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How to Find a Streamer on Twitch

Maybe you saw a cool Youtube video of a streamer. Maybe your favorite streamer was recommending another streamer. Or maybe you are just interested in finding a new streamer to watch. Whatever your situation is, in this article I am going to discuss how you can find new streamers on Twitch. 

How to Find a Streamer on Twitch

To find a streamer on Twitch, click on the search bar located at the top middle of the Twitch page (if you are on PC) and type in the name of the streamer you want to find. Once their name pops up, click on their name and you will be taken to their channel. Make sure to type their name exactly how it is written or the search may not work correctly.

If you are on mobile the process is similar. Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the Twitch homepage. Type in the name of the streamer you are looking for and once their name appears click on it and you will be taken to their page. 

Of Course this process is great if you already know the name of the streamer you are searching for, but what if you want to find streamers of a particular game or a certain genre?

How to Find New Streamers on Twitch

The most common ways to find new streamers through Twitch is through the Browse section on Twitch, by searching through the different tags on Twitch or through recommended streamers. Using these features allows you to find the game, genre or streamer that you are looking for.

Everyone has things they are looking for when searching for new streamers to watch. It may be you are interested in a certain game, cool overlays or certain tags. Below, I will cover different ways in which you can find new streamers to watch and engage with. 

How to Find Streamers on Twitch Who Stream a Certain Game

To find a streamer on Twitch who streams a certain game, go to the Twitch homepage and click the browse button located at the top of the page (bottom of the page if you are on mobile). Once you click the browse button, you will be taken to a page that has the entire list of games that are currently being streamed on Twitch. You can also search for the game in the search bar.  

If you search for a game using the browse tab you will be presented with literally thousands of games.This is cool if you want to discover new games or see what games are popular at the moment. There are some pretty cool games out there that I have never heard of and sometimes a title will catch my eye and I click on to check the game out. 

With smaller games there are also less viewers (most of the time) and so it gives you a better chance to talk with and engage the streamers playing these games. Some of these streamers are really cool.

If you already know what game you want to watch, then it is easier to just type the game in the search bar and select it from there. If I am way into a game, and am looking for ways to improve at the game, this is what I do.

A lot of streamers are popular for their skill at the game and so watching them is a great way for me to learn a thing or two. Most of the time the streamers who are talented at a certain game will post their stats, achievements or ranks in the title description and so that will help you weed out the ballers from the scrubs.

Find someone who looks promising and check out their channel. Watching a game you like, being played by a streamer you like, now that is a great combo. 

How to Find Streamers on Twitch Using Tags

To find a streamer using tags, go to the Twitch homepage and click on the Browse tab located in the top left of the screen. Now underneath the “Browse” header you should see a search bar that says “filter by” next to it. Inside that search bar, type in the tag you want Twitch to search for such as “family friendly” and click enter. Now, Twitch will only show you streams with family friendly tags.

I think tags are the best way to find new streamers on Twitch. The reason is that there are hundreds of tags that you can choose from to help narrow down your search. If you want a fishing stream, there’s a tag for that. If you want a stream focused on FPS games, there’s a tag for that. There are tons of tags for all kinds of niches and genres. 

Many times tags can even help you to filter out which type of game you want to watch. They have tags for racing, fighting, shooters and more. You can also place multiple tags in your searches to help narrow down your searches even more. 

Even better, you can click on a game and use tags just for the game you want to watch. For example, if I wanted a family friendly Fortnite stream, I could click on the Fortnite game and then add a family friendly tag in the same way that I would add any other tag. Now, all the Fortnite streams with family friendly tags will appear. Super cool. 

Tags are great and I find them to be the best way to find new streamers that fit the criteria of what you are searching for. 

Recommended Streamers

If you have been on Twitch long enough, I am sure that you have seen a “Recommended Streamers” list on some streamers Twitch channels. These are streamers that are recommended by the streamer that you are currently watching. 

Not all streamers have this on their Twitch channels, but for the streamers that do it is usually found on the homepage of their Twitch channel at the very bottom. It will be a short list, usually between five and ten streamers.

I like using this to find entertaining streamers. If I enjoy a certain streamer, and they recommend another streamer to me, that recommended streamer is usually a pretty similar streamer to themselves. They may play similar games or have a similar streaming style. 

Again, not all streamers have a recommended streamers section on their Twitch channel. But for the streamers that do, it could be worth checking some of these recommended streamers out if you are interested in finding new streamers to watch. 

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One of the great things about Twitch is that there are so many awesome streamers to watch; however, finding a cool new streamer that you enjoy can be a challenge at times. Luckily, using the tips above, you can easily find a streamer that fits what you are searching for and that you enjoy. 

Whether you are a streamer, or just a casual viewer, I wish you nothing but the best out there in streamerland. 

Good luck out there my friends!