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Is Discord Anonymous?

Many people want to use Discord, but do not want their name or face to be available for people to see. Staying anonymous on the internet is nice, but can you remain anonymous on Discord?

Is Discord Anonymous?

Discord users can remain anonymous by creating a username that is not their actual name and by choosing an impersonal picture for their profile picture. They can also not add a profile picture to remain anonymous. Discord users can also put their status as “invisible”.

Now that you know that you can remain anonymous on Discord, you may be wondering if calls on Discord are private and what you need to do to report harassment and abuse. This is important to know, especially if you use this site frequently.

Are Discord Calls Private?

Discord calls are private. Both video calls and voice calls are kept private on Discord. Technically, Discord can record your video conferences and voice calls, but they don’t. Even if they did, everything is encrypted on their website so only Discord employees could access calls with special permission.

What do I mean by special permission? Well although a Discord employee could technically access you video or voice chat they can only access them when they have permission from their supervisors or when they are doing so to investigate an issue.

Most of the time, Discord employees can only see who you called and how long the call lasted, but not what you said during the call.

If someone tried really hard to hack into Discord’s server and managed to join your call, they could technically record it, but they would need to use a third party recording system to do so, as well as make sure that they don’t get kicked off of the call by the servers when Discord discovers that they have been hacked.

Overall, calls on Discord are very private and secure. I use Discord calls all the time to talk with family or while I am gaming and streaming and have never had any issues.

I personally have never been hacked on Discord or had anyone crash my private call. I have had people sneak into my Discord calls while I am streaming and gaming, but this is because I leave the channel as an open invite for people to come and go as they please.

But if someone comes in and begins to cause a ruckus then I will either mute them or kick them from the call. It is pretty easy to do.

But if you wanted to have a more secure/private call on Discord then you can easily adjust who exactly is allowed in a certain call so you don’t have randos sneaking in like I do.

Now if you feel like you have done your part to secure your Discord calls, but someone continues to pester you, here is how you would report them on Discord.

How to Report Harassment/Abuse on Discord

It is very easy to report harassment and abuse on Discord. There are 4 main ways to report abuse and harassment on Discord.

Report User ID

You can report a Discord user’s ID. To do this, all you have to do is file a report that has the IDs of the users that you want to report with the Trust and Safety center of Discord.

In the report that has the IDs, talk about what happened and why you want to report the users. You do not have to go into great detail about the issue, but you can include a short description of what happened.

Report Message

You can also report messages that Discord users have sent to you. All you have to do to report a message is click and hold the message.

A menu should pop up. When the menu pops up, click “Report”. Reporting a message should also make it so that the user can no longer message you on Discord.

Send Email

To report abuse and harassment on Discord, you can also send an email directly to [email protected]. All you have to do is send them a message about the situation and user that you want to report.

You can even include the IDs of the users if you want to as this will help Discord to solve the issue sooner.

Contact Trust and Safety Department

If you want to report any abuse and harassment that you received, you can fill out a form with the Trust and Safety department by visiting

It will ask you what they can help you with, your email address, what they can do to help you, and a description of what happened. You can include a user’s ID in the description section to report a specific user.

But what if the harassing messages have been deleted? Can you see deleted messages on Discord.

Can You See Deleted Messages on Discord?

You can’t see messages after they have been deleted on Discord. Once messages have been deleted, they are no longer on the Discord server, so you can’t see them anymore. However, the process is slightly different and takes a little bit longer if the messages that you deleted contained an image.

Deleted messages that had an image in them are deleted after a few days rather than immediately. You will still see that the message has been deleted, but the image will still be stored on Discord’s servers for a few days as it takes a few days for the server to process that the image has been deleted.

This means that if you have deleted a message and want to see what it said again, you are out of luck. The message is no longer on Discord’s servers, and you can no longer see it. You may be able to see that a message has been deleted, but that message will quickly be covered by other messages that are sent between you and another Discord user.

So if someone sends something nasty to you, or something that goes against Discord’s TOS then I recommend taking a screen shot of the message right away so you can use it to report the user.

Now if you are concerned about your identity, or just want to play it super safe on Discord, then here is how you would do that.

How To Remain Anonymous on Discord?

You can remain anonymous on Discord if you use a username that is not your actual name and if you do not use a real photo of you as your profile picture. However, your Discord name can’t really be hidden from others unless you go into invisible mode.

If you do not want to use a character’s photo as your profile picture, you can choose to just not add a profile picture at all. Instead of a photo, the Discord icon will be seen.

Invisible Mode allows you to be offline to all of the people that you are involved with on Discord, but you will still have access and be able to see everything on your servers.

To you, it is like you are online and nothing will change. But to others, you will not be online and they won’t be able to involve you in things that require you to be online.

If you don’t want people to know who you are or where you live on Discord, then all you have to do is not share any of that information with people. It is very easy to stay anonymous on Discord if that is your goal.

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