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How To Level Up On Discord (SIMPLE Guide!)

You’ve joined a new Discord server and noticed that there’s a leveling system. Levels make it easier to tell who’s an old-timer and who’s a rookie. But how do you level up on Discord when you’ve just joined?

How To Level Up On Discord

To level up on Discord you must first be in a server that has a leveling bot, such as MEE6. Next, every time you complete a task in a server with a leveling bot you will be rewarded points that help level you up. For most level bots like MEE6, this task will be chatting in the server.

Keep reading as I will cover everything you need to know about leveling bots in Discord and what different levels mean for you.

What Do Levels Mean In Discord?

Levels in Discord indicate how active a member is. Most servers reward active members by giving out special permissions and roles which allow members to do things like create invites, manage other members, send TTS messages, and embed links. Discord levels also indicate status.

My Discord Level In A Server

Since Discord doesn’t have a leveling system themselves, server owners rely on bots to help them determine who is a loyal, active member in the server and who is more of a casual user.

For those who are active members, server owners will usually give them more rewards and more responsibilities like those listed above.

But what the exact reward for a certain level is will vary from server to server. Some servers may reward you with being a mod at a certain level, some servers may assign you a unique Discord role, and others may give you access to certain channels.

An example of a leveling system within a server may look something like this:

Levels 1-10: Rookie
Levels 11-15: Apprentice
Levels 16-20: Full-time Member
Levels 21-30: Veteran
Levels 31-35: Captain
Levels 36-40: Overlord

In the example, a rookie may have no special privileges, an apprentice may be able to invite other users, a full-time member might be able to invite others AND have access to a special channel, etc., etc.

Also, how to obtain each level in a Discord server will vary. Using my example, to become a level 10 rookie, maybe all you need to do is chat for 10 days straight.

Most servers will have the requirements for each level, as well as their perks, visible somewhere in the server. If they don’t, just ask one of the mods who can help you.

Regardless of what your reward is though, having a high level is a status symbol within the server and other members will be able to recognize that you are a dedicated member to the server.

How To Check Your Level On Discord?

You can check your level on Discord by typing “!rank” or “!levels” in chat if the server uses MEE6; however, the exact command depends on what leveling bot your Discord server uses. If it’s the Amari bot, type the command “:?rank”. With Tatsu, type “t!points”. If a command doesn’t work, ask a moderator.

Since MEE6 is the most common leveling bot (and your server probably uses it), you won’t have trouble checking the levels. Here is me checking my rank in a server with MEE6:

My Level In A Server

If the server doesn’t let you type the check level command, you’re probably sending the message in the wrong channel or using the wrong command.

Check if there’s a “Check Level” or similarly named channel where you can send the command.

If that doesn’t work either, ask a high-ranking member, admin, or moderator to help you out. The server may be using a proprietary leveling bot or have a custom command for checking your level.

How To Level Up Fast On Discord

The fastest way to level up in a Discord server is by using bots that will spam chat messages for you; however, these spam bots are often banned in servers and easily detected by Discord leveling bots. For this reason, the safest way to legitimately level up in a Discord server is by chatting frequently.

Although using a spam bot technically would be the fastest way to level up, it’s usually banned and could get you kicked from a server.

But if you are curious, I added a video below of a popular spam bot you could use. No promises you won’t get caught and punished though.

Since Discord leveling bots like MEE6 and Amari have automatic spam detection, it’s best to avoid spamming altogether. 

Spamming will put you on an automatic cooldown that blocks you from writing and/or getting XP. So, the best way to level up is to simply stay active. If there’s a daily XP cap, try to hit it to maximize how fast you’re leveling.

Furthermore, if the bot supports daily rewards for the first message or writing something specific like an emoji, turn it into a personal daily quest.

Additionally, keep in mind that you shouldn’t break any server rules while trying to level up. Sending more messages means you’re statistically more likely to get punished, making your levels completely worthless.

Also, if you’ve re-joined a server on which you had a high level, ask an admin to give you back lost XP. This is a quick way to regain your levels if you have proof or the mods remember you.

If you aren’t leveling up even after days of activity, ask a moderator to check if you’re on the XP block list. You may have been put there intentionally or by accident.

What’s The Point Of Levels On Discord?

Discord levels are a fun way to encourage members to participate within a server. The more they participate the more XP they will earn and the faster they will level up. Discord Levels also help server owners keep track of how dedicated certain members of the server are.

Active servers usually grow faster than inactive servers and so the more a server owner can get those within their server to participate, the more likely the server is to grow. Levels are also a status symbol for the most dedicated members of a server.

If you have a Discord server, and are looking for ways to increase engagement within your server, consider using Discord Levels to reward those who are most active.


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