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Visuals By Impulse Review (Is It WORTH It For Streamers?)

One of the most well-known names when it comes to streaming overlays and graphics is Visuals By Impulse (VBI). But how good are they and are they worth the price? Let’s discuss.

What Is Visuals By Impulse?

Visuals By Impulse is a team of content creators dedicated to stream design. Their main focus is creating pre-made overlays, alerts, logos, and emotes that streamers can use on their streams.

Visuals By Impulse was founded in 2015 by Caleb Leigh. They currently have over 50 designers and engineers on their team who design the material and make sure it works smoothly for streamers.

Visuals By Impulse is similar to OWN3D.TV in that they both make stream overlays and graphics; however, OWN3D.TV is bigger and more well-known.

Now that you have a better understanding of who Visuals By Impulse is, let’s talk about whether or not they can be trusted.

Is Visuals By Impulse Legit?

Visuals By Impulse is absolutely a legitimate website and company. They have a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot with more than 1,400 reviews. They are one of most well-known and well respected websites when it comes to Twitch overlays and graphics.

VBI On Trust Pilot

When you read through the reviews on Trust Pilot you will see most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. People like the overlays and are happy with their purchases.

Other streamers and content creators that I know have also used Visuals By Impulse and had good experiences. From my own research, and in talking with others, Visuals By Impulse is definitely a company you can trust when it comes to Twitch graphics and overlays.

Is Visuals By Impulse Worth It?

Visuals By Impulse is worth it for those who are looking for pre-made overlays, alerts, and graphics that can be easily added to a stream. For those who want custom made overlays, and are willing to pay more, then websites like Fiverr would be a better option.

Visuals By Impulse Overlays

I recommend Visuals By Impulse for those who are new to streaming and just want some nice looking overlays and alerts to make their stream look nicer.

Visuals By Impulse is nice for streamers who want overlays, but don’t have the money to pay an artist for custom-made overlays.

With that being said, Visuals By Impulse does offer custom overlays and graphics for streamers as well. These overlays and graphics will cost more than their pre-made overlays, obviously, but they allow you to work with an artist to design a theme that fits your brand.

And you can trust them with your brand as they have worked with some of the biggest streamers to help them design their streams such as CourageJD, Ninja, and Valkyrae.

Furthermore, they have also worked with major brands such as Xbox, Corsair, and Elgato. So if you don’t want to use Fiverr, then Visuals By Impulse has a good reputation and loads of credibility.

But for what VBI offers, and at the price they offer it, I think they are worth it. When you are starting out, you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars just for overlays.

With VBI you can get an entire stream package (overlays, alerts, screens, and more) for between $10 and $30. That’s a pretty fair price in my opinion.

To make things even better, they also frequently have sales and discounts so you can easily get a stream package you like at a very fair price.

Does Visuals By Impulse Have Free Overlays & Graphics?

Visuals By Impulse currently has around 100 free overlays and graphics that streamers can use. These overlays and graphics are not as nice as the paid overlays and graphics, but they are still decent quality and look good on a stream.

One thing I really like about VBI is that they have some of the best free overlays and graphics compared to other stream designers. You can really get a quality looking stream package for free from VBI.

The only downside to using a free overlay is that lots of other streamers trying to save money will also be using the same overlay, but having some kind of overlays and alerts is better than nothing.

What Streaming Software Is Visuals By Impulse Compatible With?

Visuals By Impulse is compatible with all major streaming softwares including Streamlabs, OBS, StreamElements, and more. The graphics on Visuals By Impulse would still work with less popular streaming softwares, it would just require more configuration.

VBI can be added to most major streaming softwares with just a few clicks. Between purchase and download it should take less than 5 minutes.

With lesser known streaming softwares it may be a bit more complicated, but it can still be done. When you buy overlays from VBI you own the downloaded content and can upload where you want to.

It’s just unless you know what you’re doing, it might be hard trying to get your overlays, transitions, etc. to flow together. It’s best to just stick with a popular streaming software like Streamlaabs or OBS for these overlays.

Can You Use Visuals By Impulse On Youtube And Facebook Gaming?

Visuals By Impulse can be used on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Trovo, or anywhere else the streamers chooses to use the overlays and graphics.

VBI Youtube Outros

Using overlays has more to do with your streaming software than it does with the streaming platform. The platform is just broadcasting what is being played on the software.

Regardless of where you decide to stream, you should feel confident that your overlays from VBI will work just fine.

With that being said, if you plan on multi-streaming, the overlays will only work for the primary streaming platform that you have connected.

So if your overlays are plugged into Twitch, and then you decide to multi-stream to both Twitch and Youtube, the overlays will only work for Twitch.

Furthermore, some of the overlay packages you buy are geared towards one platform or another. For example, a Twitch overlay likely will have an alert for a “New Follower” whereas Youtube does not have followers and so the alert wouldn’t work.

Luckily, VBI offers overlay packages for various streaming platforms that are optimized to that platforms features.

Although the overlays can be used across different platforms, it’s best to just go with overlays geared towards the platform you plan on using the most.

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