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Maono PD200X Microphone Review

Maono has quickly become one of my favorite brands in the streaming and gaming audio space. From boom arms to mixers and microphones, they have a growing lineup of affordable products that look and function great.

If you’ve read my other microphone reviews, then you may recall I reviewed the Maono PD400X last year. That microphone is a larger and heavier microphone with a premium sound and price tag.

Well, today I have the honor of reviewing the Maono PD200X. In comparison to the PD400X, the PD200X is lighter and more affordable. Some might say it’s the little brother of the PD400X.

Here is what I love about the PD200X and why I consider it an incredible choice for beginner streamers and gamers.

Remember, the opinions in this article are totally my own, and although Maono did provide me with the mic for free, I am not being paid to give my review. Let’s get into it!

Maono PD200X Key Features

I’ve been using the PD200X for the past week as my main microphone and audio interface. It’s designed with streamers in mind, and it has a number of features that I’ve really enjoyed:

  • Amazing design that looks great on stream
  • Can be used via a USB connection or through XLR
  • High fidelity sound at a very reasonable price point
  • Customizable RGB lighting that makes the mic stand out
  • Easy to begin using and doesn’t require additional investment/equipment
  • Simple and powerful companion software (Maono Link) that’s free to use

Sleek, Aesthetic Design

For starters, the design of the PD200X has an awesome aesthetic that looks great on stream. It’s all-black and has an RGB lighting ring at the base of the microphone part of the mic.

The RGB lighting can be adjusted either in the Maono Link app on your PC, or by pressing the RGB button on the back of the mic.

You can set the RGB lighting to a solid color, or you can set it to glow through all of the colors, which looks pretty cool.

The microphone is light, and it comes suspended in a noise-cancelling shock mount so you can easily attach it to your boom arm or stand.

XLR and USB Functionality

Another great feature of the PD200X is that it can be connected to your PC via USB-C or via an XLR adapter or audio mixer.

At the back of the mic, there is a USB-C port and an XLR port. The microphone comes with a USB-C to USB cable, so you can easily plug it directly into your PC.

I chose to use the mic with USB because then you can control it easily through the Maono Link app for PC.

In the Maono Link app, you can change the equalizer settings of the microphone, apply a compressor or limiter, and even adjust its RGB lighting.

However, if you already have an XLR audio mixer set up and you are looking for a mic to plug in directly to your mixer, then you can use an XLR cable instead of USB.

High Quality Sound

Good sound is arguably the most important feature of any microphone, and the PD200X does not disappoint in this area.

The microphone is a dynamic, cardioid-pattern mic, so it’s especially equipped to record voiceovers, podcasts, and streams.

In my time with the microphone, I was surprised with how the microphone could reproduce rich, full voice recordings.

I’ve found the audio I can produce with this microphone sounds detailed and professional, and even rivals some of the more expensive mics in my collection.

How to Use the PD200X

To get started using the PD200X, all you need to do is plug it into your PC via a USB port. Once plugged in, your PC will automatically download the drivers required to use the mic.

Since the mic is an all-in-one solution, it also doubles as a sound interface. So, you will need to plug your headphones or speakers into the mic instead of your PC if you want to hear the mic feedback in your audio.

Once your headphones are plugged into the mic, then you should select the PD200X as your primary audio device in your PC’s sound settings menu.

If you want to access all of the features of the microphone, then I recommend you also install the Maono Link software from Maono’s website.

This companion software will allow you to control your mic’s settings from your PC and access additional settings like default sound profiles and advanced audio controls.

Once you’ve setup the microphone as your PC’s audio device and installed the companion software, you’re ready to begin using it.

You can add it to OBS or Streamlabs as an audio source to start recording your voice on your streams.

Who is this Microphone For?

The PD200X is the ideal microphone for a new streamer or podcaster. The microphone is surprisingly easy to use, and setting it up is just a matter of plugging into a USB port on your PC.

Since you can use this microphone over USB alone, you won’t need to invest in expensive sound mixers, amps, or XLR interfaces in order to use it.

This is ideal for beginners because you can start making content right away without spending too much money on equipment.


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

actually wanted to know about the noise cancelling or the ambient noise.

is it worth to get PD200X or save up abit more to get PD400X ?


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

How is this compare to PD400X in terms of background noise suppression ?

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