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How To Find Console Or Controller Players On Twitch?

There are all kinds of different people streaming on Twitch. From IRL streamers, to streamers who strictly stick to video games, Twitch has it all. But what if you want to find a gamer who streams from console? How would you do that?

How To Find Console Players On Twitch?

The best way to find console players/streamers on Twitch is by going to the game you want to find a console streamer for and then adding a tag for the console you are looking for i.e. “xbox” or “playstation”. Twitch will then only show you streamers with those tags on their stream.

Tags Section

These console tags were only recently added to Twitch in order to better help viewers find console streamers.

The console tags include PlayStation, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Xbox series S/X. There are currently no tags for Nintendo Switch streamers.

Another thing that you can do to find console players on Twitch is to type the name of a console in the search box i.e. “Xbox” or “PS5” and then look for streamers with those names in their stream title/description.

Twitch Search Bar

However, I feel like searching for console streamers using the tags is a much better option and will give you much better results.

If you play on console, and are looking to improve at a certain game, it is sometimes better to watch a console player rather than a PC player because PC players can often do more in a game because of their high frames rate.

I’ll touch on this more below.

If you really are looking for some great console players then check out my list below of some of the best console players.

Keep in mind that I am making this list in December 2021 and console players who grow to a certain level often upgrade to PC and so if someone on this list is no longer a console streamer then I apologize but that is just the nature of the beast.

Best Console Streamers on Twitch

Here is my list of the best console streamers, in no particular order mind you:


I just found this guy on Twitch and he is awesome! He is hilarious and his stream has seen a ton of growth over the past few months.

He plays mostly Apex Legends, but what I think is really cool about this streamer is that he streams from a shack! How cool is that?

His setup is really cool and the few times I have been in his chat everyone is really cool. He’s a cool guy and is a console streamer that I would recommend checking out.

He is also family friendly so he’s good for the young kids too. 


This is another cool console streamer. They stream mainly Nintendo and PlayStation games and they have a nice little following.

From checking out this stream, I can tell they also have super cool art and animations which always make a stream more appealing.

Not to mention this dude makes music too and so if you are into music then this stream has that going for it as well. If you are looking for a good variety content streamer then follow ConsolePit’s channel. 


If you like a good mix of just chatting and video games, then Natasha is a good streamer to check out. She plays a ton of different games and does a lot of “Just Chatting” on her streams as well.

She is super interactive and her stream is growing. She is another good console streamer to check out. 


This is definitely the most well known streamer on the list. LosPollos has over 500k followers and regularly pulls in thousands of viewers. He mainly streams NBA 2k, Fortnite and “Just Chatting”. 

LosPollos is super funny and if you want to know how to console stream, you will want to check out his stream.  

Why do People Watch Console Streamers?

Many people like to watch console streamers that play games on the same console as them. This is so that people see gameplay, tips and tricks that these console streamers do and then try to use these techniques in their own gameplay. 

As you probably know, playing on console is very different from playing on PC. Things you can do on PC may not work on a console. This could be due to lower FPS, worse graphics, etc.

For this reason, if you are looking for ways to improve your own gameplay, it makes more sense to watch console players who are on the same playing field as you are. 

Watching a PC player do all kinds of crazy tricks and what not won’t help you much since you won’t even be able to attempt them on your console. 

As someone who switched from console to PC I can tell you from first hand experience that playing video games on a console vs. a PC is very, VERY different.

It is so much smoother on a PC and so if you are looking for ways to improve your gameplay then it is best to watch streamers who use the same device to play as you do.   

Can Console Streamers Make it Big?

Yes, console streamers can make it big just like any other streamer can make it big. There are more PC streamers and so it is more common to be familiar with PC streamers, but console players can make it big as well.

Another thing you have to realize is that many big time streamers start off on console and then switch over to PC once they grow to a certain point.

Well known streamers such as Nickmercs and Swagg played on console for a long time before switching over to PC. 

The reason for this switch is that the PC is just better. Better graphics, better FPS, etc.

Many of the top streamers also play competitive and so it makes sense that they would have the best possible hardware that they can so they can compete at the highest levels.  

But many of the top streamers who switch from console to PC already had a pretty big following which just goes to show that you don’t need to be on a PC to make it big.

If you are entertaining enough, people will come and watch your streams. 

How To Find Controller Players/Streamers On Twitch

The best way to find controller players/streamers on Twitch is by using the “controller” tag when searching for streamers to watch. Using this tag when searching for streamers to watch will only show you streamers with that tag on their stream.

Controller Tag

This is a recently added Twitch tag, but it is one that viewers have been asking for for quite some time.

Similar to watching console streamers, if you want to get better at a game, and you play on controller, it makes sense to watch other streamers who also play on controller.

As you probably know, playing on mouse and keyboard vs playing on a controller are very very different.

Mouse and keyboard players typically have much better movement in a game whereas controller players are usually much more accurate.

If you play on controller, and are looking for ways to improve, then I recommend you use this tag to find controller players who play the same game as you do so you can see what they do.

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In the end, finding console players on Twitch is difficult but not impossible. If you spend enough time searching around you can easily find a console streamer who fits what you are looking for. 

Console streamers can also be successful just like PC streamers can be successful. Success in streaming depends much more on your skill and talent as a streamer than it does on the device that you stream from.

And lastly, just be aware that console streamers are constantly switching from console to PC and so a console streamer that you like today may eventually make their way over to the dark side A.K.A. the PC.   

Regardless of what you are streaming on, I wish you the best of luck on your streaming journey and may all your streams come true.

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