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How To Get XP In Discord

Some moderators choose to implement XP systems in their Discord server. XP systems reward users for sending messages in text channels and joining voice channels in the server. As users gain XP, they may be rewarded with new levels, roles, and other perks.

How To Get XP In Discord

Here are ways to get XP on Discord:

  1. Be active and engage in chats.
  2. Avoid spamming.

This article will tell you how to get XP in Discord, what Discord XP means, how you can get XP fast, and more.

1. Be Active And Engage In Chats

While the exact rules will depend on the server you’re in, most servers reward XP to users for engaging in text channels and joining voice channels.

In its simplest form, a server XP system rewards users with additional XP each time they post a message in a text channel. Most XP management bots also have a cool down period to prevent spam.

Cool downs work by limiting the amount of XP you gain by posting new messages during a given time frame. For example, after gaining XP in a server, you may have to wait one minute before you can gain additional XP by sending messages in text channels.

The purpose of cool downs is to prevent users from spamming the server in order to gain XP.

In addition to sending messages, many servers also reward users XP for spending time in a voice channel. The more time you spend in voice chats, the more XP you’ll gain in the server

2. Avoid Spamming

While you can gain more XP by sending more messages in chat rooms, avoid spamming at all costs!

Spamming won’t help you get more XP on Discord. In fact, it will only put you at risk of being banned from a channel or even a server.

XP bots are designed to weed out spam comments; they won’t grant any XP to repeated comments or comments sent in rapid succession. Different bots have varying rules, but you can generally only earn XP for one message every 5-60 seconds.

Most servers have an FAQs section where you can learn what is counted as spam, and what messages will not result in additional XP. In some servers, XP can only be gained by posting in specific channels, so you’ll want to know this information beforehand.

What Is the Fastest Way To Get XP On Discord?

The fastest way to gain XP on Discord is to join a server that has purchased premium features for their bot. That way, you can ask the server’s moderators to grant larger amounts of XP to you. 

However, this is considered rude within the community and may put you at risk of being banned. So, refrain from doing this unless you know the moderator personally.

With that being said, there is no need to rush. You will eventually gain more XP as you become an active Discord user. 

The whole purpose of XP systems is to encourage organic, authentic engagement on the server. So, the best way to gain XP is through good old-fashioned communication with the other users in the server.

If you’re not sure which actions will result in the most XP, check out your server’s FAQs section. Most servers post their XP rules in this section, including which behaviors will result in the most XP, and which behaviors will not.

Ultimately, every member on the server gets the same treatment and similar opportunities to level up. So, there’s no need to take it as a competition. Just enjoy your time in the community, make some new friends, share your interests, and have a blast! 

What Does XP On Discord Do?

The XP system was implemented to encourage healthy and active communities in Discord. According to Discord Moderator Academy, the main objective of the XP system is to reward member activity in a community.

XP on Discord works by:

  • Granting rewards for engagement.
  • Leveling up.
  • Granting roles.
  • Preventing spam.

Below, you’ll find a more comprehensive breakdown of each point.

  • Granting Rewards for engagement. First and foremost, XP is a reward for active community members. Users will receive XP to reward them for their contributions to the community. So, the more they engage with other community members, the more XP they’ll earn. This is meant to encourage users to remain active in the server.
  • Leveling up. After a certain amount of XP is earned, users can level up. Leveling can be used to signal trustworthiness, and in some cases, higher levels can also give more privileges to users.
  • Granting Roles. When a user has hit a certain level or gained a certain amount of XP, they’ll automatically be assigned a role by the server’s bot. This provides a big incentive for users to stay active in the server.
  • Preventing Spam. Sometimes, the XP system is also used to gauge users’ trustworthiness. In some servers, only users with a certain amount of XP can perform certain actions. This helps weed out spammers from real users.

How Much XP Is MEE6?

MEE6 usually gives users 15-25 XP per message. However, this rule only applies to each message that’s 60 seconds apart from the last XP-gaining message. This rule was implemented to discourage spam and low-quality or repetitive messages.

MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord chat-bots that helps manage online discord communities. MEE6 will grant XP to community members based on the settings that server moderators have assigned. Understanding how much XP MEE6 gives can help you level up faster.

Furthermore, MEE6 will also allow users to level up once they have the required amount of XP. Users will still gain 15-25 XP even as they rise in level. However, the higher your level is, the more XP you’ll need to reach the next level.

If you wish to calculate the amount of XP you need to level up, here’s the default MEE6 formula:

5 * (lvl ^ 2) + (50 * lvl) + 100 – XP

Lvl: Your current level

XP: The amount of XP you already have towards the next level

To help you out, here’s a comprehensive table with the amount of XP you need to reach each level.

LevelXP needed to level upTotal XP required
XP Required for Each MEE6 Level

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Final Thoughts

Engaging and chatting with other members normally are the best ways to get XP on Discord. Discord first created the XP system to promote healthy and active communities. Unfortunately, some people see the system as a competitive field where they need to get more XP faster than others.

In reality, there’s no need to rush. You’ll get more XP over time as you interact with others in your community. In fact, it’s the safest way to do so since various ways to “cheat” XP gain may put you at risk of being banned.


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