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Should You Mine on Your Gaming PC?

Should You Mine on Your Gaming PC?

Unlike standard PCs, gaming PCs have powerful GPUs that can handle intensive graphics processing and similarly-complex tasks, such as mining crypto. But does mining crypto cause damage to your gaming PC?

Should You Mine on Your Gaming PC?

You can mine with your gaming PC, provided that you don’t overload it. Gaming PCs are arguably the best computers for mining due to the architecture of their GPUs. In fact, GPUs are essential for mining on PCs since they’re particularly well-suited to parallel computation.

If you plan to mine crypto, a gaming PC is one of the best options you can go for if you don’t want to buy a dedicated mining rig. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Strong GPUs 

Although regular PCs can handle some mining, using them this way would likely cause damage over time, especially if you don’t account for the increased heat generation.

With just a CPU it’ll also take much longer for a mining rig to become profitable. Many PCs do not ship with GPUs, which are integral to mining.

Mining cryptocurrency is a tasking job as it requires dozens of calculations happening concurrently in a race to determine a key that opens the next cryptocurrency ‘block.’ 

Unfortunately, conventional PCs can rarely handle this stress well. CPUs, although powerful, are not built for this type of calculation, known as parallel computing. 

Luckily, gaming PCs are. Running today’s demanding games requires GPUs that can maintain multiple processes concurrently. Games require multiple calculations for things like lighting effects, game physics, and rendering. 

The ability to run so many processes simultaneously makes them very well suited for mining. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies using proof-of-work protocols.

High Clock Speeds

High clock speeds are one of the many perks of buying a gaming computer. While having a GPU can be a defining factor in how well your PC can handle the actual mining, the GPU clock speed will determine how fast you mine.

In contrast, a regular PC with nothing but an onboard CPU will have a relatively low clock speed. While it isn’t wholly obsolete, you likely won’t make enough even to cover the electricity costs of mining. 

That said, it’s essential to note that mining on a gaming PC is significantly different from mining on a gaming laptop.

Although they are marketed similarly, gaming laptops cannot handle the same load. You’d most likely fry it if you tried to use it the same way.

It’s clear that gaming PCs are capable of mining, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Will mining damage your PC in the long run?

Will Mining Ruin Your Gaming PC?

Mining will ruin your PC if you do not manage heat distribution properly. The amount of heat produced from mining on your PC will eventually cause it to throttle and, with time, fail. Because of this, you need to ensure proper fan and case placement for efficient airflow.

Many first-time miners worry about the safety of their laptops as they mine. And understandably so, as gaming PCs can cost a small fortune.

Since crypto mining has only recently become popular, the jury is still out on just how much damage it can do to your PC.

The main thing to understand with mining and motherboards is that heat is king. While there is nuance in how much wear mining will cause over time, it’s indisputable that mining requires more power, and this causes a significantly higher amount of heat in your PC. 

Mining can ruin your PC if you do not take care of the heat problem. Liquid cooling, extra fans, and proper ventilation are vital to keep your PC mining without issues.

But mining 24/7 poses another problem besides heat: you won’t have room to do much else.

Can You Use Your Computer While Mining?

You can use your computer while mining, but it can cause it to run slowly. Mining takes a lot of processing power and often places a heavy workload on the GPU. Mundane tasks requiring minor amounts of memory might work fine, but anything more intense would cause problems. 

In the most explicit sense of the word, you can ‘use’ your computer while mining. However, the amount of GPU and CPU usage involved when mining would make using it for anything more than a few small tasks very stressful.

As you might imagine, gaming sits on the other end of the spectrum.

Can You Game While Mining?

You can game while mining but, depending on your mining setup, it can be an uphill battle. Bitcoin mining, for example, requires extreme amounts of processing power that can make it difficult to do anything else.

That said, all is not lost. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, some requiring more power and others requiring significantly less.

It’s essential to do proper research before sinking money into a new rig just to learn that it’s not compatible. 

Regardless, even with a high-end PC, the profits might not always be what you expect.

Is It Profitable To Mine on a Gaming PC?

Mining on a gaming PC is not profitable as it takes far too long to make noticeable income. With time and increasing participation in cryptocurrency, mining complexity has increased enough that you need significantly more power to make a decent profit at the current hash rate.

Since the focus here has mostly been about mining with PCs rather than mining in general, gaming PCs are king here. However, to make significant profits, you would have to run multiple PCs concurrently 24/7.

About a decade ago, when Bitcoin was still in its infancy, you could have mined with your gaming PC or even a  regular old CPU.

However, the Bitcoin code is programmed to increase the complexity of mining as more miners get involved. This is done to maintain a specific overall mining speed.

Unfortunately, this means that mining on a PC alone (gaming or otherwise) has fallen out of favor. These days, the best way to profitably mine is to use a dedicated miner running on a specialized circuit.

Sadly, mining on lower-powered PCs or just on a CPU doesn’t really make sense anymore.

Is It Okay To Mine on a CPU?

It’s okay to mine on a CPU, provided you can regulate the temperature within safe ranges. The primary concern with mining is heat generation, as excessive heat ruins PC components.

Mining requires a boatload of graphic processing power. In fact, your PC could end up with the “blue screen of death” if you mine with it without proper safety precautions.

There’s one overarching principle that covers the majority of mining on PCs; just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Mining on a PC is expensive.

The increased power usage alone detracts many people, and the added cost of a good enough GPU can worsen it.

This, combined with the strain it can put on your PC, makes it very difficult to mine efficiently with a computer, especially without proper research.

If you genuinely want to mine on your PC, find a mineable cryptocurrency that strikes the sweet spot between power usage and earnings. 

Calculate how much you can earn per day and subtract the electricity costs. If you come out in the negative, find another crypto. If you end up in the green, kick back and enjoy your profits.

Above all, never forget to keep temperatures down!

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