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What Are Channel Points On Twitch? (COMPLETE Guide!)

When watching a stream, sometimes a streamer will reward a viewer with something fresh that only subscribers typically get. Ever wonder how they do that? Well then you’re likely asking what are channel points on Twitch. And we’ve got your answers so sit tight.

What Are Channel Points On Twitch?

Channel points on Twitch are points that viewers can earn by watching a stream. Twitch Affiliates and Partners can then set up different rewards that their viewers can receive once they earn a certain amount of Channel Points.

My Earned Channel Points For xQc

Twitch has a set of default rewards for viewers that earn channel points, such as the ability to highlight their message in chat or the ability to unlock an emote, but streamers can also set custom channel point rewards for their stream.

Here are some of my custom channel point rewards for example:

My Channel Point Rewards

The neat thing about channel points is that anyone can earn them simply for viewing a stream. They don’t have to be subscribed or even follow in order to earn channel points.

When a viewer earns channel points, those points are not transferable to other channels though. This is to encourage viewers to watch YOUR channel. The more they watch, the more points they earn.

How To Set Up Channel Points On Twitch

Once you become a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner, you will have access to Channel Points. Once affiliate or partner status is reached, here is how you would set up Channel Points on your channel:

  1. Click on your profile icon then select “Creator Dashboard”
  2. On the left side click “Viewer Rewards”, then “Channel Points”
  3. Toggle on “Enable Channel Points”
  4. Viewers on your channel will now earn Channel Points on your stream

Here are some screenshots to help provide more detail:

Click on your profile icon then select “Creator Dashboard”.

Profile Icon > Creator Dashboard

On the left side click “Viewer Rewards”, then “Channel Points”. Toggle on “Enable Channel Points”.
Viewers on your channel will now earn Channel Points on your stream.

Viewer Rewards > Channel Points > Toggle Button On

Here is a video I made walking you through the process as well.

After you have enabled Channel Points on your channel, you can later go back and change things like how your Channel Points Appear, what the rewards are, what your Channel Points are called, and more.

To change the name of you Channel Points, or to change the display icon of your Channel Points, click on “Customize Points Display” located below the button used to toggle on Channel Points, then make your adjustments.

Customize Points Display
Points Customization Page

Next, if you want to customize your specific rewards, the cost of each reward, or if you want to disable certain default rewards, then click on “Manage Rewards & Challenges”.

Manage Rewards & Challenges
Manage Rewards & Challenges Page

As you can see, on this page there is a button to toggle on and off certain rewards. If you click the “Edit” button you can adjust things like how many Channel Points are needed to earn the reward, the display icon for the reward, and much more.

You can also delete the reward by clicking on the trash can icon. If you want to add a new reward, just click on the “Add New Custom Reward” button at the bottom of the “Custom Rewards” section.

Add New Reward Button
Custom Reward Section

As you may have noticed from my Channel Points rewards above, I like to keep my rewards pretty simple. However, I do have some cooler rewards that viewers can earn if they are willing to spend more of their points. You can check out my article for Channel Point reward ideas here.

Now if you are the viewer of a stream, here is how you can earn Channel Points on a Twitch channel. And just FYI, there are things you can do to help you earn points even faster so keep reading.

How To Earn Channel Points On Twitch

  1. Watch a channel
  2. Actively watch a channel
  3. Participate in a raid
  4. Follow a channel
  5. Watch for 2 consecutive streams
  6. Watch for 3 consecutive streams
  7. Watch for 4 consecutive streams
  8. Watch for 5+ consecutive streams
  9. 1st Cheer
  10. 1st gifted subscription

Here is a table that will help provide more details for each action, as well as how many points each action will earn you.

ActionDescriptionPoints Earned
Watch a channelWhen a non-subscriber watches a channel, they receive 10 points for every 5 minutes of live watch time.+10
Actively watch a channelWhen a non-subscriber watches a channel, they receive 50 points for every 15 minutes of live watch time.+50
Participate in a raidViewers who participate in a raid receive 250 points.+250
Follow a channelWhen a viewer follows a channel, they receive 300 channel points.+300
Watch for 2 consecutive streams When a viewer returns for two consecutive streams, they get rewarded 300 channel points. Each instance must be a minimum of 10 minutes in length. The second instance must have ended at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the second stream.+300
Watch for 3 consecutive streams A viewer can receive 350 channel points if they return for a third stream viewing the same channel. Again, each stream must be no less than 10 minutes long, and there must be at least 30 minutes between the end and beginning of each stream to the other.+350
Watch for 4 consecutive streamsThe same rules apply to the watch streak 4 rewards except that it is the fourth consecutive stream view, and now the reward is 400 channel points.+400
Watch for 5+ consecutive streams In line with the other winning streak rewards is the watch streak five rewards. This reward for the fifth consecutive live stream viewing again follows a protocol of a minimum of 10 minutes in length and at least 30 minutes between consecutive live streams viewed. The reward for the Watch Streak 5 reward is 450 channel points.+450
1st CheerThe first Cheer on a channel in 30 days is rewarded with 350 channel points. The reward is not given to those cheering anonymously. +350
1st gifted subscriptionThe viewer can earn 500 channel points for gifting their first subscription in 30 days. The reward is not given to those gifting anonymously.+500

If you want to earn points even faster, you can subscribe to a channel and the number of Channel Points you earn for watching will be multiplied. The higher the sub tier, the higher your multiplier. Here is what this would look like.

Sub TierMultiplier
Tier 11.2x
Tier 21.4x
Tier 32x

So for example, when you watch a stream as a tier 3 sub, you earn 2x as many Channel Points as you would if you were just a regular non-subscribed viewer.

Now that we have gone over how to earn Channel Points on Twitch, let’s discuss how you can use the Channel Points you have earned on Twitch.

How To Use Channel Points On Twitch

  1. Click on the Channel Points icon located in the bottom left of the chat window
  2. Select the reward you want to redeem
  3. Follow the instructions and redeem the reward

Here are some screenshots to provide you with more detail:

Channel Points Rewards Icon
Redeemed Channel Points Reward

If you are unsure how many points you have don’t worry. Finding this out is easy. Just go to the bottom left of Twitch chat and the number of points you have will be displayed next to the Channel Points icon.

And lastly, be careful when spending your points. Once you use them they are gone for good. Just keep that in mind before redeeming your rewards.

Do Streamers Get Anything From Channel Points On Twitch?

Streamers don’t get anything from Channel Points. Channel Points are meant to be used by streamers as a marketing tool to encourage viewers to stay and watch their streams. It helps to increase engagement on their stream which helps to increase viewership.

An engaged viewer is more likely to become a subscriber, which helps a streamer earn money on their channel. More viewers also equates to more money earned through ads.

In my stream there are some viewers who visit the stream and lurk in order to earn Channel Points that they can redeem later. So for some viewers, Channel Points can be very motivating. But streamers don’t necessarily receive anything when a viewer redeems their Channel Points.

Let’s wrap up now with some commonly asked questions regarding Channel Points on Twitch.

Twitch Channel Points FAQS

Can You Lose Channel Points On Twitch?

You can’t lose Channel Points on Twitch. Channel Points don’t expire and they can’t be removed by a streamer. However, if you are banned from a channel, or if a streamer deletes their channel, then you will be unable to use your points, even if you still have them.

How Do You Earn Channel Points Fast On Twitch

The fastest way to earn channel points on Twitch is to watch and participate in a channel as a subscriber, in particular a tier 3 subscriber. Tier 3 subscribers on Twitch earn 2x as many Channel Points on Twitch as a non-subscriber allowing for rapid point accumulation.

Besides subscribing, watching consecutive streams, participating in raids, cheering, and gifting subs all provide large point bonuses.

What Are Twitch Rewards?

Twitch Rewards refer to the default Channel Point rewards, given by Twitch, that viewers can earn by participating in your stream. These rewards include things like a highlighted message, the ability to message in sub-only mode, and unlocking certain emotes.

If you enable Channel Points on your channel, and then never add any of your own custom rewards, these are the default rewards your viewers will have access to.

Now you can always disable these rewards, but it is best that you replace any rewards that you delete so that your viewers have some sort of incentive to watch your stream.

Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money From Channel Points?

Twitch streamers do not earn money from Channel Points. Channel Points are meant to incentivize viewers to watch a stream, but streamers don’t earn money when their viewers redeem their Channel Points.

How Many Channel Points Do Viewers Earn Per Hour?

Twitch viewers that are not subscribed to a channel earn 320 Channel Points per hour they watch a stream. Those who are subscribed to a channel earn 384 points per hour if they are subscribed tier 1, 448 points per hour if they are subscribed tier 2, and 640 points per hour if they are subscribed tier 3.

Keep in mind, these numbers are based solely on watch time. Viewers may earn more than this if they follow the channel, gift subs, cheer, etc.

For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.


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