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Twitch Vs Rumble 2023 (ULTIMATE Comparison!)

If you are new to streaming, or are a Twitch streamer considering moving to another platform, then keep reading as I do a complete comparison of Twitch and Rumble.

Which Is Better For Streaming: Twitch Or Rumble?

Twitch is currently better for streaming than Rumble. Although Rumble has better sub-splits, Twitch offers a better UI experience, more tools for creators, and has a more established platform.

Let’s now dive into the pros and cons of each platform.

Twitch Pros & Cons

Twitch ProsTwitch Cons
Established brandOversaturated with streamers
More tools for creatorsPoor discoverability
More streamers to collaborate with

When it comes to live streaming, everyone knows about Twitch. They are the top platform for video game streaming, and it’s not even close right now.

For all the heat that Twitch takes, it is still an easy platform for creators to use and has lots of tools to help build a community (badges, bits, etc.) and run a stream smoothly.

However, in recent years, Twitch has been flooded with new streamers making it feel oversaturated and difficult to get discovered. This is why streamers have recently begun searching for other platforms. So what does Rumble have to offer?

Rumble Pros & Cons

Rumble ProsRumble Cons
Less competitionHas the stigma of being a platform for politics
100% sub-splitsBasic UI
Growing platformMinimal tools for creators

Rumble has grown in popularity, especially amongst those seeking an alternative to Youtube. They signed some major creators to stream on their platform such as JiDion and DJ Akademics, and offer a 100% sub-split for their creators.

With the recent signings, sub-splits, and low competition, Rumble is definitely a very enticing platform to stream on at the moment.

However, the main things holding Rumble back, is the stigma it has of being a platform mainly for politics.

Signing creators such as JiDion and DJ Akademiks should help to shake this stigma, and maybe in the future you will see less political creators streaming on the platform, but for now that is their biggest hurdle to overcome. They need more diverse content.

The UI on Rumble is also basic and the tools for creators are minimal, but they still work and are enough to get you by. It’s just not on the same level as Twitch right now.

Now let’s talk more in-depth about some of the most important things when comparing Twitch and Rumble and deciding where you should stream.


Rumble currently has better discoverability than Twitch. If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. Twitch really does not have any tools for creators to be discovered on their platform. They even acknowledge as much.

In order to be discovered on Twitch, you will have to upload content on other platforms like Youtube, TikTok, etc. and then drive people from those platforms over to your Twitch channel.

Now Rumble discoverability is not great, but at least they allow you to upload videos and podcasts to their platform which you can then use to drive viewers to your stream.

In fairness, Twitch does have more viewers and so there are more possible people to watch your stream, but just comparing the discoverability from a platform perspective, Rumble wins.


Rumble currently has better monetization than Twitch. This is because Rumble gives 100% of money made through subscribers to their streamers. Twitch on the other hand only gives 50% of subscription revenue to their streamers, and keeps the other 50%.

Besides subs, Rumble also pays streamers 60% of the earned ad revenue on the platform and has a tipping system called “Rants” which is similar to “Twitch Bits”.

The main point here is the subscription split. If you are a small streamer on Twitch then you probably make most of your money through subscribers. Having a 100% sub-split would double your subscriber income!

As a small streamer myself, most of my income comes entirely from subs. Being able to make double the amount of money from subs is a huge deal, and something streamers could really use.

Stream Quality / UI

Twitch and Rumble have the same max stream quality which is 1080p; however, Twitch has a nicer looking UI than Rumble does. Rumble’s UI is very basic and they do not have things like unique emotes, unique badges, and unique chat messages.

Twitch Vs Rumble UI

As you can see from the image above, Twitch’s UI just has a lot more going on. It feels unique and more personal to the channel. Rumble just feels like a random chat room that everyone has piled into.

The special emotes, badges, etc. also help to build community which Rumble severely lacks at the moment.

Twitch also has panels and an about section that shows you more info about a streamer. Rumble does not have this. When you click on a streamer’s profile on Rumble, it takes you to their page and shows you a list of their recent videos / streams.

Rumble’s UI is severely lacking and for right now, Twitch has a major advantage over Rumble when it comes to this category.


Twitch holds the advantage when it comes to growth, at least at the moment. Rumble is a relatively new platform and is still working on growing its brand.

And honestly it’s unknown whether or not Rumble streaming will ever reach the same levels as Twitch streaming. Although Rumble has seen major growth recently, with newer platforms it’s always risky because you don’t know what the future holds.

Even though Twitch has many flaws, it is still more popular and more established for live streaming. There is a bigger audience there and more support for creators, at least right now.

Can You Stream To Both Twitch And Rumble?

You can stream to both Twitch and Rumble; however, if you are a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner, you can’t stream simultaneously to both platforms as Twitch won’t allow it.

Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners are only allowed to stream to one platform at a time. So if you are interested in streaming to both Twitch and Rumble, I recommend you either hold off on becoming an affiliate / partner, or plan your streams so you can go live on both platforms separately.

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