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How To Follow And Unfollow Someone On Twitch

So you are watching a dope stream and you want to see more of their content, but you don’t quite want to pay for a monthly subscription just yet. So what do you do? Well you can follow them on Twitch to stay up to date without having to pay for a monthly subscription. But how exactly do you do that?

How to follow someone on Twitch?

To follow someone on Twitch you first go to the channel that you want to follow. Once you are on the channel, click the “Follow” button with the heart on it located just below the live video of the streamer.

Once you click the button, the empty heart emoji located on the follow button will fill up, the word follow will disappear and you will only be left with a small gray box with a heart emoji inside of it. Once you see this, you are officially following someone.

Unlike on mobile, it does not matter if an ad is playing or not you can still follow a person on Twitch even while the ad is playing. 

Now if you don’t want to be bothered by notifications from the streamer there is a bell next to the follow button that you can toggle on and off. I personally turn off these notifications because they can get a bit annoying, but that is your call. 

Now if you are using Twitch on Mobile the process is just about the same. 

How to follow someone on Twitch Mobile?

To follow someone on Twitch mobile you need to first go to the channel of the streamer that you would like to follow. Then, below the live video of the streamer you will see the purple “Follow” button with a heart in it. If the button is not there, click on the video and the menu should drop down with the follow button on it. Also, if an ad is playing then you will need to wait for the ad to finish first.

Click the follow button. The heart will fill up purple and you are now following this streamer.

Again, just like on the computer, I suggest clicking the bell icon next to the follow button in order to turn off notifications. If not, you will be sent a notification everytime a streamer goes live and this can be quite annoying.    

So now that you know how to follow someone on Twitch, what happens now if you have had enough of a streamer’s antics and you want to unfollow them.

How to unfollow someone on Twitch?

To unfollow someone on Twitch you must first go to the streamers channel. Below their live video stream you will see a gray button with a black heart in the middle of it. If you hover over the button the heart will turn red and be broken. Click on the broken heart and you will have unfollowed that streamer. 

Now don’t worry, if you change your mind you can always follow them back. In fact, if they are a big streamer, they probably won’t even notice that you unfollowed them.

Even if they are a small streamer they still might not notice at first since there is no alert that happens when someone unfollows a channel. At least I have never seen one.

Now to unfollow someone on Twitch mobile is very similar to unfollowing someone on the desktop. 

How to Unfollow Someone on Twitch Mobile?

To unfollow someone on Twitch Mobile go first to the streamers channel. Now there should be a follow button with a purple heart that is filled in below the live video of the stream. If you do not see the button then click on the screen and it should appear. If there is an ad then you will have to wait until the ad is over.

Click on the follow button with the purple heart and a screen will pop up asking you if you are sure that you want to unfollow this person. Click yes and the purple heart will become empty. You have now unfollowed that streamer.

Just like on a desktop, if you change your mind no big deal. You can always go back and follow this person again. Unfollowing someone is not a permanent thing. If you need more help, check out my video below.

Why you want to follow someone on Twitch

There are four main reasons why you will want to follow someone on Twitch and they are: following keeps you up to date with when stream will be happening, following a streamer (in some cases) allows you to talk in chat, it makes the streamer’s channel easier to find and lastly following a streamer on Twitch is free.

So first off following a streamer helps keep you up to date with when the streamer will be going live. If you leave notifications on, each time the streamer goes live you will receive a notification from Twitch alerting you that so and so is now live.

Like I said earlier, I usually turn these off because they can get a bit annoying; especially if you follow a lot of streamers on Twitch.

However, if you have a few streams that you are really into then being notified when they go live can be a good way to keep you in the loop.

We all get busy and so having those alerts can let you know when a streamer goes live in case you forget what their schedule is.   

Another reason to follow a streamer on Twitch is that it may give you permission to talk in chat. Now this will vary from channel to channel.

Some channels only allow subs to chat, others only followers and others are complete free for all. It is ultimately up to the streamer who is allowed to chat, but following the channel may be one of the requirements.

Following a channel will also make the channel easier to find in the future. It would be quite a pain if you had to search for a channel every time you wanted to watch it.

Luckily you don’t have to because following someone on Twitch will place the channel under your “Following” tab on Twitch. This way when the channel is live you can find it easily and go straight to it. 

Lastly, following a channel on Twitch is completely free. Unlike subscriptions (subs) you do not have to pay monthly to be a part of the channel. You can just show up and chill and it’s all good.

Subbing to a channel will get you more perks than following a channel will like emotes, access to chat, sub streaks, etc., but if you don’t really care to have those things then following is still good. 

Given the fact that following someone is free also means that you can follow as many streamers as you want without putting a hole in your pocket. I suggest you don’t get too crazy though since it could get crowded following a ton of streamers.

But then again you can always unfollow a channel if you feel like you are getting a little too crazy with the follows.

Following someone though will not get rid of ads like a sub would, but following is a step up from being a lurker. 

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As you can see, following someone on Twitch is super easy and comes with a few added perks. Following someone on Twitch is a great way to show support, without paying any money.

And not to mention if you get tired of following someone you can always unfollow them. 

Keep chasing those stream dreams! 

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