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How To Make Money Streaming On Facebook Gaming? 10 Tips To Help You Succeed

Streaming is an ever-evolving and growing community.  Moreover, with the gaming industry forecast of over two hundred billion dollars by 2022, the revenue keeps growing.  

With Facebook Gaming becoming an ever more accessible place for streamers, there is much money to be made, so finding out how to make money streaming on Facebook Gaming is a great place to begin.

How to Make Money Streaming on Facebook Gaming?

Here are ten ways that you can make money on Facebook Gaming:

  1. Facebook In-Stream Ads
  2. Facebook Brand Collaborations
  3. Facebook Fan Subs
  4. Donations
  5. Merchandise
  6. Wager Matches
  7. Host Tournaments or Special Events
  8. Affiliate Programs
  9. Sponsorships
  10. Upload to Other Platforms

For in-stream ads, brand collabs and fan subs you must set these up in the Facebook creator studio. You must first have a page set up on your Facebook account and this is where you will be able to access the page monetization screen.

We will talk about the monetization strategies below, as well as what some of the requirements are for certain monetization strategies.

Facebook In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are short ads that you can insert into videos once you are eligible.  These ads generate revenue every time they are viewed and engaged with.  You must meet certain criteria and eligibility in order to take advantage of this revenue potential.

For any Facebook monetization, first, you must meet the Facebook guidelines.  These include things such as not posting anything obscene, illegal, derogatory, and so forth.

In-Stream Ads Eligibility

To be eligible for showing in-stream ads, your page must meet the following criteria: 

10,000 followers AND 30,000 views of 1-minute length.  This is for a 3-minute long video.

Facebook Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborating is a great way to start making money earlier in your Facebook gaming career.  The amount of followers required is smaller than the other revenue streams on Facebook video.  

Sometimes a brand will see your videos or streams and want to partner with you.  Maybe they want you to wear a hat displaying their logo and talk about their products. 

When brands want to work with you, that brand is collaborating and it’s a powerful way to generate massive income when you have a following.

That following just has to have watched some videos and made some comments.  It can seem like tedious numbers to meet, but it really isn’t as difficult as one might think.

Brand Collaborations Eligibility

To be eligible to do a brand collaboration, you must meet the following criteria.  These will be shown on the Facebook creator studio for any pages you want to monetize on the platform.

1,000 followers AND one of the following:  15,000 post engagements OR 180,000 minutes viewed OR 30,000 1-minute views for a 3-minute video.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a way that you can generate a steady monthly income from a loyal group of fans.  These super fans sign up for a subscription to your videos and streams.  They pay a monthly fee and you get paid a portion of what they pay.

The subscription payments have a fairly steep requirement to be eligible, but Facebook is just trying to make sure there is value in the content.  So make your streams count.  Make them entertaining and helpful.

Fan Subscriptions Eligibility

To be eligible to get subscriptions on Facebook gaming, you need to meet certain criteria.  These can also be found on the Facebook creator studio page for each of your pages on Facebook.  Just click on the monetization tab and you’ll see the requirement.

10,000 followers AND 50,000 post engagements OR 180,000 minutes viewed.

Donations From The Stars

Facebook’s game streaming setup is really easy to make money.  When someone watches a stream, there is usually an option to give them ‘stars’.  These stars are equivalent to one cent (100 for 1 dollar).  If someone likes your stream, they can give you stars.

It’s similar to street performers who have a hat or jar laid out for tips.  If you find what they are doing to be entertaining, you can toss some change into their hat or jar. 

The star is like that change, so don’t be cheap and give people some stars to help them out.


It does not appear in any of Facebook’s guidelines, at least not at the time of writing of this article, that Facebook has any rules against you selling your own products through the stream or video.

There are strict guidelines that prohibit soliciting engagements.  This is quite different from YouTube where every video has someone telling you how you should like their video or subscribe to it and so on.

As long as you are consistently following the Facebook guidelines, you might even be able to sell your merchandise right there on Facebook’s platform as well. 

If you have a cool brand image or logo that people really like or a decent following, you’ll find people want to buy your hats, shirts, and merchandise.  

You could even get custom printed mousepads to sell.  There are all kinds of possibilities with the merchandise.

Do Wager Matches 

One clever way to make money with those who follow your channel is to do a wager with them.  In the case of Facebook gaming you could wager stars that someone who has joined you in-game can do this or that. 

If they cannot, then they have to pay you x amount of stars.  Remember stars equate to Facebook paying you $0.01 every time someone gives you a star.

Add a daily wager match into your live stream to add more content and entertainment while also providing an extra way for you to make a little extra money.

However, Facebook has distinct rules about soliciting engagement. And this might just be against the rules.  So, using a different platform to bet while streaming on Facebook seems to be the only stable workaround.

Host Tournaments Or Special Events

When you start to get a good following on your stream, especially if you get a lot of people involved, you can run special events or tournaments.

For these events, you could have a fee to join the event and a limited number of seats.  This will help drive engagement because your loyal fans will scramble to take part. 

The more loyal fans you have, the more you can charge for participation fees.

Then you can post the video of the live event after it is done to all your other channels to add excitement for people to sign up for the next event.

Affiliate Programs 

Streamers often partner with affiliate programs that give the streamers a cut of a certain product that they sell. For example, maybe you are partnered with an affiliate program that give you $5 every time someone buys a mic using your unique affiliate link.

Put this link in your description and BOOM! Now every time someone uses your link to purchase that mic you get a small cut. There are tons of affiliate programs out there so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that works well for you.


When you have built up a large enough following, you’ll start getting the attention of large companies who want you to help promote them. 

Maybe they’ll ask you to endorse their gaming product or maybe wear their branded shirt or hat on live streams.  

Sponsorships can get you some great new gear as well as make you money.  Think about testing gaming products as a side hustle to your main live stream. 

You could add a 30-second clip to your live stream where you talk about how you’re testing some new piece of gear while doing the live stream.  

Companies will want to send you their newest gaming products for you to endorse.  And you can charge them good money for that 30 seconds in the spotlight.  That’s a win-win for you.

Multi-Platform Video

So, one really great way to make extra use of your streams is to also record the streams and make videos from the streams.  Then you can upload your videos to your other platform channels.


Youtube has a huge amount of viewers.  It takes some work to get established, so why not give yourself a head start by re-using your streams from Facebook to make videos you can post on a Youtube channel?

This is an easy way to repeatedly get new videos up on Youtube with a minimal amount of effort. 

And if you’re streaming on a regular schedule, then you can easily build up quite the collection of videos on a Youtube channel at the same time.

As always, if you have any questions or just want to hang with me, stop by my Twitch channel here and say what’s up!

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

Facebook Gaming is a growing platform and if you are looking to try a different platform to stream, it may be a platform that you want to consider.

Good luck streaming my friends.


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