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Best Streaming Microphones

Having a good sounding stream is a must for any streamer. If someone tunes in and they can barely hear you, or your sound is bugging out then they aren’t going to stick around for very long.

Although you can use the mic on your web cam or your gaming headset to record your audio, the sound quality will not be the same as it would with a legit microphone. Using a good microphone helps cut out background noises (like you banging on your keyboard!!!). Here is my list of the best microphones for streaming. Keep reading for even more details.

Recommended ForMicrophoneFeatures
Best OverallBlue Yeti X by Blue (click to see view on Amazon)4 condenser capsules, 4 polar patterns, LED meter that detects sound
Best for the PriceBlue Yeti (click to check it out on Amazon)3 condenser capsules, fair price
Unique FeaturesRazer Seiren Emote microphone (click to see it on Amazon)LED display for emotes, Built-in background noise reduction
Budget FriendlyBlue Snowball iCE (click to check it out on Amazon)1 condenser, Budget friendly, USB compatible so you can plug-in and use
Super Budget FriendlyiUKUS PC mic (click here to view it on Amazon)Very affordable

Best Overall Microphone

Regardless of if you are looking to stream or make podcasts, there is no better mic than the Blue Yeti X by Blue (click to view on Amazon). The Yeti X has a great sound with 4 condenser capsules and 4 polar patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo) that helps you adjust where the sound comes from. For this reason, this mic does an excellent job of cutting out background noise.

Lastly, the Yeti X also has an LED meter on the front that reads your voice and will show you if you need to speak louder or if you need to tone it down a bit.

When you combine quality and price, this mic can’t be beat. Not to mention the setup is ridiculously easy. All you need is a USB cord (which it comes with) to connect it right into your computer and you are good to go. No audio cables. No external power supplies. Just plug it in and you’re jammin!

Best Microphone for the Price

I personally use the Blue Yeti (click to check it out on Amazon), which is just a step down from the Blue Yeti X. The main difference is that the Blue Yeti has one less condenser capsule than the Yeti X does which makes the X sound slightly better. But honestly, the Blue Yeti is still really good and I have no complaints.

A Different Kind of Microphone

One cool microphone to check out is the Razer Seiren Emote microphone (click to see it on Amazon). What makes this microphone stand out is the front of the microphone that has an LED display which can you can use to display different emotes. How cool is that!? So that means you can display custom emotes on the front of your mic every time someone does something cool like sub or follow.

What this mic lacks in sound quality it more than makes up for in the wow factor. If you like doing cool flashy things on stream then this could be a good mic for you to use.

Budget Friendly Options for Streamers

The microphones mentioned above are some of the best around, used by some of the top streamers, but it is understandable if you are just starting to stream that you may not want to go big on a mic just yet.

If you are looking for a good mic, for a very good price, then look no further than the Blue Snowball iCE (click to check it out on Amazon). The Blue Snowball has 1 condenser capsule so it is still considered a condenser mic. It also has a cardioid polar pattern which places the most sensitivity at the front of the mic helping to cut out background noise. This mic is simple and it gets the job done.

If you just want a cheap mic just to test one out, and still want decent quality, then I’d go with the iUKUS PC mic (click here to view it on Amazon). This mic is a condenser mic, and it does come with a stand which is nice. You just plug this mic in and you are groovin! No need for any software.

What to Look for in a Microphone

In a streaming microphone there are two main things you should look for: the amount of condensers in the capsule of the microphone and the polar patterns.

Typically, the more condensers in a microphone the better the sound will be picked up by the microphone. A higher end mic like the Blue Yeti X for example has 4 condensers compared to the Blue Snowball iCE which has only one. This is one reason the Yeti X sounds so clean.

Polar patterns on the other hand control where the sound is registered. Does it come from the front, the sides, only the front and back, all this will depend on the polar patterns. Higher end mics will usually give you better control of where your sound is coming from. This is one way in which higher end mics are better able to negate your banging on the keyboard.

Why You Should use a Microphone

Like I said earlier, if your sound is lame then people won’t stick around for long. I think good sound is even more important than a good camera in most cases. The reason being is that if you are watching someone game then you are usually more focused on the game itself than you are the little box in the corner with the person’s face in it.

Many people ask why they can’t just use their headsets for audio while streaming, and although there are many good headsets (click here if you are interested in checking some of these headsets out), the sound quality is just not the same. Microphones are just way more crisp and do a better job of cutting out the background noise.

Having a good microphone is a great way to take your stream to the next level and is a must for any high quality stream.