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How To Lock & Unlock Your Mouse? (Easy SOLUTION!)

How To Lock & Unlock Your Mouse? (Easy SOLUTION!)

It can be extremely useful to lock your mouse when you don’t want your cursor flying around the screen. But how can you lock your mouse in place on your PC?

How To Lock Your Mouse?

To lock your mouse, you need to lock your computer by clicking the Windows key in the bottom left hand corner of your computer then clicking your account icon and selecting “Lock” from the menu. There is no built-in Windows function for locking the mouse, so locking the computer is the only native option.

It would be extremely useful for Microsoft to implement some kind of mouse or cursor lock, but they haven’t done so yet.

So, the only way to actually “lock” your mouse when you step away is to lock your whole computer. When you lock your computer, you’ll need to enter your password before you can use it again.

There are some alternative workarounds that will allow you to lock your mouse, though. You can find these work arounds below:

Third Party Software

If you don’t mind downloading and installing a new program on your computer, then there are actually some pretty good options out there.

You have to be careful when going this route because you don’t want to download and install something you don’t trust and know is safe.

There are a ton of programs on Microsoft’s app store for locking your keyboard, but I’ve only found one that locks your mouse:

Keyboard and Mouse Locker from the Microsoft App Store

This app works wonders and locks your mouse in place. Unfortunately it also locks your keyboard, so it won’t work for everyone. If you do decide to use this program, then it’s very easy to use.

Keyboard and Mouse Locker

You simply click the Lock button in the top left hand corner. Afterwards you’ll need to press your keyboard keys in the order shown on screen to unlock your mouse and keyboard.

Use A Wireless Mouse

While you can’t natively lock your mouse in place, you can always use a wireless mouse with an On / Off button on the bottom.

Pretty much every wireless mouse will have an Off button that you can use to virtually lock your mouse in place. They’re usually very easy to switch On / Off and just all-around convenient.

If you want a recommendation, then I recommend picking up a wireless Logitech mouse. Logitech makes great wireless products in my experience. They never have connection issues and always last years.

Here is the mouse I am using, from Logitech’s G Series:

This mouse is a tad on the expensive side, but it’s been worth every penny, in my experience. It has great build quality and it’s hard to beat its very long battery life (48 hours of continuous use).

Unplug Your Mouse

Even if you don’t have a wireless mouse that you can turn on and off at will, you can still unplug your mouse when you’re not using it.

It’s not very convenient, and even less convenient if your mouse is plugged into the back of your computer, but it’s one of the only options for locking your mouse without downloading an extra program (coming up next).

If you choose this option, then you can always plug your mouse into the front of your computer for easier access!

Shortcut To Locking Mouse?

Press the Windows Key + L on your keyboard to lock your mouse. This shortcut will lock your whole computer, which will prevent your mouse from being able to click and open unwanted programs on accident. Unfortunately, there is no built-in shortcut for locking just your mouse and / or mouse cursor in place.

If you’re using a laptop and want to lock your touchpad, then you’re in luck because most laptops actually have a keyboard button for locking the touchpad.

Look for an F button at the top of your keyboard with a symbol for the touchpad (usually F7, F8, or F9).

You may have to hold the “FN” button on your laptop before pressing the button for it to actually lock / unlock your touchpad.

How To Unlock Your Mouse?

To unlock your mouse on a laptop, find the function key (F1 – F12) at the top of your keyboard that correlates to your touchpad (there will be a touchpad icon on the key). Hold the “FN” button on your keyboard and press the touchpad button to lock / unlock your touchpad / mouse / cursor on your computer.

If you’re not using a laptop and your mouse cursor isn’t moving when you move your mouse, then it’s likely something else is wrong with your mouse because most computers do not have a lock mouse button.

If your mouse is wireless, make sure it is turned on and has batteries / charge. If your mouse is wired, then try plugging it into a different USB port.

How To Lock Your Mouse While Gaming?

To lock your mouse while gaming, change the screen settings of the game you are playing from Windowed mode to Fullscreen. This should keep your mouse locked to the game you are playing. If you need your mouse to remain in one place while you are gaming, then you will need to unplug it or turn it off.

If your mouse cursor keeps exiting your game Window while you’re gaming, then the problem is probably because you’re in Windowed or Borderless Windowed mode.

Some games just haven’t implemented these modes optimally, and it leads to issues. You can try clicking outside of your game window and then back into it to see if that helps, but most likely you will need to play in Full Screen mode.

How To Lock Your Mouse On One Spot?

The only way to lock your mouse on one spot is to turn your mouse off, unplug it, or use a third party program. The Microsoft store has a program called “Keyboard and Mouse Locker” that works, but it will also lock your keyboard. There is no built-in way to lock your mouse cursor on one single spot.

It’s unfortunate, but at the moment if you want to lock your mouse in one spot and keep it there, you’re going to have to download a new program.

This is the best program I’ve found and it worked for me when I tried it:

Keyboard and Mouse Locker from the Microsoft App Store

Other than the program, you’ll just have to turn your mouse off or unplug it when you want it to stay in one spot.

Mouse Unlocked But Not Working?

If your mouse is unlocked, the lights are on, but it isn’t working at all, then you should try restarting your computer. You can either use your keyboard to restart your computer, or just hold down the physical power button on your computer to turn it off and back on again. This should re-enable your mouse.

If your mouse doesn’t work after a quick restart, then there’s a chance the USB port you’re using isn’t working properly.

Try unplugging your mouse and plugging it into a different port to see if that solves the issue. If not, try the mouse on a different PC to check whether it’s the mouse or the computer that is having problems.

What’s The Point Of Locking Your Mouse?

The point of locking your mouse is to prevent accidental clicks that could open programs and files that you don’t want open. Most people may want to lock their mouse when they are cleaning it or wiping down the buttons, since doing so will lead to many random and rapid clicks that could cause trouble.

I use a wireless mouse and I pretty much always turn it off before I wipe it down.

Even when I’m in the middle of a game, if the buttons feel a bit nasty, I’ll quickly turn my mouse off, clean it, and turn it back on. If I could lock the mouse with a quick keyboard shortcut, that would be even better!

Is Locking Your Mouse Safe?

Locking your mouse is completely safe. If you are locking your mouse by pressing the Windows Key + L shortcut or simply turning off / unplugging your mouse, then you will never have any issues doing so. If you download a program to lock your mouse, make sure you know and trust it completely.

I don’t like recommending third party software, but Microsoft vets every program posted to its app store, so you can be reasonably sure the programs are safe.

Locking your mouse is not likely to hurt your computer at all, as long as you’re locking it with a safe program or a built-in Windows feature (Windows key + L, for example).

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