copy another channel. If you are trying to grow, you have to be unique. You have to stand out and copying someone else will not make you stand out.

Be yourself. I see smaller streamers try to emulate the more popular streamers out there and it just looks fake and forced. Don’t do it. Ask yourself why people are going to watch your stream over other streamers in your same niche. 

Going back to the ukelele example, why are people going to watch you play the ukulele over the five other channels of people playing the ukelele. You have to ask yourself that question time and time again as you are growing your stream.

Growing your niche on Twitch takes time and it takes consistency. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. Be patient and keep grinding and you will eventually see your niche begin to grow.  

As always, if you have any questions or just want to hang with me, stop by my Twitch channel here and say what’s up!

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In the end, finding your niche doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose a niche you like, start grinding and lastly enjoy the journey.

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